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How to Get Many Subscribers on YouTube Without Promotion

YouTube is the world’s leading platform when it comes to video watching. Successful YouTubers have millions of subscribers and their earnings are also in millions.

Anyone with basic understanding of YouTube can tell you that having subscribers is the only way to make your YouTube journey profitable. 

If you are a creator on YouTube and want to know the methods to increase your YouTube subscribers, then you are at the right place.

In this guide, we will teach you methods to enhance your YouTube presence and we will only focus on methods that are legal and organic.

1. Clean Up Your YouTube Channel

Before you do anything else, you need to cleanse your YouTube channel to give it a more minimalistic and updated look.

Take a hard look at your YouTube channel and you will come to realize that there is a lot of old stuff that needs to be deleted from your channel.

Any content that is outdated, poorly produced or factually incorrect should be stripped from the channel.

Doing so gives your channel an authentic and professional look and you are more likely to receive new subscribers as a result.

Your channel should also have all the things complete such as the channel description, photo and banner.

You can choose a good YouTube channel banner maker to design the perfect banner for your channel profile.

2. Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to YouTube videos, quality is more important than quantity. You don’t need to post a video every day.

In fact, too much video posting might turn off your subscribers and further hamper your channel’s growth.

Whenever you decide to upload a video make sure it is proofed and edited and presents the intended information in a comprehensive manner.

Posting just for the sake of posting is not the answer to growing your YouTube channel.

3. 5-Minute Videos

Make sure that most of the videos that you upload are under 5 minutes. There are several reasons to do this.

For starters, shorter videos are more watchable thus they are clicked more often. Another reason to post short videos is that shorter videos are recommended more often by YouTube than larger videos.

4. Create Binge-Worthy Playlists

If you have made multiple videos on a similar topic, you should put them all together in a playlist.

Doing so allows your viewers to watch your videos continuously without having to search each and every video separately.

How does this help with subscriber growth?

Well, doing so makes people spend more time on your videos and this tells YouTube’s algorithm that your content is watchable and YouTube promotes your content. It is a simple but effective method to boost your subscribers.

5. Be Consistent

Consistency is very important when it comes to growing a YouTube channel. Many large channels today spent countless hours on creating quality content when they had very small viewership.

Most of the successful channels on YouTube today witnessed their growth in an exponential manner and all of this was achieved by posting quality content consistently.

6. Custom Thumbnails

Video thumbnails are crucial and sadly they are often neglected. Having a good thumbnail for your video makes it more attractive and clickable.

You should have a custom theme for your thumbnails, something that is attractive and distinctive.

Taking some time to create a customized thumbnail can go a long way in increasing your subscribers.

7. Do Collabs

YouTube creator community is very supportive and encouraging. If your channel is struggling, you should consider getting a shout out or even a collaboration with a larger channel.

Doing that can have amazing benefits for your channel as your channel gets introduced to a much larger audience and if they like your content, you can get a lot of new subscribers.

8. Giveaways

YouTube giveaways are also great for subscriber growth. You don’t need to give away very expensive things to increase your subscriber count.

Giveaways make your channel interesting for your subscribers and the more often you conduct giveaways the more interest people take in your content.

9. Have Patience

Last but not the least, you should have patience. Think of your YouTube Channel as a tree. Just like a tree grows with time, your channel will also grow if you keep other things in check.

Have a marathon mentality and give your best effort.

The older your channel is the more authentic and reliable it becomes and if your content is interesting, your channel subscription will grow automatically.


Getting subscribers on YouTube requires patience, resilience and smart work.

If you keep your focus on making your channel the best version of itself, you will get subscribers because people are always looking to appreciate good things and if you put effort in your channel, people will notice it.