Best Mass Texting Service

5 Best Mass Texting Services in 2024 (Bulk Messages)

5 Best Mass Texting Services in 2024 (Bulk Messages)

In the modern digital world text messages can often seem old-fashioned and dated.

After all, so much communication is done via email and social media. 

However, text messages still have a surprisingly important role to play in business.

You simply need to know which is the best mass texting service. 

While there are several good ones, we’ve extensively tested many and the best is undoubtedly TextMagic.  

What Is A Mass Texting Service?

Sending a text is a great way to remind someone of your presence or of a commitment they have made.

However, if you need to send the same text to several people you’ll find this can be frustrating and time-consuming. 

After all, copying and pasting a message a dozen tiles is okay, although tedious and frustrating.

Doing it 1,000 times simply isn’t an option 

You can’t rely on standard apps on your device to send multiple messages for you.

Even if you create a group, only a limited number of people are allowed in it. In addition, all group members see the message and responses

Instead, you can use the best mass texting service. 

This type of service is designed to send messages to a large quantity of people simultaneously.

Each one gets what appears to be an individual message, allowing them to reply privately, if they wish. 

Studies suggest that the number of businesses using mass texting services will increase by 20% over the next five years.

Why Mass Texting Is Useful

It’s estimated 67% of people prefer to receive a text from a business than a phone call or any other type of contact. 

The reason is actually obvious, a text can be received anywhere and read at any time.

The fact that texts are limited in character length means they can be read quickly. That encourages receivers to read and act on the text. 

There are several reasons why this approach is useful to businesses:

Increases Business Awareness

The more publicity a business gets the more recognizable it is to people. That increases the likelihood of sales and is great for the bottom line.

There are many ways to boost business image but mass texting is a great option. 

It’s comparatively cheap and effective, people generally read a text message. 

Maintains Privacy

Group text messages are seen by everyone.

If you’re contracting a client or potential client they need to feel that your relationship is confidential. 

Contacting them via mass text means they get an individual text and can reply without fearing that others will see the interaction.

That’s important for many businesses.

It’s Fast

A group text can be sent to a specified number of people and the service sends 1 text per second. 

In contrast, a mass texting service will send 10 or more texts per minute and there is no limit to how many you can send the message to.

A mass text messaging service also allows receivers to opt out of future texts. It’s important for reputable businesses to do this.


Mass texting services also have templates and allow you to save personalized messages. This makes it much easier to create a messaging program.

With the aid of automation, offered by most mass texting services, you can automate the contact and follow-up process.

This dramatically increases the number of leads you can chase at any given time. 

Best Mass Texting Service 2024

We’ve taken the time to review and test a large number of mass texting services, so that you don’t have to.

Here are the top 5.

1. TextMagic


TextMagic offers you a free trial, allowing you to test their services and see just how effective they can be. 

One of the biggest appeals of this service is that you can create an account and start mass texting in minutes. The sign-up process is simple.

👉 Create FREE account

Texts can be sent for as little as $0.04 and the service can be integrated into thousands of different third-party apps.

That gives you complete control of the system. 

Of course, paying for every single text can be expensive if you are sending a very large volume. 

TextMagic also offers virtual phone numbers for a small $4 per month charge.

These are toll-free, allowing your customers to contact you free of charge.

That’s vital if you want this marketing strategy to be effective. 

Once you’ve spent a few moments creating an account you can access the dashboard.

It’s then possible to import your contact list and organize them into categories. 

You’ll then be able to set schedules for when each type of message needs to go and to whom it should go. 

There is an array of standard tools to help, including automation options, text-to-speak and even email-to-text.

In short, this mass texting service is easy to use and effective. They also have an excellent customer support team.

It can be reached via email or live chat and is committed to helping you resolve any issue. 

2. MessageDesk


MessageDesk is designed as a phone and SMS inbox, making it easier to undertake marketing and connect business teams.

In effect, every member of the business can share the same inbox.

This is perfect when using SMS for marketing as leads can be instantly accessed by the relevant person.

Any team member can respond to an SMS text through the MessageDesk system. 

Of course, the system also allows you to send a message to every contact you have or to specific groups.

You simply set the message and the group criteria, Messagedesk will take care of the rest. 

MessageDesk offers a demo and a 7-day free trial, allowing you to get a feel for what the system has to offer.

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If you decide to use their service a subscription will cost you $14 per month.

If you have a team of staff to deal with leads and other marketing techniques you’ll find MessageDesk useful, especially if that team is in different locations.  

