Best Poloniex Alternatives

5 Best Poloniex Alternatives in 2024 (Sites & Apps Like

5 Best Poloniex Alternatives in 2024 (Sites & Apps Like

Poloniex trading platform is very simple and easy to set up using your email address. It is one of the few major exchanges that offers an effective low fee rate.

However, our research found out some concerning drawbacks of Poloniex. 

It does not support most of the Fiat funds available in the market. And the order book of Poloniex follows a No-Fiat policy during trading.

It was subjected to hacking more than once. The first hack was done during the starting phase of the platform, and the second was during 2020.


Another major disadvantage of Poloniex is its delayed customer service. In Crypto trading, time is the most valuable asset. Hence customers will be looking for quick resolution from customer support.

As per the expert analysis by our team, we found all these issues in Poloniex, which made us check for the best Poloniex alternatives available in the market.

Based on various parameters, we found the 5  best Poloniex alternatives that you can try in 2024. 

Here are the 5 best Poloniex alternatives we suggest for you in 2024.

  1. Pionex 
  2. Coinrule 
  3. Bitsgap 
  4. TradeSanta
  5. 3Commas

5 Best Poloniex Alternatives in 2024

1. Pionex


Automated trading bots are going to be the future of crypto trading. Pionex knows this better than anyone else.

Hence they created 16 unique automated trading bots that can support you for crypto trading 24/7, 365 days without manual intervention.

It allows you to continue with your current job and perform crypto trading in parallel.

All you have to do is, create some unique strategies based on the 16 bots available and activate them with the lowest trading fee of 0.05%, which is impressive!

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Apart from fully loaded automated trading bots, Pionex also offers manual trading using its Smart Trade Terminal.

Hence expert traders can work on implementing various custom strategies and can implement them along with the available bots.

It supports take profit, stop-loss, trailing in one trade, etc. We suggest you use Pionex as the best Poloniex alternative in 2024.

Trading Bots Available on Pionex

  • Grid Trading bot 
  • Trailing Buy
  • DCA (dollar-cost averaging) bot 
  • Leveraged Reverse Grid
  • Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) Bot 
  • Rebalancing bot 
  • Dual Investment bot
  • Martingale bot 
  • Infinity Grid 
  • Trailing Sell bot 
  • Leveraged Grid 
  • Margin Grid
  • Spot futures arbitrage bot
  • Reverse Grid 
  • Smart Trade 
  • Arbitrage bot 

Pros and Cons of using Pionex Trading Bots

  • Pionex supports you with 16 automated bots.
  • Cloud-based setup that ensures high-security transactions.
  • Trading bots in Pionex are designed for both beginners and experts.
  • It offers meager fees at a 0.05% rate for all transactions.
  • Pionex platform provides learning materials that will help beginners quickly understand the crypto trading aspects.
  • The platform has an extensive collection of more than 120 cryptocurrencies.
  • Extremely active customer support through live chats and emails.
  • High-security measures are implemented in Pionex to secure your assets.
  • A perfect mobile version that works fine as its web version.
  • Absence of Fiat money support in the platform.
  • Custom strategy building is complicated using Pionex trading bots.

2. Coinrule


Coinrule is one of the most famous trading platforms present in the market that follows a no-fee for trading policy.

It is executed by an expert team from the UK and has an excellent reputation among expert traders worldwide.

Coinrule provides you an opportunity to follow 7000+ unique strategies created from deep research and supports multiple trading.

It has military-grade security encryption that ensures your valuables are under protection from any kind of hacks. We strongly suggest Coinrule for you as the best Poloniex alternative.

There are 150+ rules created from technical indicators for crypto trading using the Coinrule platform.

You can adjust the rules based on your expertise and make new strategies. It also allows you to test the newly created strategies to identify the success rate.

Trading Bots Available on Coinrule 

  • Golden Cross Trading. 
  • Maximized Scalping.
  • Low Volatility Buy & Sell. 

Pros and Cons of using Coinrule Trading Bots

  • Availability of features such as MACD, Bollinger Bands, RSI, etc., on the platform.
  • No registration fee was asked during signup.
  • You are allowed to use templates in the Pro version of Coinrule.
  • Telegram groups, Webinars, emails, etc., are various channels of Coinrule to offer extended customer service.
  • Allows you to create unique strategies with the help of more than 150 rules.
  • Novices find Coinrule extremely comfortable due to its simple design. However, it doesn’t compromise on any features.

3. Bitsgap


Bitsgap can be considered as one of the best Poloniex alternatives in 2024.

Bitsgap offers beginners an excellent demo opportunity to simulate crypto trading without losing real money.

