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Infinicore Review & Alternatives (2022)

Infinicore Alternatives

Infinicore Shutdown

Infinicore was the kind of company that could really help you with your Instagram growth. Unfortunately, though, they have fallen victim to the wrath of Instagram and have been subsequently shut down.

Instagram doesn’t love it when companies like Inifinicore try to help Instagram users, mainly because a lot of the time their services area against Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Reviews of Infinicore Alternatives

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t team up with trustworthy companies that aren’t going to get you shut down. Let’s take a look at our pick for the best Infinicore alternatives.

First Look

Best Overall: Jarvee

“I love that Jarvee has been around for a long time now – this shows me that they have a longstanding reputation with their clients that have taken them from strength to strength.”

Best Budget: Growthoid

“If you’re looking for a way to get into the Instagram marketing game but don’t have a big marketing budget, I wholeheartedly recommend Growthoid. They’re the kind of company that can give you high-quality service for a good price, which is rare in this industry.”

Safest: Stellation Media

“Stellation Media not only know what it takes to provide quality services for all different types of Instagram marketing, but they know how to do it safely. If you’re concerned about the safety of your account, you’ll want to try these guys on for size.”

Best Newcomer: Upleap

“While it’s normal to want to pick a company that’s been around for a bit, there are always new kids on the block. While some of them are average, others have what it takes to be some of the best in the business. This is what Upleap is.”

Best Reputation: Trusy

“While Trusy may not have been around for too long, they’re wasted no time in building up a great name for themselves. I was impressed with how much Trusy knew about Instagram marketing growth.”

Infinicore Alternatives (Our Reviews)

1. Best Overall: Jarvee

When we reviewed Jarvee, they made it easy on us because they already have such a good reputation that makes them a clear contender for the best in the industry. Jarvee have been around since Instagram marketing became a thing, and ever since they’ve been successful in helping all of their customers grow their Instagram following.
While they may only be compatible with Windows and you have to download them, Jarvee keeps a lot of the control in your hands so if you’re someone who finds this important you’re going to like their set up. Their dashboard may be a bit too advanced for some, but they solve this problem by offering helpful video tutorials on their website.

2. Best Budget: Growthoid

Not only can Growthoid provide you with organic and safe engagement for your Instagram, but they also offer incredibly competitive prices that you’re not going to find with too many other companies out there. They prioritize both affordability and safety with their features, so you know that you’re getting the very best in quality.
Growthoid even offers a service where they can work closely with you to build up your very own organic Instagram growth strategy so that you can be ahead of everyone else in the game. Reviewing Growthoid was a breeze for us because it’s difficult to fault them – everything seems to be in order which is why they’ve made the list.

3. Safest: Stellation Media

You may know Stellation Media for all of their additional features that can help you with your overall brand online, and when we reviewed them, we were impressed with just how many there were. What we didn’t realize, however, this that they also take the safety of their customers’ Instagram profiles very seriously.
Stellation Media are only ever going to make their Instagram engagement look like it’s being done by a human, so you know that your profile is going to be safe even if you’ve been using them for a long time. The last thing they want is for you to get in trouble with Instagram, which is why they put safety as a high priority when interacting with other people’s accounts for you.

4. Best Newcomer: Upleap

While we’ve covered and reviewed a number of companies that have been around for a while and have taken their time building up a good reputation, it’s also a good idea to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s new and exciting in the Instagram marketing world. This is why we’ve featured Upleap on our list because we think that they have a fighting chance at being one the best newcomers this year.
Upleap not only can grow your Instagram account safely and organically, but they also offer their services at affordable prices. They haven’t been around forever, but they know what it takes to keep their customers happy and is working hard to establish a reputation. They plan on being in this industry for the long term.

5. Best Reputation: Trusy

When we reviewed Trusy, initially it felt a bit strange given them the title of ‘best reputation’ because, like Upleap, they haven’t been around for too long. However, it didn’t take us long to realize that while they may be a bit new, they’ve worked really hard to get their reputation off the ground.
Trusy claims to have cracked the code when it comes to your Instagram marketing and judging by client testimonials, they’re doing a great job sharing this with their clients. You want guys like this on your side if you care about reputation.

Our Review Process

When we review companies like the ones listed above, we make sure to do our research before choosing them to make sure you’re only hearing about the very best. In order to achieve this, we look at over 80 of the best Instagram marketing companies and read over 200 user reviews, whether they’re negative or positive.

With our list of the best alternatives to Infinicore, you’re going to be able to build up a great reputation on Instagram in no time.