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How Technology Has Helped the Finance Industry

Without technology, the finance industry wouldn’t be where it is today. There are all sorts of technologies that can help with personal and business finance.

Some of the main ones that have particularly helped the financial industry are bank loans, AI, and biometrics.

Whether you’re looking to find out about some new technology to use or to generally improve your business finances, you will benefit from some of these technologies… 

Bank and Lenders Are Offering More Accessible and Streamlined Services

After the Covid-19 pandemic, many are suffering from less money and a drop in sales within their business.

Well, not everybody, some have grown their companies due to the pandemic.

Depending on your situation and job, you might be looking for a financial boost or money to invest in other businesses. 

If you are in need of some extra money for your personal life you can find no credit check loans, these are aimed at those who can pay them back but don’t have a great credit score.

It’s usually important to have a reliable credit score when borrowing money but some companies are more flexible, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

More Opportunity and Insights for Investors 

The financial industry has improved due to the investments many people are continuing to make.

There are lots of investment insight companies popping up that help people make responsible investment decisions. 

Joining an investment network can be advantageous if you want to find human insights and invest in stocks and shares.

Sometimes these will be free but commonly you will need to pay a monthly fee as you are getting valuable statistics that would take a long time to find if you’re researching yourself. 


AI for Finance 

AI has helped the financial industry by speeding up processes, those using artificial intelligence will reap the benefits.

Accurate assessment of potential borrowers at lower costs can help decision-making. It’s crucial for financial services to make informed decisions about their clients, customers, and generally their target audiences.

This will mean lenders can see the difference between high-risk and worthy clients.

AI can be used in lots of different industries and will likely result in a boost in finance, depending on what you are using it for. 

New Debit Cards Offer Money Manager Services

Some bank cards now offer money manager services that enable customers to track where and when they are spending money.

This type of technology is ideal for the financial industry and peoples personal finance so they can keep track of their spending. 

Most banks have applications you can download on your phone so a notification will pop up when you spend something on your card.

Putting your money into different categories can be satisfying and useful. Online banking isn’t exactly new but it is another technology that has helped the financial industry.  


Another technology that has helped the financial industry is biometrics. They provide access control and identity authentication within computer science.

Biometrics can be used to analyse people’s unique characteristics, including behavioural and physical.

This type of technology can be used in a few different industries but commonly to identify people who are under surveillance. 

Increasing Security Online

An increase in cybersecurity technology is a perk for those who use finance services online, like banking.

The more work that goes into stopping cyber attacks and hacks, the more comfortable people will feel using online websites or phone applications for financial reasons. 

woman holding a card

Voice Technology Is Helping the Financial Industry

Voice technology is now being used for identification on banking phone applications, usually alongside face recognition.

This is one technology that will be developed in the future so keep your eyes peeled to see this coming into action.

Our voices are powerful and unique, so they can be a useful way to identify us. 

What Does the Finance Industry Include? 

When analysing the financial industry it can be difficult to define exactly what is included, but it primarily consists of key areas including banking, accountancy, financial planning, insurance, investments, pensions, and real estate.

These are the largest sectors and the ones that have been influenced by different types of technology. 

Technology has helped the finance industry boom in many ways and if you have a business yourself you might want to research some of these technologies in more depth.

The finance industry relies on investments and banking to keep it steady.

Keep an eye on new technologies if you are interested in this sector, you will notice how useful they are for finance, whether it’s online or offline.