How to Fix ExpressVPN if It’s Not Working

How to Fix ExpressVPN if It’s Not Working

How to Fix ExpressVPN if It’s Not Working

ExpressVPN is a remarkable tool that helps you mask your IP from websites that steal information. But every so often, the VPN behaves funny and stops working out of the blue.

Most people face this problem and complain that the VPN is faulty.

But in reality, there are many reasons that impede the proper functioning of the VPN.

Hence, if you’re facing this problem, then this article is for you.

Today, we are going to discuss all the reasons ExpressVPN stops working and a step-by-step solution to fix the problems.

Let’s get started.

Check the Status of your Internet Connection


Unstable internet connections cause many technical problems and affect the way software programs run.

ExpressVPN is an internet-based network. This means if you want to use it, you need a stable internet connection.

Now, this is something people already know, but sometimes they make the mistake of not checking their connection and overthink about other reasons.

Hence, the first solution is to check the status of your internet connection.

You Can Do This By:

  • Disconnecting your ExpressVPN and searching for a website on the internet.
  • If you’re successful in accessing the website, then your connection is fine.
  • But if the website doesn’t open, you need to fix your connection.

So, How Can You Fix Your Internet?

  • You can start by clicking on the “Control Panel”.
  • Then go to “Network and Sharing Center,” > “Network and Sharing Centre,” > “Change adapter settings.”
  • Now, click on the active connection and go to “Properties” > “Networking” > double click on the “Internet protocol”.
  • Check on the box that says, “Obtain DNS server address automatically”. Finally, click on “OK”.

Now, you can check your internet connection and use the Express VPN. 

Update Your Express VPN

Updates are critical for smooth functioning of any software. They bring improvements and fix bugs in the old version. This Is another reason ExpressVPN doesn’t work properly. You must update the VPN before using it.

How to Update the Express VPN?

It’s a straightforward process. First, uninstall the version of the VPN you have installed on your device. Then, find the latest version and download it.
Now, you’re good to go.

Disable Your Antivirus


Antivirus helps protect your device from malicious programs and viruses.

These viruses enter your device from various internet downloaded software programs and links.

Hence, if you use an antivirus, then there’s a probability that the antivirus might have considered ExpressVPN as a virus and blocked it.

How Can You Unblock It?

  • Open the main panel of your antivirus and click on “settings”.
  • Now, disable your antivirus and close the panel.
  • Refresh your desktop or restart it.

This stops the antivirus from blocking the Express VPN.

Include ExpressVPN in the Antivirus Whitelist

There’s another way you can stop the antivirus from blocking the Express VPN. Instead of disabling the antivirus, you can add ExpressVPN to the whitelist.

The whitelist is a list of programs that the antivirus ignores while still blocking viruses and suspicious programs.

How Can You Add ExpressVPN to The Whitelist?

  • Go to the main panel of the antivirus and click on settings.
  • Now, look for the button that says “Whitelist” or “Exceptions”.
  • Add ExpressVPN to the list.

Now, you can start using the VPN without disabling the antivirus.

Disable your Windows Firewall


Most people forget that Windows OS itself provides a firewall to protect the device.

Antivirus is a dedicated software that scans viruses, but you can also rely on the Windows Firewall.

Apart from the antivirus, there’s a possibility that the Windows Firewall might have blocked the Express VPN.

You can solve this issue by temporarily disabling the Firewall.

How to Disable Windows Firewall?

  • Go to the “Control Panel,”.
  • Now, click on “System and Security,” > “Windows Defender Firewall,” > “Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.”
  • Click on “Turn off Windows Defender Firewall” for both Private and Public network settings.”
  • Refresh or restart the computer.
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This disables your Windows Firewall and allows the ExpressVPN to run smoothly.

Remove other VPN Apps on your Device

Another common mistake people make is that they install other VPN applications on their devices. Now, this isn’t a massive deal if ExpressVPN is your default VPN. But sometimes other installed VPNs pose problems. Hence, you can solve this problem by removing the VPN applications from your device.

How Can You Remove Them?

  • Go to the “system settings,” and click on “Wi-Fi and Internet.”
  • Now, navigate to “VPN” and toggle the gear icon of the VPN applications that aren’t Express VPN.
  • Click “Forget VPN”

This will successfully remove other VPN applications, and you can use the Express VPN.

Turn off your Device’s Battery Optimization


Battery optimisation is a tremendous help that protects the battery health of your Android phone.

But it also restricts the functions of some applications, rendering them useless.

Hence, if this is the reason ExpressVPN isn’t working, then you can turn off the battery optimisation.

How Can You Turn It Off?

  • Go to “settings,” > “Apps and notifications,” > “Advanced,” > “Special App access,” > “Battery optimization.”
  • Now choose “All apps,” and click on “Express VPN,” > “Don’t optimise,” > “Done.”

This turns off your battery optimisation for the Express VPN.

Switch to Another protocol

Another solution that has helped many users is that you can simply switch to a different protocol to get the ExpressVPN running.

How Can You Switch to Another Protocol?

  • Open ExpressVPN and go to “Menu”.
  • Then click on “options” > “Protocol” and choose a different protocol from the list.
  • Click “OK”.

This way, you can switch to another protocol.

Switch to Another VPN Server Location

This solution works the same as the previous one. But you don’t need to switch to a different protocol. Rather, switch to another VPN server location.

How Can You Switch?

  • Open ExpressVPN and click on the three-dot icon below the “on” button.
  • Click on a location and the “On” button.

Now, you are good to go.


There you have it. These are the solutions you can implement to run your ExpressVPN smoothly. Each solution works fine and helps you solve whatever issues you’re facing with the VPN.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.

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