How To Auto Comment On Instagram

How to Auto Comment On Instagram (Insta Auto Commentor)

How to Auto Comment On Instagram (Insta Auto Commentor)

Instagram has over 2 billion global users. At least 110 million of these are based in the United States.

Interestingly, it’s used more by women than men. 

However, what the figures really tell you is that this is a huge market and you need to be tapping into it.

Whether you’re running a business or promoting yourself as a brand, you need to have a presence on Instagram.

Of course, you’ll be competing with hundreds or even thousands of others for attention. It can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

You need to focus on followers and comments, the more followers you have the bigger your presence and the better for your brand. 

The difficult part can be attracting more followers, you need your account to appear in front of as many people as possible.

The best way to do this is to have comments on your account, posted by others. 

Instagram sees this and identifies your account as popular, increasing the number of people that see it and, therefore, increasing the number of views and followers you get.

But, you can’t add comments to your own posts. 

Instead, you have to make more people aware of your account, encouraging them to post on your account.

The simplest way to do this is to use an Instagram auto commenter. 

Now all you have to do is learn how to auto comment on Instagram!

What Is Auto Comment?


The simplest way to auto comment on Instagram is to use a third-party app.

As the name suggests, it will allow you to automatically make comments on other users’ posts.

That saves you a lot of time. More importantly, it makes them aware, or reminds them of your account.

Other people will see the posts you have commented on and become more aware of you. 

It works exceptionally well if you post a comment on a very popular account and people can see you know what you are talking about.

This will lead to some of them looking at your account, potentially becoming followers and posting comments on your Instagram account.

In short, the more you engage with others the more they are likely to engage with you. 

How To Auto Comment On Instagram

As mentioned, the best Instagram auto commentators are third-party apps.

One, Phantombuster, stands out as particularly good. 

Introducing Phantombuster

Phantombuster Instagram Auto Commenter

Phantombuster first launched in 2016. It was designed to improve data scraping and automation when using various apps on the internet.

The app has become hugely popular and is now well-known and respected.

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While its data scraping capabilities are excellent, your main concern is its ability to automate actions, specifically Instagram comments

The best part about this app is that it’s flexible. You can choose which posts to auto comment on and which you want to manually post on. 

It’s worth noting that the app is cloud-based, avoiding you from using all your device memory while using it.

Its primary roles are:

  • Automatically post comments on other Instagram posts per your URLs
  • Randomly post comments from a custom list
  • Create a CSV file, allowing you to track your progress

Phantombuster allows you to create a spreadsheet. This defines which accounts want to comment on and what sort of comments you want to make.

The spreadsheet can be edited and updated whenever you like. 

Once it’s completed, Phantombuster will use the information to automatically post comments for you.

It’s not necessary to do anything else other than monitor the results.

You should avoid allowing your Instagram auto commentator to post more than 80 comments a day.

This will attract the attention of Instagram and they do not approve of the use of third-party apps. 

It’s also a good idea to limit the number of comments as this will ensure your results build slowly, helping to keep your account looking authentic. 

Phantombuster has over 100 phantoms and flows, that’s the name given to each type of action the app offers. It’s worth taking a look at what’s on offer.

It won’t just help you boost brand awareness on Instagram. It can help you extract data from Instagram and other sites.

Specifically, email addresses, IP addresses, documents, and even phone numbers. 

Everything is stored in the cloud via CSV or JSON, making it accessible anywhere in the world with an internet

Getting Started With Phantombuster

The first step is to visit the Phantombuster website and create an account.

You can do this via a free 14-day trial, you simply need your email address, to create a password, and then add your Instagram URL.

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No payment details are required. 

You can choose 5 phantoms and use them for two hours a day.

Once you’re happy with the results you can sign up for the starter package and access 5 phantoms, including auto comments, for 20 hours a month.

You’ll get first class customer support, available 24/7 via live chat, and it costs just $48 a month.

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There are other options, depending on your needs.

The most expensive package is $399 a month for a team package. 

Once you’ve created your account and allowed Phantombuster access to your Instagram URL, you can start using the Instagram auto commentator. 

