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How to Pick a Programming Language to Learn

Programming has become an integral part of the creation of products and services. The fact is that the digital environment consists of commands, algorithms, and databases that function thanks to lines of code.

That is why you should learn a programming language to join the developer community.

But the problem is that it is difficult for beginners to take the first step. So, which coding language should you choose?

Will your initial choice affect your programming career? So here’s what you should know.

Why Do You Want to Learn to Code?

First of all, any beginner should understand the goals of finding a coding language. Do you want to learn for fun, or do you have a specific goal?

Perhaps you like a certain type of project and want to create something special?

Are you going to capitalize on your skills, or is your passion for programming nothing more than a hobby? 

These questions are extremely important, especially if you are a student and do not have time for outside activities.

So read domyessay reviews and delegate some assignments to someone. Now you can find some free time to answer all of the above questions.

Front End Development

As a rule, front-end developers work with the facade of websites, applications, and other software products.

However, if you are interested in functional and visual, you can start with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

This solution will help you gain the knowledge base to create interactive sites, applications, and other projects. 

Plus, it will be easier for you to move on to more complex options like C or C ++ shortly.

In any case, you should pay attention to which coding languages ​​are popular in the market segment you are interested in.

Back End Development

Let’s say you always wanted to know what is in the “box” and want to know everything about the so-called “back end” part.

Then you can choose Python, C #, or JavaScript. You will surely appreciate the flexibility of the tools and the creative freedom.

Moreover, you will be able to cope with important algorithms and create code sections related to the internal functionality of sites, software products, and databases.

And do not forget that SQL should also be on your list of interests, especially if you plan to work on projects with databases and fast connections to libraries.

2D Game Development

Typically, 2D game developers choose JavaScript or C# as their preferred coding languages.

The fact is that there are several reasons for such a decision. First, you can get flexible options for the implementation of your ideas.

Second, you can take full advantage of frameworks like Phaser or game engines like Construct 3 and Unity 2D. 

Or do you like MonoGame or Game Maker more? In any case, JavaScript and C# are exactly the languages with which you should start your journey into the gaming industry.

3D Game Development

And here is the most demanded segment of the gaming industry.

The fact is that the overwhelming majority of gamers love 3D shooters, strategies, RPG projects, and souls-like games.

In this case, you should choose C# or C++ to understand the key concepts of coding and creating game features.

Plus, you can work with engines like Unity 3D or Unreal Engine 5 and create great 3D worlds with objects, levels, and special effects.

Data Science/Machine Learning

This area of programming has no serious restrictions, and you can choose from many coding languages.

However, Python will help you get started quickly and understand how to use frameworks and other aspects for analyzing and interpreting data.

You can look at how people work in the industry and their daily challenges, for starters. Then, take a look at a couple of YouTube videos to make the right choice.

What if I Don’t Know What I Want to Code?

Well, this is a fairly common problem for many newbies. The fact is that you can hardly decide on further career prospects or desires without basic knowledge of any coding language.

So what’s a beginner to do? How about setting a time limit for yourself? 

Choose an option and study the basic aspects for at least a month. Then, find free coding tutorials and study all the important aspects to ensure you are on the right track.

If you are not interested in continuing further, you can always switch to a new coding language.


As you can see, choosing a programming language depends on the tasks you intend to face throughout your career.

Therefore, pay attention to those areas of activity that are interesting to you and choose based on growth prospects. 

By the way, no one bothers you to learn an additional coding language since the syntax and basic structure of many options are similar.

Therefore, it will take you much less time to expand your horizons in the future.

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