Instagress Alternatives

5 Top Instagress Alternatives for 2023

5 Top Instagress Alternatives for 2023

Let’s take a look at the best Instagress alternatives to help you get ahead on the gram.

First Look

Best Overall: Growthoid

“Growthoid not only cares about growing my Instagram safely and organically, but they want to fit in with my budget, not the other way around. This is my best option because they’re affordable and they have my best interests at heart.”

Best Budget: Growthsilo

“Growthsilo has been there for me every step of the way, and their features cover everything I need when it comes to building my Instagram. I hope I can use their services for a long time to come.”

Safest: Ampya

“Ampya surprised me with how concerned they were about the security of my account. Not only do they not want to get shut down themselves, but they also don’t want their clients to get in trouble either. I have a lot of confidence in Growthoid.”

Best Reputation: Nitreo

“Nitreo has been around for a long time, which is why I feel that I can trust them with my Instagram engagement. They make it easy to implement my engagement strategy, and with such a strong reputation, I know I can trust them completely.”

Best Newcomer: Trusy Social

“Trusy hasn’t been around for too long, but so far they’ve shown that they know what they’re doing. They have great reviews, and I love all of their features.”

Best Instagress Alternatives

1. Best Overall: Growthoid

Growthoid Reviews & 5 Alternatives

Growthoid is concerned about a lot of things when it comes to your Instagram account, including growing it safely and organically.

However, one of the biggest reasons why we love it as an Instagress alternative is because it’s affordable.

Growthoid is here to offer their clients high-quality Instagram engagement features at reasonable prices so that everyone can have a bit of the pie.

When reviewing Growthoid, we found that they can also help you figure out the right approach to your Instagram engagement strategy, so you can start growing your real audience in no time.

They have a great reputation and always seem to put the customer before anything else.

2. Best Budget: Growthsilo


If you’re looking for a company who can do it all with ease, try Growthsilo.

Our review of this Instagram engagement company shows that they know it takes a lot more than just your engagement strategy to build a successful online business – it takes brand development and social media management.

Growthsilo is a good Instagress alternative because they cover you completely, from the development of your website to the engagement on your Instagram profile.

There’s not a lot that a company like Growthsilo can’t do for you, which is why they’re considered one of the best in the business. They even come with a free consultation for every new client, so you can discuss your personal Instagram needs with them.

3. Safest: Ampya


Ampya is not only the type of Instagram bot that you can count on to help you with your Instagram engagement, but they can also help you grow your Instagram a lot faster than other companies.

They are also one of the safest tools out there as well because they don’t require you to download anything. This is going to protect your computer from viruses.

Growthoid offers a free three-day trial, so you can check them out before you commit to anything. Once you join them, you tell them all about the kind of campaign you want to use for your Instagram, and they’ll waste no time in making this happen for you.

4. Best Reputation: Nitreo

Nitreo Review & 7 Top Alternatives

It’s easy to see why Nitreo has a great reputation, which made our review easy and straightforward. These guys have been around since the beginning, which means that they know what they’re talking about when it comes to your engagement on Instagram.

They can be trusted to go a great job of things, and they can do all of this within a budget-friendly price point.

Nitreo is the type of company who can help you across the board, whether your brand is on Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. These guys are the jack of all trades and have many different features you can use to help yourself get ahead.

We love that their dashboard comes with sophisticated features, but we recommend that you check out video tutorials on their website so you can navigate them initially.

5. Best Newcomer: Trusy Social

Trusy Social

When we reviewed Trusy Social, we were pleasantly surprised at just how effective they seem to be, even though they’re still quite a young company. It’s not easy to compete against the old-timers, especially in an industry as competitive as this, but Trusy seems to be already proving themselves time and again.

They claim to have found the answer to your Instagram engagement and judging by their customer reviews, we think that they’re really on to something. If you’re happy to put your faith in someone new, then we think that you should check out Trusy for all of your Instagram engagement needs.

Instagress Shutdown

If you were a big fan of Instagress, you might be disappointed to learn that it has since been shut down.

However, this doesn’t have to mean the end of your journey on Instagram – in fact, there are some great options out there that can replace Instagress for your Instagram engagement.

What was Instagress?

Instagress was a veritable giant in the social media marketing industry. It came across as a class of automation tool that was able to assist clients to increase their engagement and activity on Instagram.

It could do things for you like commenting and liking other people’s posts, and of course, this was done automatically. The ultimate goal was for people to be able to notice your profile, and as a result, get you the follows that you need to do really well.

They also had an automatic follow feature that was meant to follow profiles within your targeted demographic, which is a really good game plan, although it did come with a couple of issues, that we will get into a little bit further down the track.

Instagress also came with an automatic unfollow feature. This was helpful when you wanted to get rid of people who weren’t interested in your content and were just sitting on your follower count.

It was also a helpful feature to get rid of bots, or ghost accounts that weren’t real people. However, the slight contradiction with this feature was that this company was actually the one that attracted those bots in the first place.

The thing that people miss the most about Instagress is the fact that it was really simple to use, it was cost effective, and it had a relatively well-organized site, and we think that these are the main reasons why people liked it so much.

How Did it Work?


Instagress, as we mentioned above, was really simple to use. This means that you didn’t have to download any kind of software to your computer, and you could begin to use their features straight away from your browser.

They had different features, including commenting, following, and liking based on things like geolocations and hashtags. They also were able to unfollow people who weren’t part of your niche.

There were a lot of people that left reviews about this company and a lot of people said that it did what it claimed to do. However, did it work? Or perhaps more pointedly, did it work well?

The answer is yes and no. They had a strategy that was effective at attracting a certain number of followers for you, but the strategy wasn’t able to get you as many followers as you might have been hoping for, and definitely not as many as they initially promised.

