How to Create Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts

How to Create Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts in 2024

How to Create Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts in 2024

Amazon offers a variety of options for its users when it comes to managing their accounts.

For sellers, there is the option of a single account that Amazon tightly regulates. However, for buyers, the possibilities are endless.

With no restrictions on the number of accounts that can be created, buyers have the flexibility to tailor their accounts to their specific needs. 

But for those looking at how to create multiple Amazon buyer accounts for marketing campaigns, it’s important to note that pre-existing accounts with a history of purchases are often more trusted by Amazon and may be subject to less scrutiny. 

If you’re looking for full control and want to create many accounts, this guide will walk you through the process and provide tips on ensuring the highest quality possible.

Remember that making multiple accounts involves more work, but the end result is worth it.

Can You Create Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts?

This site allows you to have multiple buyer accounts, so there isn’t a limit to how many you can have.

Remember that each profile requires its phone number and email address.

However, it is essential to note that simply because users can have different accounts does not always mean it is a good idea.

If Amazon suspects you of creating multiple accounts solely for the purpose of leaving product reviews, they may suspend and delete the accounts.

To avoid this, proceed cautiously and adhere to guidelines to ensure the accounts are utilized appropriately.

What To Look for Before Managing Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts

There seem to be specific guidelines before making multiple Amazon buyer accounts.

Following these guidelines allows you to establish multiple accounts without being concerned about having them blocked.

Automated Account Creation with The PVA Creator

PVA Creator

The PVA Creator is a cutting-edge tool that automates the creation of multiple and majority accounts across various social media platforms.

Using advanced methods, this tool can circumvent anti-bot systems and maintain each account generated in a different environment, preventing them from being linked.

Users must purchase a license from a PVA Creator site to use the tool.

Furthermore, the PVA Creator app needs a 2Captcha solver to fix Captchas, so a permit for this offering is also required.

Proxies for Account Creation

Users must configure Amazon proxies in the PVA Creator application to make different accounts.

This is since, in the absence of proxies, the account holders will share an IP footprint, which businesses such as Amazon can detect different accounts.

To avoid this, use residential proxies for every account, as Amazon could perhaps detect data center proxies.

The proxy providers we recommend for creating Amazon buyer accounts are Oxylabs, Bright Data, SmartProxy, ProxyEmpire, Proxy-Seller, and The Social Proxy.

Creating Multiple Gmail Accounts


An email account or mobile number is needed for verification when creating an Amazon account.

For the goals of this guide, an email will be used for confirmation, with Gmail as the preferred provider.

Gmail has no limit on how many accounts users can create; you can even link multiple accounts to the same phone number.

However, if you require many accounts, you must create them strategically to prevent Gmail blacklisting them as spam.

You can accomplish this by delaying the account setup process or using different authentication techniques.

How to Create Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts

Initiate the PVA Creator application by becoming acquainted with its interface.

After submitting your authentication information, you will see a menu and a campaign section.

To create different Amazon buyer accounts, complete the following steps:

Adding Proxies

Adding Proxies PVA Creator

Adding proxies to a PVA Creator application is the first step in setting up multiple Amazon buyer accounts.

Proxies are necessary for creating different accounts because they disguise your IP address and allow you to create accounts from numerous places.

Adding Proxies PVA Creator 2

You can use any of the residential proxy providers listed above.

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Buy a package from the supplier and use the device to create a list of proxies, which you can then export as an a.txt file.

Once you’ve compiled your collection of proxies, you can import them into the PVA Creator application.

Creating a Campaign

After you’ve added your proxies, you’ll want to start a new campaign.

To do so, navigate to the campaign section of the PVA Creator application, select the desired system (in this case, Amazon), and then click the green plus sign to start a campaign.

Make a name for the content, specify how many accounts you would like to create, and then press the Next button.

Binding Proxies with Campaign

You will be directed to the section where you can bind proxies to the campaign.

If you previously added proxies, all you need to do now is concurrent them with the advert.

This ensures that every account is created using a unique IP address and location.

Adding Usernames and Passwords

Username and Passwords

The next step is to enter the usernames and passwords for the accounts.

Using a random data function, you can generate random passcodes for the accounts.

This ensures that each account seems to have a different password and increases security.

Adding 2Captcha API Key and Email Addresses

Next, enter the 2Captcha API key and click the Next button.

Then, for each account, enter the emails you would like to associate with it and the server, port, procedure, and SSL information. 

2Captcha is an API provider that aids in the resolution of CAPTCHA challenges. 2The API key used to connect to the service is the Captcha API key.

Review and Start

After entering all the required information, you will be presented with a summary of the data you have decided to join.

Double-check it for precision, and then tap the start button to get started creating the accounts.

The tool will computerize the account setup process by opening a new browser window for each account and generating it in a completely new browser environment.

It even lets you customize browser fingerprints.

You must have accounts that aren’t connected by cookies, IP addresses, or other browser data this way.

Pros and Cons of Having Multiple Amazon Accounts


  • Boosting sales
  • Diversifying business
  • Establishing niche brands
  • Account management challenge
  • Feedback risk
  • Account closure risk

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Create Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts?

Yes, it is possible to create multiple Amazon buyer accounts.

Still, Amazon’s terms of service prohibit using multiple accounts to circumvent their policies or manipulate customer reviews.

What Happens if Amazon Finds out That I Have Multiple Buyer Accounts?

If Amazon finds out that you have multiple accounts, they may close or limit the functionality of those accounts to comply with their terms of service.

Additionally, if you are found to be using multiple accounts to manipulate customer reviews, Amazon may take legal action against you. 

Violating Amazon’s terms of service can result in having your account suspended or permanently terminated.

It’s also illegal to create multiple accounts to get around restrictions or bans, so it’s best to adhere to Amazon’s policies.

Is It Against the Law to Have Multiple Amazon Accounts?

No, it is not against the law to have multiple accounts, but it is important only to have them if there is a valid business reason.


Creating Amazon buyer accounts comes with a financial cost. This can significantly deter those looking to save money by creating their accounts. 

However, it is important to note that this cost may not be justified if you only require a small number of accounts.

In such cases, purchasing already-made accounts may be more cost-effective rather than incurring the expenses associated with creating them from scratch. 

You should also consider the potential risks, such as getting banned by Amazon, which could result from creating multiple accounts.

Therefore, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons carefully before looking for how to create multiple Amazon buyer accounts.

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