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Froxy Review & Coupon – A Top-Tier Proxy Service? (2023)

Well, today seems to be your lucky day since in this review we’ve got exactly what you need. Cue Froxy, a top-tier proxy service.
Froxy Review – A Top-Tier Proxy Service

Extracting various data is a crucial, albeit difficult task. Data experts know this too well, along with the rest of us scraping-enthusiasts.

Without a superb tool, getting all the relevant information you need is next to impossible.

Well, today seems to be your lucky day since in this review we’ve got exactly what you need. Cue Froxy, a top-tier proxy service.

Scraping data over the Internet without a good proxy service is doomed from the start.

Depending on your sources, you are likely to encounter counter-measures that grind your activities to a halt or outright prevent you from accessing any relevant data.

Fortunately, there are services that can help you with these measures, and Froxy is one such service. Let’s review them.

Froxy Review 2023

Using a very broad arsenal of top-quality whitelisted IPs, Froxy can help your efforts by navigating them through access points that you would not be able to use otherwise.

By dodging various web filters via these whitelisted IPs you can safely scrape data, do various research, and unblock all types of content online.

Naturally, everything remains secure and private as Froxy guarantees total anonymity with a strong network-side IP extraction protection.

A bright start for a proxy service this early in the review? Let’s dive in a bit deeper for more details.

What’s Froxy?

If you haven’t heard of Froxy before, that is because the company was founded in September 2021.

Launched by an Estonian software developer team, Wergames OU, Froxy has quickly established growing communities of users in the United States, as well as in Russia.

Froxy offers a slew of products and services at affordable prices in the domain of digital software and proxy industry.

Residential and mobile proxies, to name a few, are available and come with traffic allocations from across the world.

In fact, the proxy pool service comes with more than 200 geolocations that you can pick from! In addition to this, Froxy’s uptime rate is 99.9%, guaranteed!

This ensures stable data-scraping and other tasks that you can perform around the clock without fears of the proxy link potentially failing.

When it comes to customer support, Froxy maintains a professional and dedicated technical support.

After all, displaying extraordinary software prowess wouldn’t matter that much if the logistics performed poorly, right?

To conclude the general first impression, Froxy seems as a service that is an all-in-one pack that you only need to set up and start your data-scraping and access-providing services within minutes.

How and what exactly does Froxy offer? This wouldn’t be a proper review without this info, so let’s dig deeper into its features.


Huge IP Pool

How many IPs fit Froxy’s IP pool to make it “huge”? The answer is more than eight million whitelisted IPs! This vast number of addresses makes your online activities IP leak-proof and ensures that you remain completely anonymous.

Furthermore, Froxy sources them from mobile networks across the globe, all from premium ISPs.

Real IP Leak Protection

Safety and privacy are paramount to certain online activities, and these most definitely include data-scraping and removing obstacles to blocked content.

A proper proxy service does not protect your real IP address *most* of the time – it keeps you safe and anonymous *at all times* and at any cost.

Even when your own connection to the Internet isn’t the most stable, which is achieved by securing server proxies with anti-leaking measures.

Tracking your real identity while using Froxy is going to be a nightmarish challenge for everyone who attempts it!

Session Control

With Froxy, you are given control over the sessions, which means that you get to pick whether you will go with auto-rotate or sticky IPs.

Auto-rotation means that the software automatically re-wires you towards the next IP. With sticky IPs, your IP gets switched for another only after a predefined period of time has elapsed.

This period is capped at 1 hour at most, which is more than enough for most activities that require a single IP.

It should also be noted that the system reduces breaks and interruptions by swapping the current address when the internet protocol currently in use goes offline.

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No Limit on the Number of Sessions

Froxy has never introduced a limit on the number of connections that you as a user can use from the given pool.

Every IP address from the pool is available at all times for you to hook onto. The direct result of this policy is the virtual elimination of the chance of getting banned by increasing the efficiency of the rotation policy.

As a counter-balance to this, the bandwidth of Froxy is limited in every available plan. The limit is reasonable, though, and the stability of the network does more than compensate for this bandwidth limit.

Geolocation & Targeting

Froxy Geotargeting

Geolocation is one of the shiniest points in the general Froxy sparkle. In fact, committing geo-targeted actions beats most other contenders in the industry. How come?

First of all, Froxy allows you to pick any area from a choice of more than 220 countries and territories.

From that point onwards, you will gain access to randomized rotating proxies that belong to the specified locations.

How does it feel to unlock the world, at least in its digital form? Never again will you be prevented from accessing a locally-targeted content.

The precision of Froxy’s targeting goes even further down to the level of ISP. Also, you can switch forts and servers within the service to streamline and optimize the process.

Data of the world at the palm of your hand! Nice work, Froxy. 

Safety & Security

All Froxy servers rely on HTTPS for encryption of traffic going between online resources and your device.

Even if other Internet users decide to hack into your Internet link, very little data would be available for them to read.

Handling private and sensitive information will therefore be much less stressful for you. At least it is for us.

