Reviews of Kenji Alternatives

Kenji is ok when it comes to helping you with your Instagram growth, but it’s not amazing. In fact, it’s getting more and more difficult to find amazing out there, all thanks to Instagram itself. Instagram has been on the warpath recently, with the goal to shut down anyone out there that are violating their terms and conditions.

While this is fair to a point, it still means that you’re going to struggle to find a reputable Instagram growth service that you can rely on for the foreseeable future. Luckily, we’ve got the answers. Let’s take a look at some worthwhile Kenji alternatives.

First Look

1. Best Out There This Minute: Stellation Media

“I know that for my branding, I need a company to look after more than just my Instagram engagement. Stellation Media has blown me away with how much they can help me just by subscribing to their service monthly.”

2. Second Best Out There This Minute: Growthoid

“I know how important it is to find a company out there that actually listens to what you need out of an Instagram growth company – if it’s important to me, then it’s important to other people, too. Growthoid couldn’t be more personable – they really care about each and every customer.”

3. Best for That Budget: Follow Adder

“With Instagram taking companies out of the game, it’s getting more difficult to find one that ticks all the boxes, including budget. In fact, budget is potentially one of the most important boxes to tick, so thank goodness I found Follow Adder.”

4. Best for Security Reasons: Hashtags for Likes

“There are your average Instagram growth companies out there, and then there are ones that really work hard to stand out. Hashtags for Likes stood out to me immediately, and I haven’t gone back since. This is because it works – it simply works.”

5. Best Old-Timer: Jarvee

“There’s nothing wrong with recruiting the help of an older company when you need it. While these newer companies may look appealing, there’s something to be said for a company that can stand the test of time – and stays off Instagram’s radar for years on end.”

Kenji Alternatives (Our Reviews)

1. Best Out There This Minute: Stellation Media

When we reviewed Stellation Media, it was pretty evident that they’ve got a lot of features that you’re not going to find anywhere else. This is because they’ve decided to cover all bases – not just Instagram growth. They can help you with anything, from sprucing up your website to covering your next email marketing campaign. If you need someone who can do it all, these guys are there for you. What’s more, they just brought out a feature called ‘mass story views’ so you can watch other people’s stories and encourage them to check out your profile.

2. Second Best Out There This Minute: Growthoid

Growthoid is potentially one of the most trustworthy Instagram growth services out there. They truly know what it takes to grow your brand online, and they want to be there for you every step of the way. When we reviewed them, we found that they will happily sit down with every customer and figure out a customized engagement plan that works for them.

3. Best for That Budget: Follow Adder

Follow Adder is one of those bots that, like Jarvee, has been around since it all began, all those years ago. They come with a dashboard that you can download with Linux, Mac, and Windows, and they have special features where you can customize them to suit your needs. Our review of Follow Adder was easy because they are what they say they are – there aren’t any hidden costs or terms and conditions.

4. Best for Security Reasons: Hashtags for Likes

As our reviewer mentioned before, Hashtags for Likes have seemed to really nail it when it comes to bringing a point of difference to the table. They know that you need something like this to really stand out from the crowd, which is why they’ve chosen to focus on hashtags. We all know how important hashtags are for your growth, and their search engine can help you compile the ultimate list of the ones you should be using for your niche.

5. Best Old-Timer: Jarvee

Jarvee likes it to be old-school, and this means using tried and true methods of Instagram engagement to get you where you need to be. They have a dashboard you can use with Windows that is also customizable, just like Follow Adders. Between these guys, there’s not too much else you need for stellar Instagram engagement.

Did You Know?

instagram users

We bet you don’t know which country has the largest population of female Instagram users.

What might be surprising to some, Brazil is home to the largest female user share for Instagram.

What’s more, Brazil also takes the title for having the largest population of Instagram users in South America and ranks second worldwide.

You may have already noticed this with your own Instagram engagement, but those videos you’re uploading are actually going to be getting twice as much engagement as the photos you put up, too.

It looks like you need to start creating some more watchable content. Whether it’s your Instagram stories or those videos that you put up on your feed, there’s something about them that is appealing to the mass audience.


Our Review Process

When we take a look at who should be ranked on our list of the top five Kenji alternatives, we make sure to do our homework. This includes checking out at least 217 Instagram growth companies and reading through upwards of 237 customer reviews that say both good and bad things about these Instagram growth services. This is the best way for us to figure out exactly who out there is worth your money, and who you should avoid altogether. With this in mind, we feel pretty confident about our choices on this list and suggest that if you want to boost your engagement, you check out their free trials.

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