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Ideas to Up Your Social Media Game

Creative block is the worst nightmare of every marketer. You have a deadline coming closer and have no idea what to post or what caption should the picture go with.

You need to create a campaign to boost engagement but nothing is coming to your mind. 

We understand how frustrating it can get. But you don’t have to go all Groundhog Day on your followers. Don’t fish out the old posts from the archive, only for the sake of posting.

Recycling old posts makes your followers think that you no longer have new content. Either they start to ghost you or straight away unfollow your account. 

Most of the time, newly emerging talents or businesses find it difficult to keep up with posting regularly due to various factors. One of the major factors could be the lack of a stable internet connection.

People working from remote areas experience difficulties in finding a trusting internet service provider, which affects their whole business strategies. 

When you are trying to attract followers, it is highly necessary to have an internet connection at all times. This is why we have just the perfect option for you.

Spectrum Internet provides high-speed stable internet connection in 40+ states. Chances are, your state is one of them.

So, don’t wait any longer and up your social media game by subscribing to Spectrum’s incredible speed plans. 

Now, back to all the amazing ways that can help you take control of your social media profiles. You don’t have to fall into a pit of despair.

We are here to give you effective ideas that can help you in upping your social media game. 

Be Consistent with your Posts

There is a difference between being consistent and filling up. You don’t have to post non-stop.

No one likes spamming on their timeline. Focus on creating quality content and not the number of contents you create daily. 

You can post after every two days and meanwhile, you can find various creative ways to interact with your followers. Post a story on your Instagram profile and make it an interactive one.

For instance, if your brand sells beauty products, then you can post a story posing a question about their biggest makeup regrets. This will help you in engaging with maximum followers.

You can also introduce new weekly trends, where you can either post a quote of a famous person on the story or post an aesthetic picture on your feed.

This will help you in producing more content as you will at least have one idea ready for every week.

Introduce Giveaways

Giveaways excite every follower and they immediately read the terms and conditions to enter the competition.

As a result of giveaways, one of your followers will get a product for free, meanwhile, your purpose of giveaways will get fulfilled i.e., brand awareness.

Don’t brush off the idea of giveaways by simply considering them purposeless. As a matter of fact, they can create one of the biggest engagements for your social media profiles. 

Even if your profile is about photography or you only work as a content writer, but you are looking for followers, then buy a book of any famous author and put it up on your feed as a giveaway of reaching a certain number of followers.

The above-mentioned strategy can help you massively in making your profile seem active.

Collaborate with Another Brand

Collaborating with another brand provides you exposure to their followers, especially if their follower count is larger than yours.

You can either film a video with them, post a picture, bring them a PR package, or simply have them give you a shout-out on their profile. 

If you have a business profile, then you can employ all or some of the above-mentioned options and that can help you in reaching their followers in no time.

Make Use of Trending Memes

People these days don’t want to follow a dense account that only talks about their brand.

You can market your products while also keeping up with the latest trends. Using the formats of popular memes is a fun way to convey your brand’s message.

Not only this, people generally share memes more often amongst their friends and family circle. This is a great way for you to reach a larger audience without making an explicit effort for it.

Along with this, you need to also keep in mind that memes have a short shelf life.

If you keep posting the same memes, again and again, this can rapidly come off as cringe-worthy. This is why only use them for a short period. 

Engage your Followers

Engaging followers in various ways can significantly up your social media game. You can create polls of ‘this or that’ or you can ask your followers advice or opinion on certain topics. 

In addition to this, if you are a new brand, you can ask your followers to give you advice on how you can bring changes to your brand, or what they expect to see from you.

This makes them feel acknowledged and they continue to come back to your account.

Tag a Friend

Do you want to catch the eyes of more followers? Ask your followers to tag a friend. For this, you need to come up with an acknowledgment post.

This encourages your followers to tag their friends or family to make them feel appreciated. 

You don’t have to ask for a tag in every post. This type of strategy is best for the kind of posts that may not receive much response on their own. 

Wrapping Up

Coming up with new ideas is one of the toughest jobs. Social media marketing requires a constant flow of creative juices.

Followers are always hungry for new interesting content and failing to deliver that can result in ghost accounts.

This is why this post is to help you step up your social media game by simply following these effective ideas.

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