This means that the end result was that the number of followers weren’t even the issue. It was the quality of the followers. Most of the time, you would receive followers that were more likely to be bots, or just people that weren’t interested in your content at all, even though they claimed to use filters when it came to targeting.

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The bottom line with this is that while they did have a smart business plan, the execution of this business plan could have been a lot better. If you know anything about Instagram, you will know that they are pretty restrictive when it comes to bots, and they have a zero-tolerance policy.

They have been cracking down on them over the last few years, so anyone who looks like they’re using a bot to try and increase their engagement is going to get into trouble.

Aside from this, we don’t actually think that users outside of your target demographic and bots are the best way to grow your account, it is much better to grow your profile organically with an audience that is targeted.

Otherwise, you are going to look good for a short amount of time on Instagram but in the long run, you aren’t actually going to be able to build up a sustainable long-term growth strategy that you’ll be able to use for years to come.

Instagress Features


Before we turn to what we believe to be the best Instagress alternatives, let’s dive a little bit into some of the features that they did offer.


They gave their clients the option to share hashtags that they use on a regular basis, so they were able to follow or like people based on these hashtags. They would find posts associated with these hashtags, and they would either follow the profile, like the post, or do both, based on what you prefer.

There is no limit to how many hashtags you could share with them, which means that you could go crazy, and a lot of people say that they definitely capitalized on this. As well as hashtags, you could also choose the locations that they found people to interact with in.


Another feature that Instagress offered was their speed feature. This meant that you were able to choose the speed that they automated their tasks on your behalf at.

They even recommended to their clients that they don’t put this on high, because this would rouse the suspicions of Instagram, and you could potentially get red-flagged.


There was another section on the website called ‘activity’, where you could see how many days that you had been active. As well as a bunch of other information, this included things like starting date, status, and the time as well.

In this section, you could easily stop and start any activity that they did on your behalf, and you could also turn on and off different features, including follows, comments, and likes.

Automatic Unfollow

Instagress had an unfollow feature, which was also helpful. Once you followed someone, which meant that they did this for you, if they didn’t return the favor in three days, they would automatically unfollow that person again.

They would also make sure to unfollow people that were outside of your target demographic, or accounts that they thought were bots.

However, something about this feature was not quite right, because they didn’t have the best filters, which meant that they weren’t really able to separate real accounts from bots. This meant that you still ended up with bots on your follower list.

Automatic Comment

Instagress was able to automatically comment on people’s Instagram content for you, and when it came to their automated comments, you were able to set a few default phrases or words that they could use on your behalf. Most commonly, they integrated compliments into people’s content, which said things like ‘beautiful’ and ‘awesome’.

The problem with this feature was that Instagress wasn’t usually able to sense the subcontext or tone of the posts, which means that a lot of the time they would end up leaving a comment that was completely irrelevant. This is why the majority of their clients typically avoided using the automatic comment feature.

Pricing for Instagress

Instagress pricing is unique and different to what we see these days. This is because they offered their clients the opportunity to purchase their server time. This meant that instead of signing up for a monthly subscription, you bought their features and could use them for a certain number of days.

For example, you could purchase their features and use them for three days, 10 days, or 30 days in a row. What’s interesting about this process is that you didn’t have to use your time up consecutively. This means that you could turn it on for 12 hours, then turn it off again, then use it for another 12 hours, and then if you still had three or four days left, you could use this whenever you wanted.

Of course, this was convenient for most, because it meant that they were able to maintain a lot of the control when it came to their Instagram profile’s growth in general. We are actually surprised at their price points and think that they are pretty reasonable.

For example, their three-day package was only going to cost you $1.99, and 10 days was only going to cost you $4.19. A month’s worth of help from this company was only going to cost you $9.99. They even had a demo that was legitimate for three days, so that you could check out their features for free.

Was Instagress Legit?

Instagress, in its heyday, was legit, but the thing was that they weren’t able to stack up against Instagram, and they fell under the wave of companies that were using automation and bots to try to help their clients. However, we don’t think that they were out to rip their clients off and just take their money, because we believe that they followed through on what they promised.

As we have mentioned already in this review, the algorithms were the issue, because a lot of the time, you ended up with a bot or fake followers, which meant that you could very easily get in trouble with Instagram.

They paid the ultimate price and were eventually shut down as a result of a request from Facebook. This would have been because they violated the terms of service.

Was Instagress Safe?

If you are inclined to believe the reviews that you can find on Trustpilot, then yes, this company was safe to use. In fact, we couldn’t find a single negative thing about the security side of things. We believe that their payment options on the website were completely secure. Again, the only issue that we can see was the fact that they dabbled in bot accounts.

Of course, all of this is irrelevant now, because they have been shut down, and we’ve got some great alternatives for you to check out, but it’s worth taking note here that the more research that you do and the reading of articles like this, the better you are able to choose companies that really care about your Instagram profile’s growth and aren’t eventually going to get banned.

Some companies genuinely still care about their clients, even if they end up violating Instagram’s terms and conditions, so you’ve just got to be wary of this and know how to pick the right ones.

At the end of the day, we believe that they were truly doing what they believed was best for their clients, they just didn’t know how to be sophisticated with their features. The good news is that you’ve got some excellent alternatives to Instagress to make the most of now.

How We Reviewed Them

When we review the companies like the ones on this list of Instagress alternatives, we make sure to keep it detailed and thorough.

This means that we have looked over at least 175 Instagram marketing companies and read through upwards of 3000 reviews on them, from the positive to the negative.

This means that we can confidently say we’ve chosen the very best alternatives that you can try in lieu of Instagress, and they’ll see you right through to Instagram success.

Try any of the companies on our list and see why it’s so important to trust in the expertise of a third party to help with your engagement.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.