Growthoid Reviews & 5 Alternatives
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Growthoid Reviews


Are you considering Growthoid for your Instagram growth? Before you buy, make sure you check out these user reviews and take them into consideration.

“Growthoid is the first service I’ve found where they do everything manually. I’ve been with them 3 weeks and I have had more followers already.”

”I’ve been burnt before from services which either didn’t work or closed down as soon as I paid for them (Instagress!). Everything is going to plan and my manager is great to work with. I’m going to add a second account with them soon.”

“I couldn’t find any reviews of Growthoid when I signed up (I think they were a new company), but I’m glad I did! They are true professionals and the staff really look after our brand on Instagram. I’m writing this review because there were no reviews before and I want people to know about their service. Thank you.”

I’m sure you’ll agree – Growthoid is awesome, and their user reviews back this up.

In an industry like Instagram marketing, it’s important to know the lay of the land before you pick your go-to third party to help you with the engagement side of things.

Growthoid Growth

There are some great companies out there like Growthoid, but a lot of the time it’s not a one size fits all scenario. This means that while one company may fit one Instagram user because of their niche, it may not be so good for someone else.

This is why it’s good to keep an open mind and find a few of the best that are out there, so you can try them out and pick the one that’s best for your Instagram.

Let’s take a look at some worthwhile alternatives to Growthoid.

First Look at Growthoid Alternatives

Best Overall: Stellation Media

“Stellation Media has everything I need and look for in an Instagram marketing service. They know that it takes more than a few basic features to do well online with your brand – and they offer them all.”

Best Budget: Follow Adder

“Follow Adder has not only been around since the very beginning, but they are also established enough now with their customers to offer competitive price points. Why would I go elsewhere when they have exactly what I need at an affordable price?”

Safest: Upleap

“Safety is important to me when deciding which Instagram marketing company to use for my Instagram growth. Upleap made me feel like my account and its community was secure, safe, and valuable to them.”

Best Newcomer: Trusy

“I’ve had bad experiences with Instagram marketing companies and wanted to find one that was new and hadn’t been around for too long. Trusy did not disappoint when it came to their pricing and features.”

Best Reputation: Combin

“Not only does Combin help my Instagram account growth quickly and safely, but they also help thousands of other Instagram users as well, which is why they’ve now got a great reputation in the industry.”

Growthoid Alternatives (Our Reviews)

1. Best Overall: Stellation Media

Our review of Stellation Media meant that we had no choice but to put it at the top of our list of Growthoid alternatives.

This is because they have appeared to have outdone themselves in all aspects of their business, from the safety of their clients to their affordable price points and a wide variety of features.

We applaud a company like this for taking on so many different facets of the Instagram marketing industry and being prepared to help their customer all the way through from their website to their online engagement on social media.

Stellation Media knows what it takes to build a following online.

2. Best Budget: Follow Adder

Not only has Follow Adder been around forever, but they’ve also kept their price points nice and low so that you don’t have to feel like you’re being taken advantage of.

There are so many different ways that Follow Adder can help you with your engagement growth, from creating competitions on your page to inviting people to like and engage with your content.

One thing we love particularly about Follow Adder is that they’re committed to leaving a lot of the execution up to the customer – so if you’re someone who likes to be in the know and even enjoys executing the tasks surrounding your engagement, you’re going to want to check out these guys.

3. Safest: Upleap

When we reviewed Upleap, we were surprised to see just how seriously they take the safety of their customers and the service that they provide them.

Not only can you try them out for free with their three-day trial, but they also make sure not to take your credit card information when you do so, which means that there’s’ no obligation to sign up for their services if the trial doesn’t prove to fit well with your brand.

We also love that Upleap offers a personal account manager for every one of their clients who can work closely with them to achieve the best engagement strategy possible.

They don’t want to be a stranger when you sign up – they want you to feel like you’re being looked after in every way possible.

4. Best Newcomer: Trusy

In a crowded market like this one, it’s not easy to begin a brand new Instagram marketing company and build up a reputation that’s going to convince people to try you out.

When we reviewed Trusy, we were a little skeptical because a lot of the time, if things are looking too good to be true, then they probably are.

However, we couldn’t have been more wrong and think that Trusy has earned the title of ‘best newcomer.’ While they’ve had a few companies to compete against, they haven’t wasted any time proving themselves to be the kind of company you want on your side.

They’re a great option if you’re looking for something a little bit newer than the more established options.

5. Best Reputation: Combin

Combin has a great reputation, which was evident when it came for us to review them.

While they have many of the basic features you can expect to find with an Instagram bot, they have made sure to keep them all consistent and reliable, which is why it’s easy for us to give them the title of ‘best reputation.’

They have a league of dedicated customers that think Combin is a great option for Instagrammers’ engagement if Growthoid isn’t your cup of tea.

Try out Combin if reputation is a big deal for you, and you need to be able to find someone you can rely on for your Instagram marketing.

Our Review Process

When we review companies like the ones on our list above, we take our time and make sure that we’re thorough and sure of ourselves.

This is why we look at over 75 Instagram marketing companies and read over 500 reviews from customers, both negative and positive.

With companies like the ones on our list of the best Growthoid alternatives, you can feel confident knowing that your Instagram engagement is in good hands.

Review Summary


With companies like the ones on our list of the best Growthoid alternatives, you can feel confident knowing that your Instagram engagement is in good hands.

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