Ingramer doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to talking about what they offer.

While most Instagram growth companies out there prefer to hide the fact that they use a bot, Ingramer is loud and clear about this fact.

If you visit their website, this is one of the first things you’ll read on their homepage. We’ve done a bit of research and found five Ingramer alternatives that you can also try.

Let’s check them out.

First Look at Ingramer Alternatives

1. Best of the Best: Growthoid

“I went through a few Instagram growth services initially before I came across Growthoid, and the truth is that I noticed a difference straight away. This is because most Instagram growth companies only want to make a profit – they’re not too worried about that personable relationship with the customer. Growthoid, however, is.”

2. Second Best of the Best: Stellation Media

“There are many ways to approach your Instagram engagement, but Stellation Media has one of the best. I love that I’ve got choices when I use them for my online brand promotion, and I also love that they sat down with me for a consult when I first signed up with them. Highly recommended.”

3. Best for those Margins: Follow Adder

“I love Follow Adder because they have kept it simple and straightforward since they began ages ago. Their price points are the same, and so are their features. They are consistent, predictable, and they take care of their customers.”

4. Best for Your Account’s Security: Task Ant

“I think my favorite aspect of Task Ant is their willingness to put safety as a top priority when dealing with Instagram. They know that their customers have reputations to uphold on the social media giant, and the last thing they want is to see their community suspended or banned.”

5. Best for an Older Brand: Jarvee

“It’s not easy to come across an old company that’s worth trying, and it’s even harder to find a newer company. Jarvee may be old, but they have something that a lot of companies don’t have – experience. They know the industry back to front and get how and why their customers want to grow their Instagram engagement.”

Ingramer Alternatives (Our Reviews)

1. Best of the Best: Growthoid

When we reviewed Growthoid, we found out something that really excited us – these guys have just introduced a brand new way of engaging with your target audience.

It’s all done manually, and it means that you can interact on a targeted level, which is going to encourage them to check out your content and stories, too. This definitely beats the old and outdated way of doing things, where you follow and then unfollow Instagram users.

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2. Second Best of the Best: Stellation Media

Stellation Media, when we reviewed them, indicated that they sit down with every customer for a free consultation, so they can get to know them better. This is the kind of experience you need to find in an increasingly cutthroat industry, so when you do don’t let go.

Stellation Media is the kind of company that can expand their resources to help you in many different ways, not just with your Instagram engagement, which made them really stand out to us.

3. Best for those Margins: Follow Adder

If you need a company that’s going to keep the ball in your court for a lot of it, then you need to check out Follow Adder. We love that these guys are not only dedicated to the cause, but they let their customers experiment with their features and tweak them to suit different niches and industries.

This is a great way to keep a loyal following and to put the customer first, which of course is one of the most important things.

4. Best for Your Account’s Security: Task Ant

Our reviewer talked about how safe Task Ant is for your Instagram account. Another way that they are an asset to your growth online is with the angle that they are coming from.

Task Ant have come up with a pretty cool search engine where you can check out exclusive info and data on those hashtags that you love so much.

This way, you can lead the pack with your hashtag game and grow your Instagram like you never have before.

5. Best for an Older Brand: Jarvee

Our review of Jarvee was easy because we feel like we already know them. These guys have been a powerhouse in the industry since the very beginning, and have a loyal, dedicated following.

They also have a dashboard which means you can customize their tools and features to suit your needs.

Did You Know?


Do you know what is the most Instagrammed food currently out there right now? You won’t be surprised when you hear the answer.

Yup, it’s pizza, a fan favorite of the internet everywhere. Now, what do you think is the second most Instagrammed food?

If you guessed sushi, you would be right. Next time you are taking photos of your food, why not try to take a video instead?

Apparently, videos on the gram get twice as much engagement as those photos of food in your feed.

Perhaps it’s time to get creating with video as your main media.

Our Review Process

When we compile our list of top five Ingramer alternatives, we make sure to do a thorough job.

This means that we work hard to check out at least 87 Instagram growth companies, as well as read through at least 1210 positive and negative customer reviews.

This all goes toward our decision at the end, where we determine what we think are the best Instagram growth companies to help with your engagement right now.

Check out the free trials they have on offer today!

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