3. EZ Texting

EZ Texting

EW Texting is generally considered one of the best bulk messaging services available thanks to the array of tools it has to offer. 

Before you commit you can test their service with a free trial.

Of course, you’ll need to create a free account first but this doesn’t take long. 

Once you’ve completed your free trial you’ll need to choose your subscription level. Costs start from $20 per month.

This allows you 1 keyword, free two-way text messaging, and up to 200 text credits.

There are 4 subscription options, at the other end of the scale it will cost you $299 per month.

However, if you subscribe at this level you’ll get an unlimited number of keywords and text messages.  

The EZ Texting dashboard is well laid out, you’ll intuitively find your way around it. 

Included in any package is access to the automated features, that’s setting schedules for text messages, automating your marketing approach, and even using text forwarding. 

This service is designed to integrate with almost any third-party marketing app, including Zendesk and Constant Contact.

The aim is to make your life easier. 

However, while the service is excellent, the cost does add up if you want to send a large number of text messages. 

4. SlickText


SlickText is very well known and works with some of the best known businesses in the world, such as FedEx and United Airlines.

In short, they are good at what they do.

Before you can use them you’ll need to create an account.

You’ll only need to input a few details and can then launch your 14-day free trial, without even entering payment details.

The trial gives you access to basic features, not the entire package.

For example, you can only send 50 text messages. After it’s completed you’ll need to select a subscription level.


The basic plan costs $29 per month, gives you 2 keywords and free incoming texts.

You’ll be able to send 500 per month and use picture messaging. Unused texts roll over to the next month.

Step Up

The second level is $49 per month but lets you send 1,000 texts. You can set 4 keywords and can also send pictures while being able to roll over unused texts. 

Lil Bro

This option is $79 per month. You’ll be able to send an impressive 2,000 texts a month and list 6 keywords.

Again, you’ll have free incoming texts, picture messaging, and unused messages rollover. 

Big Bro

 The final plan gives you 3,600 texts a month! You can choose 8 keywords and will benefit from all the other services, such as rolling over texts and picture messaging.

You can also use the automated services. It costs $139 per month

There are several other services which simply increase the text numbers compared to the big brother:

  • The Boss – $189 per month with 5,000 texts
  • Albatross – $350 per month with 10,000 texts
  • Whale – $750 per month with 25,000 texts
  • Monstro – $1,250 per month with 50,000 texts

In all cases, you’ll have access to the excellent customer service team via live chat.

5. Trumpia


Trumpia is possibly the best choice if you want, or already use, custom-tailored workflows. 

This system effectively combines SMS messages and emails, allowing you to contact customers via their preferred method.

It’s a good way to ensure all customers are contacted, regardless of which contact details you have. 

This system offers full automation. You can create messages or use templates and set when, and to whom, they are sent. 

You can even create reports to help identify customer preferences and adapt your marketing strategy accordingly. 

You can test their service for free with a 14-day trial. After this, it’s essential to choose the right subscription plan.

These range from $76 (with 3,000 text messages) to $500 per month for the standard plans.

There are customizable plans which start at $156 per month and go as high as $3196 per month. 

It all depends on what you need.

Trumpia has an excellent selection of tutorials on its site, making using them simple.

The interface is smooth and easy to use and you can create custom campaigns. 

Features also include drip campaigns and contact importing. It can also easily integrate with a wide range of third-party apps.

However, it can be slow to respond at times. This is something the company is working on. 

Is A Bulk Messaging Service Worth The Investment?

If you’re planning on sending a one-off message to all your clients then a mass texting service isn’t worth the cost. 

However, if you’re serious about marketing opportunities then this is a valuable addition to your current operating systems. 

Mass text messages allow you to promote your services, offer special discounts, and reach out to potential clients. Best of all, it appears personal.

That improves your relationship with consumers and can be very beneficial for your business. 

Used as a marketing assistant, the best mass texting service is more than just a good investment, it’s essential to the success of your business. 

Summing Up

When you’re running a business it can be hard to find the time to investigate different options and compare offerings.

Fortunately, we’ve made it easy for you. We’ve looked at various companies offering this service to find the best mass text messaging service.

Considering all the facts it’s hard to beat TextMagic.

In particular, we’ve located the ones that are easy to sign up with, simple to use, and have a good range of services.

We also made sure that the services could easily integrate with third party apps. 

All you have to do is select one of the top 5, choose your subscription level, and start sending mass text messages. 

Your business will feel the benefits almost instantly. 

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.