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How to Find Phone Number Using IP Address

How to Find Mobile Number Using IP Address

If you are looking for ways to find out the phone number via a specific IP address, then this article is for you. Here, we will learn how easily you can find out any mobile number using the IP address of the individual. 

Most people believe that we remain invisible in the world of the internet; however, this is not true. It is very easy to find various types of information, including location and the phone number simply using the IP address.

When we make use of any device to connect to the Internet, we do so with the help of the assigned IP address of the device that is provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

With the help of the IP address, you can easily find out the above-mentioned information, if not less. 

If you have been thinking that your identity remains anonymous online, you could not be more wrong. Since every device has a unique IP address, your identity can be found very easily.

However, the question remains – can you get the phone number of a person with his/her IP address, even though it has been assigned by the ISP?

You can get the IP address easily with some methods like making use of IP grabbers, get the person to send you an email, or sometimes utilizing the command line, it is not a 100% foolproof plan that you will get the phone number with the IP address.

Of course, the availability of a few tools that can help you find the contact information of the users with the IP addresses. In reality, these tools only work for the webserver IP addresses, not the conventional IP addresses that have been assigned to these users. 

Why Can’t I Find Out a Mobile Number from an IP Address?

Mobile Number

Typically, the IP addresses of every device are unique and have been designed to provide information related to location.

This way, the web service makes use of the address for various types of things like geo-targeting, enforcing access rights, and communication. 

Show your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from IP address

Let us consider that your IP address is 2402:3a80:1a30:f4a2:751f:53f3:732f:1a0e. This means that the ISP and ISP Organization is Hutchison Max Telecom Limited. 

From the above, we understand that this information cannot be practically used to get to the person. However, if you get the mobile number of the person, you will be able to do a lot more!

For now, you will not find any type of software or tool that can get you the phone number of other users. The only service that has access to the mobile number of a person is the company that has provided the number in the first place.

However, does this mean that you cannot get the user’s mobile contact information, even with an IP address? Of course, you can do so easily. 

How to Get One’s Phone Number from His ISP?

Internet Service Provider 203

Since the ISPs are the one that distributes the IP addresses, it is obvious that they will be having the contact details of the customers, which also means that they will have the mobile numbers.

Of course, you cannot simply go and ask them to reveal the phone number of the person with a particular IP address. 

The ISP is the only body that is capable of tracing the IP address of a user. But, ISPs are dedicated to protecting the privacy of their customers and will not simply hand over the contact information.

If you are serious about finding the mobile number via the IP address, you will have to do so lawfully. Only then you can hope to find the mobile number of the individual from the Internet Service Provider. 

There are various reasons why you may be looking to find the phone number of a user via the IP address.

For instance, if you are being threatened or bullied online and you have the IP address of the person, you can easily get the mobile number of the user via the ISP. However, there are some requirements for the same – you will need the police authorization and/or a court order for the same. 


From the above, you can now understand that getting the mobile number of a person via the IP address is not an easy task. Your request can be denied unless you have a strong case and/or a court order.

The alternative is that you can make use of the social engineering method to find the phone number of the person, which is not using the IP address.