  • Connect to Instagram via Phantombuster
  • Look at the Instagram accounts you’re following or would like to post on
  • Add the relevant URLs to Phantombuster 
  • Set your daily post limit
  • Hit start and Phantombuster will auto comment on the selected posts. 
  • Review the automatically created CSV file to see how successful your automated comments are

Of course, you can take this a step further with the Phantombuster automatic hashtag commentator.

This allows you to select hashtag phrases.

Phantombuster will search Instagram for anyone using that phrase or word and add an auto comment. 

It’s worth noting that Phantombuster has a random comment option.

Using this means that you won’t be posting the same comment time after time to each account. 

You can choose between random comments or you can create your own comments. These will be posted to all selected posts.

Naturally, you can change the comments regularly but it means you’ll still spend time creating comments. 

That’s something you’re trying to avoid. 

Alongside using random comments you should consider how regularly you will be posting.

When you first start using Phantombuster it’s recommended to keep posts down to 10-20 and only do them every 2-3 days. 

After a short period, you can increase the number within reason and the regularity.

Doing it this way will avoid causing any issues with Instagram. 

Linking In Your Auto Commentator

The Phantombuster package gives you five phantoms. Alongside auto commentating you should try the aforementioned automatic hashtag commentator.

It’s also a good idea to use the Instagram auto follow, auto like and auto read. 

Instagram Followers Auto Follower

The auto follower phantom will generate a list of Instagram accounts that should be of interest to you. It will then automatically follow them.

The aim is to increase others’ awareness of your brand. 

You can still unfollow any accounts you don’t like. 

Auto Read

A key part of building your followers and brand awareness is connecting with other Instagram accounts.

Posting on them and watching/reading their posts prompts them to do the same for you. 

However, it takes time to watch or read every post. Phantombuster offers you a phantom that will automatically read all the posts for you.

That keeps your engagement up and should persuade them to do the same.

Remember, Instagram looks at your popularity to increase your exposure, the more popular you appear the better. 


Is Phantombuster Legal & Safe? 

It is legal to use a third-party app to post comments on Instagram.

However, Instagram, along with other social media sites, doesn’t like people using third-parties apps on their sites. 

That means, if they catch you using a third-party app they may suspend or even close your account. 

Phantombuster is designed to operate without being detected.

That’s why you should avoid overposting.

The good news is Phantombuster is completely safe to use. It has been in business for over 7 years and has an excellent reputation.

Because reputations take a long time to build but can be destroyed in minutes, Phantombuster is invested in maintaining its reputation. 

That means you’ll get the best possible service and all queries will be dealt with promptly. 


It’s essential to remember Instagram algorithms are looking for people trying to cheat the system and boost brand awareness faster.

For that reason, you need to be careful that you are not posting lots of comments but not getting many back.

When that happens Instagram assumes your content has little value and will show it to fewer people. That’s the opposite of what you want.  

What To Avoid When Looking For An Automatic Instagram Commentator

Phantombuster offers a free trial. However, after the trial has expired you’ll need to pay for their service.

That can make it tempting to look at other options. 

However, while there are plenty of other third-party apps, you need to proceed with caution. 

Fake Accounts

Older auto post bots generally used fake Instagram accounts to make comments on your posts, effectively lifting your popularity in the eyes of Instagram.

Unfortunately, Instagram users picked up on this and they will frequently call out anyone doing so.

In short, using fake accounts means you’re likely to get a bad reputation on Instagram.

That will seriously damage your brand awareness campaign.

Data Stealing

Dubious quality auto commentators may simply be mining you for financial information and not helping to boost your Instagram profile.

They can then sell the data file or even use the information to perform identity theft. 

Summing Up

Instagram is extremely popular and that doesn’t seem likely to change in the near future.

That means, you need to be active on Instagram. 

Making the most of your account and building brand awareness takes time and the right strategy.

Learning how to auto comment on Instagram is an important part of that strategy. 

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It allows your account to be seen by more people and, with the right comments, it will boost the number of genuine comments on your account. 

Just remember to monitor your progress and adjust your auto comments regularly, or use the random option. 

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.