The Importance of Password Management for Business

The Importance of Password Management for Business

For a modern business, anything that can streamline a business process can translate into higher productivity and better efficiency in connected areas. Password management systems can help a business increase security and reliability without bogging down employees with complicated security procedures. 

Cybercrime is a serious threat to any business, and understanding the risks and how to protect against them is vital. As the prevalence of digital technology increases in business management and operation, so will the scope of digital crime. Cybersecurity has never been so essential to every business. 

What exactly is password management, and how does it function? Let’s take a closer look at the ins and outs and how a password management system can benefit any business.

Password Management And How It Works

Password management software uses cloud-based storage and software to create, log, and organize passwords and streamline access for better security and faster movement throughout operations. 

Nobody likes creating a new password. Thinking of something that is both memorable and still secure can actually be quite a challenge. When a business needs to interact with many different passwords, this can be difficult to balance. Easy to remember often equates to easy to guess.

Modern password cracking software will cycle through common algorithms for password creation. Some can even source information about a target and use that information to come up with possible passwords. As times change and technology evolves, secure passwords become harder and harder to pin down. 

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People can’t make a secure password without wasting a lot of time and using a lot of effort to store, access, and retrieve these passwords. To really be secure, a password should be totally random, 12 characters long, and combine random numbers, symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters.

Password managers will automatically create and index unique and secure passwords so employees don’t have to. Once created, this software can organize and distribute access to these passwords for any suitable applications.

One of the largest security risks when it comes to password access is when a password is used in multiple applications. People do what they have to so as to not forget a password. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for people to use the same password for multiple things.

In business contexts this can potentially lead to outright disaster. One leak can ripple through an organization and compromise everything touched. Password managers use all unique passwords to limit this exposure and will often have password maintenance measures that can be used to judge when a password should be refreshed. 

Time Is Money And You Can Save Both

A lost password is a terrible time sink. Even any manual retrieval of a password is going to take time that could be used in a more productive manner, but when a password is lost, this only exacerbates the issue. The Gartner Group found that up to 50% of all helpdesk support inquiries are for password resets.

Over time, and scaling with business size, this can mean an extraordinary amount of lost time and money. Productivity and cost-cutting can mean everything to any business, and small businesses especially need to take any advantage they can find. 

There are also many websites and services that require new passwords chosen every few months as an added security measure. This can be a great added protection, but the problem is when employees have to create multiple passwords, you will run into several problems.

Time lost in creation, forgetting multiple passwords, and employee frustration can all be avoided with a password vault enterprise software system creating, storing, and retrieving password information for your business instantly. 

Different Types Of Password Managers

There are a few different types of password managers, and not all are created equal. The main thing to consider is that browser-based password management systems offer the flexibility for business use that can be had with a multi-user manager. 


The alternative is using cloud-based portable password management, or using a desktop-based management system. With a cloud program, your password information is created and stored via the cloud.

This allows for greater flexibility and efficiency for distributing password information across different sectors and multiple employees. The organization and sharing capabilities make cloud-based password management ideal for many business applications. 

In cases where a business wants to keep things entirely off the cloud, there are desktop-based programs that store all password information entirely offline on a dedicated system. This has security benefits but also greatly limits things like accessibility and flexibility.  

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More Than Just Passwords

Password managers aggregate and collect all credentials and authorization information into one access point.  An employee on the other side of the world just needs to log into one service to access anything they have stored in the security chain. This can cover more than only password access as well. Many password managers offer services for other types of security access such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

When it comes to detailed security, diversity leads to better protection. Combining different methods of identification and protection can lead to higher risk prevention. There are many new developments every year in both cybersecurity and cyberthreats. Keeping up to date on new developments is valuable to security in general as well.

As identification gets more complicated, two things happen. The first is that it will tax users more time and effort. The second is that it will increase security to have more diverse systems. The beauty of password managers is that they can mitigate the first result while capitalizing on the second. 

The digital world is only going to become more and more relied on in the future. This will mean more and more sensitive material will need to be stored digitally as well. To protect against future threats and to benefit from a streamlined and efficient versatility of use, password managers can be a powerful and invaluable tool for every business.

Written by Alan Taylor
I’m Alan, a technology writer with a decade of experience testing and reviewing software. I’m passionate about providing honest and unbiased reviews to help consumers make informed decisions. With a background in computer science and a talent for simplifying complex concepts, I enjoy exploring new technology trends.