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10 Best Instagram Video Downloaders: Genuine and Free in 2023

Here are some of the best Instagram video downloaders on the market you can use.
Ten Best Instagram Video Downloader: Genuine and Free in 2021

In recent years, the popularity and reputation of online applications, especially social media platforms, have grown massively.

Today, there are numerous online social media platforms such as Facebook, Tik Tok, and Instagram for communicating and keeping up with the latest trends. These social media platforms have helped people around the world connect and make new acquaintances.

It has also helped people stay in touch with the latest news and global experiences irrespective of the country they reside in. Instagram is arguably one of the biggest social media platforms in the world today.

It has become a popular platform for bloggers and social media influencers to connect with millions of people worldwide and help them make fans of their content.

Best Instagram Video Downloaders 2023

Instagram has attracted a large user base, including the biggest names in the movie, music, sports, and social industries worldwide. These Instagram users post flashy videos and pictures of themselves and activities they have been engaged in or still engaging in.

Some even go as far as making live videos to show where they are and what they are doing at the moment. Sometimes when surfing Instagram, you might come across some videos and photos through your Instagram feed that you find attractive or inspiring.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t support users saving videos or pictures automatically on their devices. You can take a screenshot of the pictures and have them saved on your device; however, the quality of the picture will be poor.

Because Instagram is one of the fascinating social media platforms on the internet, it’s a real shame that they have refused to integrate this feature to make things easier for their users.

The good thing is that external software can be used to download pictures and videos on Instagram. If you want to download any picture or video you like on Instagram, you’ll have to use a reputable Instagram video downloader, as numerous services in the market would disappoint you.

Here are some of the best Instagram video downloaders on the market you can use.

1. Inflact


Inflact is another amazing Instagram downloader that is popular on the internet. Its interface and dashboard are highly user-friendly, allowing users to download several types of Instagram content.

This Instagram downloader is unique because it allows you to download IGTV videos, Instagram stories, and snapshots. Interestingly, this is done with so much ease because the platform is straightforward.

It has a fast download speed and takes only a few seconds to download any content you want. Inflact has high compatibility with all websites and devices, as you can use it to download any content of your choice from anywhere. The downloading procedure takes a few simple steps.

To download videos with Inflact, visit their Inflact’s website and click the three dots that appear from the drop-down menu on the content you want to download. Once this is done, click ‘copy URL’ to copy the link, then paste it on the text field available on Inflact’s download page.

Follow the prompts, and your preferred videos or photos will be downloaded and stored on your device in no time. Inflact is a free tool to use for downloading Instagram videos and photos; however, it has a paid version that grants you access to more interesting features.

With the paid version, you can simultaneously download numerous photos and videos, as well as save videos from an endless number of Instagram profiles. This feature makes Inflact one of the best software for downloading Instagram videos, and it only costs a small subscription fee.

2. Instasave


Instasave is a famous Instagram downloader that helps Instagram users download videos and photos on the platform seamlessly. With Instasave, you can download as many Instagram videos and pictures as possible. You can download the app to your devices; however, it also offers a web-based version that doesn’t require downloading any software to your device.

To use the web-based platform, first, visit your Instagram feed and copy the URL of the video or image you want to download. Once you have the URL, visit their website, then paste the URL of the content you want to download. Follow the prompts and wait for the files to download.

Instasave works well with any web browser, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. However, these websites are different and would require you to perform an update on your downloader whenever Instagram’s algorithm changes. It has a user-friendly design which has contributed to its popularity. Downloading videos or pictures with this Instagram downloader takes only a few steps.

3. W3Toys


W3Toys is an efficient and reliable tool for downloading Instagram videos online. It has a high download speed and is also very easy to use. This Instagram video downloader has been in the market for a while now and has made a name for itself.

It is rated as one of the best Instagram video downloaders in the market, and it never fails to live up to its name. W3Toys has a straightforward interface that makes it easy to use; therefore, downloading videos with it is seamless. It only takes two simple steps, and there are no download limitations.

