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FollowLiker is one of those diverse social media marketing tools that can help you across all different channels. This is great if your brand is spread out.

What we’re going to focus on today, though, is Instagram. We all know how vital Instagram engagement is these days to stand out, and we all know how important it is to find the right Instagram growth service to keep you afloat. While Followliker is a good option, there are some excellent alternatives out there that we recommend keeping up your sleeve.

It’s an unstable industry at the moment, and you never know when you’ll need to look elsewhere for help with your engagement. Let’s review some legitimate Followliker alternatives for your Instagram engagement.

If you use a bot or service with 2 or more Instagram accounts then you will want to use an Instagram proxy because there is always a risk of being banned otherwise.

First Look at FollowLiker Alternatives

1. Best of the Best: Growthoid

“What I like most about Growthoid is that they’re honest. A lot of companies out there have a knack of just trying to sell you their service without my consequence. Growthoid says from the beginning that they want to keep your account and its engagement real. That’s enough for me.”

2. Best Runner-Up: Stellation Media

“With my brand the size that it is, I need a company I can trust to help me with all kinds of different aspects, not just my Instagram engagement. Stellation Media is that company – in fact, I challenge you to find another company out there that has the same caliber of features for these prices.”

3. Best for Being New: Trusy

“It’s difficult to trust someone that’s new to the scene, but as soon as I handed over the controls to Trusy, I knew that I had done something good. Trusy has wasted very little time building up a brand that is both reputable and reliable. I know that they have my best interests at heart.”

4. Best for Being Old: Follow Adder

“While older companies usually have the best reputations, it’s hard for them to stand the test of time as new ones come out. I have never faltered from my faith in Follow Adder. They have seen my Instagram through all kinds of different situations, so I feel that I can trust them completely.”

5. Best for Safety: Jarvee

“When it comes to my brand on Instagram and its reputation, safety is paramount. Instagram has been on the lookout recently, which means I have struggled to find great companies that have reasonable price points. Jarvee ticks all the boxes for me and keeps my account safe at the same time.”

Top FollowLiker Alternatives

1. Best of the Best: Growthoid

Our review of Growthoid was an easy one because it’s clear to see that their intentions are good. Growthoid is for the people, by the people – they don’t want to see anyone go down because of fake engagement.

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They want to be at the helm of the real engagement movement and support their customers in getting a genuine community on Instagram. They claim on their website that they haven’t had an account gets removed because of their services, and we’re inclined to believe them.

2. Best Runner-Up: Stellation Media

Our review of Stellation Media was overwhelming – in the best way possible. There’s just nothing that Stellation Media doesn’t offer when it comes to helping with your brand. The more you cover when it comes to your social media marketing, the more successful you will be.

Stellation Media doesn’t just want you to have great engagement – they want your brand to become globally renowned. With their amazing list of features that cover everything from your website to your next email marketing campaign, this is something that you can realistically achieve in the near future.

3. Best for Being New: Trusy

As our reviewer mentioned before, it’s difficult to put your trust in newer companies initially. When an older company has worked hard to build a reputation, it’s tempting to stick with what you know.

However, sometimes going out on a limb and trying something new can pay off – and with Trusy, we think they’re worth every penny. They claim to have cracked the Instagram engagement code and judging by their customer reviews, we think that they’re seriously onto something.

4. Best for Being Old: Follow Adder

Being old sounds like being past its prime, but Follow Adder is anything but. Yes, Follow Adder is old, but they still know what it takes to create a strong, loyal following on Instagram.

Their tried and true methods have been used by customers for years now, and judging by the satisfaction ratings, they seem to be still working. We love that Follow Adder comes with a dashboard that can be used with Linux, Mac, or Windows. We also love that you can schedule upcoming posts from here, too.

5. Best for Safety: Jarvee

Not only is Jarvee one of the OGs of the Instagram marketing industry, but they also know how important it is to keep your account safe out there, too. In fact, Instagram is one of the toughest platforms when it comes to their terms and conditions, so recently, it’s been an all-out war on any type of third party company.

Jarvee, however, has managed to stay off the radar and keep its clients safe from being suspended or banned. What’s more, it comes with a dashboard just like Follow Adder – but you’ve got to have Windows to use it. If you need a safe, secure way to implement your engagement, try these guys.

Our Review Process

We take the review side of things very seriously so that when you read this list, you can trust that it’s truly the best of the best. We do this by looking at 163 social media tools and reading through more than 2600 positive and negative customer testimonials, just to make sure that we’ve got it right.

The result? Some amazing Instagram growth tools that you know you can trust, who can help you put your brand on the map and attract more people to your content.

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