Froxy uses SOCKS5 network protocol to up the level of safety by requiring login information to gain use of the proxy service.

The protocol also optimizes your connectivity to enhance performance and make it more stable over time. In other words, this means reduced packet loss and more reliable data collection.

As a personal touch to dedicated protection of your online identity, you have at your disposal the option to use IP-based whitelisting in order to establish a list of allowed IPs.

This prohibits access to unapproved users and other devices to your proxies. 

Speed of Proxies

The speed of Froxy meets the standards of the industry and does not lag behind its competitors.

Uploads will be done quickly, while download and latency speeds may require some patience.

Even if you find quicker speeds among competition, remember that Froxy is an all-in-one package and most likely beats it in other aspects.

Froxy speeds go around 1.5Mbps for an average download time, uploads go at 6.0Mbps, and latency tends to stick around 300ms.

These speeds are ideal for web scraping, and any real lack of speed may pop out when handling large-sized files in repositories and data banks.

Proxy Services

This part of the review is reserved for analyzing Froxy’s proxy services, so here we go!

Residential Proxies

Froxy Residential

The most sought-after product of Froxy is undoubtedly the residential rotating proxies.

It consists of gateways sourced directly from the trusted Internet service providers (ISPs), and data traffic via these channels flows through most daily-used devices such as desktop computers and laptops. 

Everything mentioned above in the features comes together with this residential proxies package.

The plan gives users access to unique IPs directly connected to real networks all over the world.

As a user, you are free to ping to any location that you can think of, and these residential proxies have no limits on the number of parallel connections that you can establish.

The only downside is that Froxy has a limit on bandwidth that goes between 3GB to 1TB per month.

In the case of your allocated bandwidth running out, you will have to replenish the package or upgrade it to keep using residential proxies.

Mobile Proxies

Froxy Mobile Proxies

Unlike residential proxies, mobile proxies establish connections between portable devices such as tablets and smartphones, most commonly via cellular networks.

Froxy has harnessed the expertise of their team to enable their software to bypass firewalls, making accessing data a piece of cake.

Just like with residential proxies, your bandwidth is limited to somewhere between 1GB and 50GB, depending on your package.

However, the millions of 3G and 4G proxies, all checked and verified and subjected to geo-targeting for precise access, make sure that his offer is one of the most attractive offers in the industry. 

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Ease of Use

Froxy has made user-friendliness one of their goals and they have invested significant efforts at making their software accessible and easy to use.

Froxy has a simple, elegant, and intuitive dashboard with all the relevant info displayed in clear order.

You will be able to locate the tools that you need and configure proxy settings easily. Some of the options that you can tinker with are server selection, login details, and ports configuration.

The very center of the interface is reserved for the geolocation and targeting feature. In this panel you will be able to select countries, territories, areas, cities, and preferred ISPs.

Additionally, whitelisting options and IP rotation can be found just around the corner.

To make matters even more simple, the interface is laden with tips sourced directly from other users that help explain every little functionality located within the software.

This will be useful in the rare cases where you manage to get lost in the number of features available. 

Customer Support

Proper relationship with the community of users requires a solid customer support service.

Froxy does not fail to deliver! A built-in widget can be found within the app itself to establish live chats with agents during the daytime working hours.

Otherwise, you can submit a ticket and get a spot on the priority list as soon as they start working again.

Work days only, though, as their customer service is limited on weekends. However, an experienced crew, helpful personnel, and professional service bridges this gap and makes the service A-class.

Pricing Plans

Froxy Pricing

Pricing plans for Froxy go like this:

  • Mobile proxies – from $40 per month. 
  • Residential proxies – from $45 per month.

With a solid quality-price ratio, Froxy stands firmly in the averages of the standard of the community when it comes to prices.

You can also opt for a $1.99 3-day trial and try out the service before committing to anything.

However, one of the perks of reading this review is that you get a unique 30% OFF when buying any of the monthly packages by using this link <insert link>.

The only thing that you have to do is punch in the following code: earthweb_froxy_30. This discount is valid with one-time purchases and not annual plans, trials, or enterprise plans.

Froxy accepts credit cards, Webmoney, and PayPal as forms of payment.

In addition to this, though, Froxy further increases its versatility by accepting payment in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, as well as altcoins such as Litecoin and Ether.

Review Conclusion

With everything taken into account it can be stated that, without doubt, Froxy stands for a top-tier proxy service.

It has everything that you could possibly need for everyday tasks that require removing blocks on free access, data-scraping, and precise targeting of any geographical location.

It is easy to use, easy to configure, has a vast pool of IPs, and sturdy security policies. Oh, and let’s not forget the amiable customer service!

The only reason you might opt for something else is if you require significantly larger bandwidths than those provided in the plans.

However, this limit on bandwidth does not remove the spotlight from more than eight million verified and high-quality IPs.

Froxy is more than decent–it is excellent.

However, no one requires you to place blind trust into this review, just take the trial version and see for yourself! If it suits you after all, you can thank us later.