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How To Quickly And Easily Set Up A Virtual Phone Number For Your Online Business 

A virtual phone number is something every online business should seriously consider. A virtual phone number is a phone number that uses the internet instead of traditional communication transmissions like copper wires and cell phone towers.

There are many benefits to businesses getting virtual phone numbers, such as saving money, increased reach, and more security. Though you may get a virtual phone number, it can be challenging to set it up. The following are steps to help you quickly and easily set up a virtual phone number for your business: 

Get A Strong Internet Connection

The first step to setting up a virtual phone number is getting a solid internet connection. Since the number will use the internet for communication, the better the internet connection, the better the phone connection will be.

You probably already have an internet connection at your business, but you may want to consider an upgrade. More reliability and higher speeds are the main features to look for in your new internet connection. It would be best to consider other internet uses in your business.

Softphones And Hardware

You may think that you will not require hardware when you get a virtual number, but you need a physical phone with which to use the phone number. You will need an analog telephone adapter (ATA) to change your current hardware, so it works with your virtual phone system.

You can use a softphone app if you do not want to use desk phones. A softphone app allows you to make phone calls from your computer or smartphone after downloading it.

The best services will have desktop and phone softphone apps. You may want a VoIP headset to use the virtual phone number on the move. 

Find a Service Provider

The next step in setting up a virtual phone number is finding a virtual phone number provider. Not every virtual phone service provider will be compatible with your business and needs.

There are several things you should consider before choosing a service provider. The first thing to consider is scalability and how the virtual phone service will grow with your business.

It would be best if you also considered integrating the phone number with other systems in your business. Customer support for virtual phone service is critical as things often go wrong. The phone service’s features will also be crucial so know what you want. 

Choose Your Phone Number

After you find a service provider, the next step is to choose a phone number. You have three main options to choose from for your phone number.

You can select a local phone number if you want one that shows your customers you have a local presence. You may also choose a toll-free phone number, meaning you will pick up the bill for the calls instead of your customers.

Vanity phone numbers spell out names, for example, 1-800-CUSTOMS. They are easy to remember and great for customer service.

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Set Up Your Phone Lines

Setting up your phone lines is the easy part, as your service provider will likely walk you through the entire process. However, the process will differ depending on your provider and your equipment.

There will be softphone apps to download, install and configure. There will also be hardware to set up for use with the virtual phone number. There will be some work to do, but you can take solace in the fact that it will be less than a traditional phone number. 

Test The Phone Number’s Features

You will have chosen a phone number and service provider based on the features you want, and now you have to test them and see if they work as advertised. It would be best to begin by testing every company’s basic features, such as call forwarding, lag time, audio quality, voicemail services, customization, and connection quality.

However, if your business has remote workers or other operations that require more advanced features, you should test the virtual phone number’s advanced features. Testing these features is essential as it allows you to work out the issues with your service provider before going live. 

Setting up a virtual phone number is rarely quick or easy. However, the above steps are sufficient to make the process as swift and straightforward as possible. As you can see, there is much to consider before setting up the number. After setting up, there will also be much to do, so choose your service provider