It helps you understand the money flow and strategy used in crypto trading without being exposed to any actual risks.

Bitsgap also provides 100+ indicators, more than 12 customizable chart types, 50+ intelligent drawing tools, and a fully supported TradingView option.

Hence we suggest Bitsgap as one of the best Ploniex alternatives for you.

The security setup is based on 2048-bit encryption, which cannot be broken for the next 300 trillion years!

So there is no doubt regarding the security features offered in Bitsgap. Bitsgap analyzes the crypto market with the help of algorithms that can identify 10,000+ crypto pairs in each second.

It will detect the chances of gaining profit at any time and will help you build a good profit. 

Trading Bots Available on Bitsgap

  • SBot 
  • Scalper Bot
  • Trailing Bot
  • Arbitrage trading tool

Pros and Cons of using Bitsgap Trading Bots

  • Your investments are secured with intelligent API protection
  • It comes with pre-configured trading bots.
  • The platform is rich with crypto features
  • The Signup procedure is as simple as possible. Hence best option for beginners.
  • The basic plan that comes as free can be utilized by novices.
  • Arbitrage support in Bitsgap platform.
  • Crypto signals and trading data are available in Bitsgap.
  • Bitsgap supports most crypto coins.
  • Learning materials are challenging to find.
  • Moderately expensive than some of the other trading bots.
  • Fiat currencies are the only source of funding.

4. TradeSanta


TradeSanta trading bot is another choice you can consider as an alternative to Poloniex. 

It comes with Long bots and Short bots that hold the most popular trade strategies of TradeSanta. 

Using the Long bots, you can buy tokens at a lower price. These tokens are expected to get a higher value, by which you will be able to sell the token at a higher price.

And Short bots will sell the tokens before their prices are expected to fall. After the fall, it will be repurchased again.

Grid and DCA are the two different bots that can be utilized with the help of indicators in TradeSanta. It helps the customer to enter the trade market at the best time possible.

The pre-configured strategies allow you to run the bots 24/7 using the Maximum plan of TradeSanta.

TradeSanta allows you to connect with most of the crypto exchanges in the market. Only the trade bots have access to control the API keys, and other users cannot access your investments.

Trading Bots Available on TradeSanta

  • Custom bot
  • Short bot  
  • Long bot 

Pros and Cons of using TradeSanta Trading Bots

  • TradeSanta is a recognized trading platform
  • It offers a Volume filter, Trade filter, Bollinger signal, etc., as indicators.
  • Straightforward and helpful User Interface.
  • TradeSanta ensures safety and stability.
  • The 5 day trial period helps beginners learn about the platform and bot features.
  • High-security features on the TradeSanta platform.
  • It never asks for trading fees.
  • No support for various features in Arbitrage and decentralized exchanges.
  • Customer service is not up to the mark.

5. 3Commas


3Commas was established in 2017 based in Canada. 3Commas offers automated as well as manual trading setups for traders.

Hence 3Commas is suitable for both beginners as well as professional traders.

The simple yet powerful interface allows users to know about the platform without delays.

Another great feature of 3Commas is the presence of detailed educational videos that helps people to learn about everything related to automated trading using the platform.

3Commas allows you to link the account with prominent trading exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase Pro, etc.

Using 3Commas, you can easily copy and use the successful trade strategies of experienced users.

Before choosing the right approach, you can cross-check statistical charts, trading pairs, volumes, etc. Hence we suggest 3Commas as one of the best Poloniex alternatives.

Trading Bots Available on  3commas:

  • Trading grid bots
  • Options trading bots
  • DCA bots

Pros and Cons of using 3commas Trading Bot

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Responsive Mobile application.
  • There are plenty of crypto options available in the 3Commas.
  • Best Choice for beginners as well as experienced traders.
  • It supports Smart Trading and Copy Trading.
  • The Cloud setup ensures better security to user identity and investments.
  • Lack of API key authentication is a disadvantage.
  • Automated plans and features are available in Premium plans.


If you have completed reading this article, you might have already opted for the best option based on your requirement. It is crucial that you should consider all your options before choosing a trading bot. 

If you are new to automated crypto trading, we suggest you go for beginner-friendly trading bots and learn with the materials provided by the platform.

We recommend Pionex as the best Poloniex alternative for you since it has a lot of qualities compared to the other trading bots.

Some of the features that made Pionex better than other options are:

  • Availability of Dollar-Cost Averaging bot
  • 16 automated free bots integrated into the platform
  • 0.05% trading fee, which is the lowest of all platforms

You should choose a beneficial trading bot in areas such as cost, availability of comprehensive automated strategies, backtesting, indicators, and other trading features, copy trading, compatibility with multiple devices, etc.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.