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How to Blog When There Is No Inspiration

When the whole world has gone online, blogging couldn’t remain just a hobby that doesn’t require any effort. Today it is a full-flagged occupation.
How to Blog When There Is No Inspiration

Many rookies who just start their way in a creative sphere believe that inspiration is the main driving force they cannot do without. However, when you decide to make blogging your job, you cannot leave it neglected and wait for inspiration.

You should create high-quality content daily to stay on track and develop your brand’s name. Even if you have a lifestyle blog and don’t have any business, you still work on your personal brand. So, you just cannot afford to leave your subscribers without a new post.

And when you have neither the mood nor ideas to write, it is hard to resist the temptation to pay someone to do homework, go shopping online or choose a summer gateway. But as we all know, silence is the most effective way to kill even the most popular blog. It doesn’t matter why you don’t write and whether you have blues, fatigue, or laziness.

And the funniest thing is that inspiration will not appear out of the blue either. You can wait for your muse or hope for sunny weather, but it will be in vain. How to blog when you are not inspired?

Write Daily


It is the simplest but the most effective rule that will help you blog whenever you need it. When you develop content daily, you force the brain to work and generate thoughts not only “for a special occasion.”

It is like working out at the gym when you experience muscle fever because you train once a month. When you train three times a week, even for 30 minutes, the muscles get used to the workload. Thus, you should find time to work on your content daily.

You should learn how to turn on your brain when necessary. Give yourself time and move at your pace. Over time, you will notice that it is much easier to write even when your inspiration level leaves much to be desired.

Collect All Your Ideas in One Place


The main feature of inspiration is its elusiveness. You cannot get a brilliant result if you haven’t made the required preparation. It is worth creating a note on your smartphone or using a special app where you can save all your catchy ideas. You should always have access to this “holy grail.”

Whenever you have an interesting concept for a post, make a note right away if you don’t need to write anything now. Thus, you will have enough material and inspiration to blog, even if you don’t have a special mood. In general, high-quality preparation is already half the battle in every business. 

Steal From Others

Feel free to read rivals’ content and borrow ideas that already work successfully for others. Follow your favorite blogs, check them to know what’s new there.

You can learn a lot from such people. Make a thematic series of posts, photos, etc., since the list is endless. Just bear in mind that you shouldn’t thoughtlessly copy another person’s content. Plagiarism is not cool at all. If you have come across a catchy blog post, include it on your to-do list. On bad days, when you lack a little inspiration, this spark will heat your inner fire to create your masterpiece.

Steal From the Audience


If previous steps did not help you, it is high time to try something completely new. The so-called consulting session is a perfect way to search for potential topics. It is an online marketing tool when you provide your audience with a chance to ask you any questions.

Such a post solves several tasks at once:

  1. It will give a clear picture of what is currently interesting to the audience.
  2. It will allow you to collect a whole range of questions that your readers find appealing.
  3. It will increase their loyalty.

After all, it is pleasant to get feedback from a blog guru.

Improve Already Successful “Hits”

Review your statistics and analyze what blog posts have become the most popular to reveal your hits. Months have passed since publication, but these articles still attract new visitors. So, you are aware that such content works, and you should just make up ideas on how you can expand it. Can you refresh it by updating, improving the text?

If it is hard for you to balance blogging and studying in college, it is worth reading some onine reviews to find a helper that will clean your schedule a bit.

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Create an Editorial Calendar


Most major magazines like People use editorial calendars to determine what content to publish. An editorial calendar can do well for your blogging. It gives you a blueprint to work with and the ability to instantly know where you are and what’s coming soon.

You will stop constantly looking for new ideas on what to blog about, but you’ll work forward, making your blog smoother and giving you time to fix any issues that might come along the way.


You don’t have to do everything yourself. Many bloggers are happy to host guest posts on someone else’s page in exchange for a backlink to their site. By collecting posts from many other bloggers, you will greatly expand your blog’s reach through the power of their networks. Every post you publish on your blog would be additional content, even if you didn’t write it.