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Planning to Buy a Used Car Post Lockdown? You Need to Check These

Planning to Buy a Used Car Post Lockdown? You Need to Check These

The whole world is trying to recover from the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus. As the lockdown phase is over in almost every country, there are certain measures that still need to follow.

To stop the spread of the virus, it is necessary to maintain social distance. That’s why people are deliberately trying to avoid social gatherings and public transport.

As per the recent studies, it’s been noticed that people now prefer to commute in their own cars. Most people are looking for an option to purchase a used car rather than investing in a new one.

Buyers are demanding those types of cars that can be affordable and fuel-efficient. If you, too, are planning to buy a used car, you need to check out some points to make it a worthy purchase.

Let’s know what they are:

From Where You can Buy a Used Car?

You can buy a used car from five different places:

1. From an Individual:

You can find many ads where people want to sell their cars without any brokers. You can meet the person yourself and purchase the car if the budget and condition of the car fit you.

You can also check if your relatives, friends or neighbors want to sell their cars. In that case, you can have a reliable person to buy your car.

The only problem with buying from an individual is that you may not have many options to choose from.

2. From Used Car Brokers:

Car Brokers

You can have many car model options if you choose to buy a car from the used car brokers. However, you need to check the condition of the car and papers very minutely as the brokers might not assist you properly. The brokers are always in a rush to sell the cars; that’s why you need to bargain with them to fix the deal.

3. From Used Car Websites:

Some companies also sell used cars online. You can check them out by visiting their websites and choose a car. Make sure you hire a trusted mechanic to inspect the car properly before you purchase the car. If possible, compare the price of the car and then pay for the car based on its value.

4. From Certified Used Car Dealers:

Car Dealers

You can experience a hassle-free and transparent used car buying experience when you purchase it from a certified used car dealer. You don’t need to worry about paperwork as the procedure is never illegal.

You might need to pay more, but your car might come with a warranty.

5. From Car Trade:

Car traders or dealers often offer credits in exchange for your old car. You can use that credit to buy a car from that dealer. Based on your car’s condition, you will get an exchange value. Keep in mind that the value can vary.

In case you think that a trader is not giving you enough money, then you can try other dealers too.

Do you know that you can sell your junk or damaged car too? If the dealers are not interested in junk cars, you can sell your accidental damaged car at

What is the Best Age for Used Cars?

As you are looking for a fuel-efficient car, you might look for those cars which are not too old. A car which is two-three years old is the perfect option to buy.

As a used car shopper, you can get the car at an affordable rate and also in good condition. Cars older more than five years would not have the manufacturer’s warranty, plus would have traveled many kilometers.

If you want to save the servicing cost, try to purchase a car of two to three years old.

After you choose a car, you need to check the car’s condition, documents and service history. Here’s what you need to check:

Check Out the Car’s Condition

Car Condition

Inspecting a car thoroughly what you should do before you think about purchasing the car. There are a few things that need a proper inspection. If you think you might not be able to check everything in person, then you should hire a trusted mechanic.

Car Body: Look for any dent, scratch, rust, paint damage, or underbody corrosion.

Glass Panels: Check if the windows or windshields have any cracks or scratches.

Interiors: Check if the upholstery or seats of the car have tears or not. Also check if the air-conditioning, sound system and other instruments are working properly.

Odometer: If the traveled kilometers are more than 60,000, don’t purchase that car.

Battery: Check the age and acid level of the battery.

Electricals: Check if all the lights, including fog lamps, tail lamps, headlamps, indicators and horns and wipes, are okay.

Gears: Check if you can operate the gears well; otherwise, you might need to replace the clutch plate.

Leakage: Start the engine and wait for few minutes to check if there’s any leakage.

Engine: After you start the car, listen carefully for any abnormal noise or vibration.

Suspension: In case you hear some noises from the suspension of the car, it might need replacement.

Acceleration: Check if the engine sounds good even when you drive the car at 80 kmph.

Brakes: Check if the brakes are effective in two ways: 1. Driving the car on a straight road at 60 kmph and apply brakes, 2. Drive the car on a slope and apply the brakes.

Service History

Once you are happy after inspecting the car’s condition, then it’s time to see the servicing history of the car. Take the service record and check how many times the vehicle was taken for servicing and what type of servicing was done.


Some essential documents that you would need before you get the cars; are:

● Registration certificate to verify the chassis number.

● Insurance papers

● No-objection certificate from the car finance company

All these documents are necessary because when you will be applying for a name transfer, these will come in handy.

Final Words

Now, you have a complete idea of selecting the right used car for your commutation. Do not get carried away with dealers or sellers offering exciting freebies; only pay based on the vehicle’s value.