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To use W3Toys, first copy the URL of the content you want to download on Instagram. Once you have the URL, visit W3Toys’ website and input the URL into the text box on its page. Wait for a few seconds or minutes, depending on the size of the file you are downloading, and your video will be downloaded.

W3Toys is a completely safe tool to use, and it has high compatibility with various devices, irrespective of the operating system or brand.

4. KeepPost


KeepPost is a simple and easy-to-use tool for downloading Instagram videos and photos. Its landing page is almost empty, as it goes straight to the point. When you visit KeepPost’s website, immediately, you will see a link text box requesting the URL for the Instagram content you want to download.

It can be used to download several Instagram content, including basic photos and videos, Reel videos, and IGTV videos, among others. All that is needed is to copy and paste the video source URL, then select the location you want the video downloaded and stored on your device.

Using KeepPost doesn’t require registration and won’t spam you with numerous advertisements like many of its counterparts. Interestingly it is a completely free tool, and it allows you to download as much content as possible.

This Instagram video downloader places a premium on simplicity, as it focuses more on its downloading process than its looks. What it lacks in terms of flashy designs, it’s easy to download process covers for it. This makes KeepPost unique and sets it apart from other Instagram downloaders because this is an uncommon characteristic in the world of software today.

5. InstaDownload


InstaDownload is one of the premium Instagram video downloaders known for its high download speed. It uses the latest technologies in the market and the strongest servers to maintain a super-fast download time, which allows users to download any content on Instagram in minutes, irrespective of size.

You can down several Instagram contents, including regular photos and videos, Reel videos, and IGTV videos, among others. InstaDownload is easy to use and has an interface that allows users to seamlessly switch between the types of Instagram content they can download with a single click.

To download photos and videos, Reel videos, or IGTV videos on Instagram with InstaDownload, you need to copy the URL of the content you want to download. Once this has been copied, input it into InstaDownlaod’s text box on their page, then click download.

In a couple of seconds or minutes, the video will be downloaded. InstaDownload has high compatibility as it runs smoothly on all devices, including Mac and Android. It is also a fun application for downloading content from Instagram because its process is straightforward and quick. It is safe and completely free to use, making it an exciting option for downloading Instagram content.

6. is a popular tool used by Instagram users to download videos and photos easily. It is safe and secure, making it one of the favorite Instagram video download tools in the market today. It has a straightforward dashboard, which makes it easy to use.

To download Instagram materials with, copy the URL of the video or photo you want to download, then paste it to the URL page on their website. Once the URL is inputted, click on the download option, and will settle it in no time. is unique as an Instagram video download tool because of its high-performance rate. It features a user interface that increases the bounce rate of a website; however, what it lacks in visual appeal, it makes up for in performance.

Interestingly, it is a completely free Instagram video download tool to use. It also works well on all computer and mobile platforms, irrespective of the brand.

7. InstaOffline


InstaOffline is one of the most popular and powerful Instagram video download tools in the market. With this amazing tool, you can easily download regular Instagram videos and photos on your feeds, IGTV videos, Reels videos, and even private videos.

This unique Instagram video downloader also grants you the freedom to download numerous videos whenever you want. InstaOffline is easy to use and has high user flexibility, as you can choose the features you want to use based on the type of Instagram content you want to download.

Downloading content with InstaOffline is straightforward because it uses the typical two-step method. It is highly rated among the best internet download tools available. One of its best features is its high security and compatibility with many devices. Interestingly, InstaOffline is completely free to use without any hidden charges or conditions.

8. is another quality tool for downloading content from Instagram. It has a host of interesting features that makes its usage easy and helps it stand out. It is ranked among the best Instagram video downloaders in the market, as it offers all features and more that make similar programs successful.

