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9 Gaming Apps To Improve Your Memory And Concentration

Life is full of stresses and pressures that can have an unpleasant or counterproductive effect on your state of mind and natural mental abilities. We are asked to perform at work and school; we are given tasks to take care of during work or class hours and often more to do after hours as well.

We also need to bring something to the table in our social lives; we have to show up for our partners, families, and friends while at the same time being there for ourselves and making time to rest and restore our strength. All of this can build up and lead to you being less present and capable than you would usually be.

Some people handle this stress by speaking to a therapist, some by spending time in nature, and some turn to hobbies like gaming for a bit of relief. Gaming not only offers you a break from everything around you, but it also helps to hone your concentration and memory retention so that you are better able to handle the stress that life throws at you.

Playing in an online casino can be an excellent way to get a little “me time” in, or you could try some side scrollers or maybe a fantasy game. If none of those tickle your fancy, we’ve got a list of nine gaming apps that can help to train your brain a little while you’re relaxing. Read on for the details!

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Fit Brains Trainer

As the name implies, Fit Brains is here to train your brain. The ten sets of games available in the app all work on different aspects of brain training and aim to improve your concentration and memory. You can’t just start anywhere, though; you’ll need to start and finish one task in a given category every day. The app will help track your process using a colorful graph.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

Neuroscientists had a hand in the development of the CogniFit Brain Fitness app, so you know it’s gotta be good! This app stands out because you don’t have to play through it alone; you can challenge friends who have the app to rounds to see whose brain is the fittest!

Your memory and attention span will improve without you even realizing it if you use the app for long enough. The app figures out where you are and offers the difficulty level to you. It also makes recommendations based on the result of the exercise you’ve just done. You only need 20-30 minutes a week to see a measured improvement.


Lumosity offers its users three different games in each session. This switches things up to help train your brain because you never know what the app is going to throw at you next! You need to complete these three games in a timely fashion because you play against a clock each time you play. Stretch out your problem-solving mental muscles because you’re going to need them.

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An app with a name like Happify immediately sounds fun and welcoming. Happify offers loads of different polls, quizzes, and games, as well as a gratitude journal for you to record what you’re thankful for.

This stops you from feeling like all you have in your life is problems and helps reset your mindset a little to appreciate the good stuff. Taking note of gratitude helps bring positivity to your day and improves your overall outlook.

Clockwork Brain

While Clockwork Brain isn’t that different from some of the other apps we have on our list, the old-timey interface is an interesting change. Each time you’re ready to play a new game, a little gold robot will walk onto the screen to give you the info on what you need to do.

Relief Link

Relief Link wasn’t always considered a brain training app. When it was first developed, it was intended to be used as a suicide prevention tool. The app tracks moods by asking the user questions about several different aspects of their mental health.

At times when the user is highly stressed out, the app provides coping mechanisms, including pre-recorded mindfulness moments as well as music for exercise and relaxation. The app also features a chart advising the user if specific points are checked that indicate they may need to visit a therapist.


If you like to figure out challenging riddles and sort through the appearance of optical illusions, then Braingle is the app for you! The app’s reaction and memory-based test features set Bringle apart a little, and it has a social aspect as you can play against friends and loved ones to see whose brain is better trained.

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Personal Zen

As the name implies, Personal Zen is a very chilled-out, relaxed app for helping you stay mellow. If you need a little less stress and anxiety in your life, then this app was made for you! You follow the journey of two cute little characters through a vast field; the calming images go a long way toward reducing stress. You should use the app for at least ten minutes daily to see results.

Not The Hole Story

This is another game for those who love a good riddle. The easy-to-use interface functions like you’re reading a book and offers several puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty. Don’t worry too much if you get stuck along the way; you do get hints! If you give up, the answer will be revealed.

Wrap Up

Try these great apps for a little relaxation and brain training.