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If you have ever tried to figure out how to cop sneakers from footsites like Footlocker, ChampSports, Finishline, or Eastbay, then you will know that you need a proxy if you want to jump the line and get ahead of everyone.

Without a proxy, you can’t manage more than one account at the same time, which means that you can’t cop more than one pair of sneakers at the same time. If you are a big sneakerhead and you get a lot of your sneakers from online websites, then a proxy is a must-have.

Today, we’re going to talk about what we think are the best proxies for copping sneakers from footsites. Let’s give them a review.

First Look

Best of the Best: SSL Private Proxy

“My favorite proxy for copping sneakers from Footsites is SSL Private Proxy. They have an extensive range of proxies, and they always make sure that they are optimized for my sneaker copping, so that I hardly ever miss out on my favorite ones.”

Second Best: High Proxies

“I like High Proxies for copping sneakers from Footsites because they like to keep things simple, yet effect. I don’t know all that much about copping sneakers from websites out there, which is why I need the help of a company that can do the heavy lifting.”

Third Best: Blazing SEO Proxies

“One of the things that I love the most about Blazing SEO Proxies is that they understand that my proxy needs go beyond just copping sneakers from footsites. They can help with all of my online activity, so that I don’t have to go anywhere else.”

Fourth Best: Smartproxy

“I fully believe that Smartproxy has some of the best sneakers for copping from Footsites, and if you go onto their website you will see all of the positive reviews that existing clients like myself have left. I feel confident in their ability to help me.”

Best for Diversity: Shifter

Shifter embodies what it means to be a great proxy, because they have a lot of proxies to choose from and all of them are going to help me with my online activity, whatever that looks like. I love that they can help me with a diverse range of proxies.”

Best for Being Tested: GeoSurf

“Geosurf has been there for me when it comes to my proxy needs since the beginning, which is why I think that they are a solid contender for one of the best. They always help their clients no matter what, and honestly I think they’re the best company when it comes to getting your sneakers from Footsites.”

Best Footsite Proxies

Best of the Best: SSL Private Proxy


The thing about copping your sneakers online is that you want to make sure you go for a proxy that is going to keep you safe.

This is why we recommend that you avoid shared proxies and those that you get from a database, as this is just going to risk your personal information being stolen and losing your place in line.

With companies like SSL Private Proxy, they can solve this problem straight away. Not only do they offer their clients dedicated IP addresses, but they offer them in multiple cities, subnets, and they even randomize them every month, so there’s absolutely no risk of being found out for using an IP address that isn’t your own to cop your sneakers from footsites.

They offer 100 threads per proxy, and honestly, we think that their pricing is some of the best out there, especially considering the quality of their proxies. As well as having dedicated IP addresses, they offer virgin options as well, which means that nobody has used them before. They support HTTP, and HTTPS, and have a high level of anonymity.

Second Best: High Proxies

High Proxies

High Proxies is an excellent proxy provider for those of you who are wanting to cop sneakers from footsites because they are not only highly anonymous, but they are based in the US.

The majority of footsites that you will want to cop your sneakers from will also be based in the US, so this is a great advantage.

They say that all of their proxies are configured for reliability, high anonymity, and security, and they also offer VPNs as well. Their dedicated proxies aren’t shared with anyone else, which means that they are only assigned to one user.

One of the things that we like a lot about this proxy company is that their setup process is free, and they also come with 24/7 live support. Their dedicated IP addresses are completely exclusive, and they even offer virgin options.

Third Best: Blazing SEO Proxies

Blazing SEO Proxies

Blazing SEO Proxies offers its clients unlimited threads, unmetered bandwidth, and great pricing.

They support HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS, and they say that their proxies are some of the best private options on the market especially when it comes to copping your sneakers from footsites.

They say that each and every one of their proxies come with really quick network lines, and they even offer their clients proxy authentication as well as competitive pricing. If anything goes wrong with the proxy that you are using from them, they offer their clients free automatic replacements, and a huge range of other options in their database as well.

If you ever get in trouble with any of their proxies, they are right there to help you with world-class customer support, and you can choose from 14 different countries. Lastly, they offer new clients a free 2-day trial, so that you can get to know them before you commit to anything.

Fourth Best: Smartproxy


Smartproxy is honestly one of the best residential proxies out there when it comes to copping from footsites.

Of course, they have had a lot of experience in the sneaker proxy market, and they also have really good location coverage, which is always nice.

This means that you can target locations where a lot of footsite websites are hosted, and you can certainly expect security and reliability with each and every one of their proxies.

If this isn’t the kind of experience you have with them for some reason, you can ask for your money back within three days of subscribing.

They have more than 40 million IP addresses in their pool, which are spread around 195 different locations. Their bandwidth begins at 5 gigabytes, and their features are going to cost you $75 a month, which we think is pretty reasonable.

Best for Diversity: Shifter


Shifter offers its clients one of the biggest residential IP address pools in the world, with more than 26 million options.

They have been doing their thing since 2012, so we are pretty confident at this point that they know what they’re doing.

They have found some of the best residential proxies out there for footsites, and one of the things that we love the most about this proxy website is that they will change their proxy for you every 10 minutes.

This means that there is no way you are going to get caught or found out for using a proxy. They have locations around the world, and an unlimited bandwidth. The only downside that we can see to this proxy company for footsites is that they are a little on the expensive side, costing $129 a month.

However, if you have it in the budget to afford something like this, we highly recommend that you do so.

Best for Being Tested: GeoSurf


GeoSurf is one of those residential proxy companies that has been trusted and tested by sneaker copping professionals for a long time now.

They might seem a little bit expensive to you right now, but the reality is that they get the job done perfectly, which means that you can use them to cop sneakers from all kinds of different footsites out there without worrying about getting your accounts banned.

They also offer proxies that can be found in almost all the best locations in the world. We love that their location ranges are worldwide, and we also love that they have over 2.5 million IP addresses in the database. Their bandwidth allowance starts at 38 gigabytes, but here is the biggest downside: they are going to cost you $450 a month.

Again, this is definitely one of the most expensive for footsite proxies out there, but if you can stretch your budget to this, we don’t think that you will regret it.

Our Review Process

When we review companies like the ones above, we make sure to do our homework. We know that there are a lot of footsite proxies out there that can make a real difference to you copping sneakers online, but we also know that there are plenty out there that can’t as well.

This is why we go through at least 132 footsite proxies and read through upwards of 213 customer testimonials. We look at both good and bad things about these companies, so we can give you an impartial review of what we think are the best ones.

Don’t forget to check out any free trials on offer, and good luck copping your sneakers online!

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