Related >  15 Best Instagram Likes Apps to Get More Likes (2023) is completely free and has a straightforward interface. It is compatible with all devices and platforms and is also very easy to use. uses a simple method of copy and paste to help users download Instagram content seamlessly.

With it, you can download as many videos and photos without restrictions. However, you can’t download these contents at once and have to do them one by one. The negatives of using is that it’s a clumsy instrument with some limitations. It is impossible to watch content on private profiles.

9. SocialDown


Socialdown is a top Instagram video downloader that prides itself in providing one of the easiest methods of downloading Instagram videos and photos. It has a fast download speed, and all that is needed to initiate the download is the source URL of the content you want to download on Instagram.

Once you input the URL in the URL text field and follow the prompts, your contents are downloaded and saved on your device in no time. One of Socialdown’s selling points is that there are no limits to the number of videos or photos downloaded daily.

It also has high compatibility and works well on any mobile or computer irrespective of their operating system or brand. The downside with Socialdown is that their UI is disorganized. This makes locating the text field to paste the URL difficult. It also lacks interesting features making it boring to use, but you are sure that the videos or photos you download are always in their original quality.

10. HashtagsforLikes 

HashtagsforLikes – Instagram Downloader

HashtagforLikes is a unique Instagram video downloader highly rated in the market. However, it is not like most common Instagram video downloaders. It is a software that provides a straightforward solution for downloading Instagram photos and videos, but there is more it has to offer.

This Instagram video downloader can help you improve your Instagram profile for a small weekly fee. It can help to gain more followers, shares, and likes. HashtagforLikes’ dashboard provides a simple and appealing interface for you to download videos and photos with public access.

It is straightforward to use. All that needs to be done is copy the URL link of the photo or video you want to download and paste it on the platform. Click the download option, and the video or photo will be downloaded automatically. You may have to wait for some minutes to allow the download to be completed.

With HashtagforLikes, you can always download high-quality photos and videos directly from Instagram. You can also download all your content, making it a fantastic way to safely backing up your data. Although it has a paid version, it also provides a free version for downloading your Instagram content.

Instagram users who want to become influencers on the network, HashtagforLikes provides a perfect platform to achieve this goal for a modest weekly price.

Are Downloading Instagram Videos Allowed?

Instagram Videos

Instagram clearly doesn’t support downloading videos, photos, or any other content, and for this reason, it doesn’t have the option inbuilt on the platform. Therefore, downloading any content on the platform without authorization from the Instagram team may lead to legal consequences.

Even if the content you want to download has you in it, as long as you are not authorized by the Instagram team, you are at legal risk. Instagram’s policy is so strict that if you also post any copyrighted information on your account without permission, the content will be taken down automatically sooner or later. Therefore, before downloading any content, it’s best first to obtain permission from Instagram.

Also, when uploading any copyrighted information on Instagram, ensure you have the needed permission. If you want to use a video downloader to download any content from Instagram, it’s best to use a premium Instagram video downloader that the Instagram security system can’t detect to avoid landing yourself into legal issues.


There are over a billion active users on Instagram, and the numbers keep increasing steadily with each passing year. Many of these users are entertainers or raw talents that use the platform to showcase their art.

Fans of such users may feel the need to download the contents they put out on Instagram but face certain restrictions because Instagram doesn’t support this.If you are in such a situation, be sure that the listed Instagram video downloaders above would provide the needed solution to your problem.

With these Instagram video downloaders, you can download any content you want on Instagram seamlessly, no matter what the content is and the size. These video downloaders are fast when downloading Instagram content and would save you a lot of time trying to perform the action.

It is also safe to use, fully functional, and easy to install and use, irrespective of the platform or device you are using.  All the listed Instagram video downloaders above offer their services for free, although some also have paid versions.

The Instagram video downloaders with paid versions offer extra features, and to use these extra features; you have to use the paid versions. Thankfully, the Instagram video downloaders with paid versions are very affordable. So if you need a reliable tool to download Instagram content, the list above is highly recommended.