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Follower Dream Review & Better Alternatives (2022)

Let’s take a look at what we think are the best Follower Dream alternatives so that you can have your pick of the crop.
Follower Dream Review and Alternatives

Follower Dream is one of those companies that describe themselves as a world-class creative service. They say that they have all the bells and whistles to turn your Instagram page around and into something that is going to be sustainable for a long time to come.

While we love Follower Dream and what they’re doing, we also think that it’s worth having other companies up your sleeve from time to time – just in case you want to do things a different way. There are a lot of companies out there that are worth your time – but then there are some that aren’t.

Let’s take a look at what we think are the best Follower Dream alternatives so that you can have your pick of the crop.

First Look

Best of the Best: Growthoid

“I think that Growthoid is the best Instagram growth service that I have found for my niche and industry. They not only care about my wellbeing, but they care about the reputation that I’ve already built around my profile.”

Second Best: Stellation Media

“I spent a lot of time looking for a company that could help me with not just Instagram growth, but with other aspects of my brand being online. I stopped looking when I found Growthoid because they have everything I need to do the job right.” 

Third Best: Upleap

“If you haven’t tried a company like Upleap before, then you should. This is the kind of company that might look a bit plain and simple on the outside, but when you realize what they offer, you’ll be as surprised as I was. They are competent and effective.” 

Best for Innovation: Task Ant

“Never before have I had as good of an experience with another company as I have with Task Ant. My hashtag game was lacking in a major way before I came across this company – now, I don’t have any issue finding the people that matter out there.”

Best for Originality: Follow Adder

“If you’re someone like me who wants to be able to build all of their social media profiles at the same time, then you need to check out Follow Adder. This company has been around for a long time, which means that they know a lot about what they’re doing.”

Best for High Quality: Trusy

“Sometimes, in my opinion, it’s worth spending a bit more to get the kind of quality that you want. I spent a lot of time finding a company who’s prices matched what they were offering in terms of features – and it wasn’t until I found Trusy that I was completely satisfied.”

Best for Variety: Media Mister

“Don’t be fooled by what Media Mister looks like. They might be simple and cheerful, but they actually hold down the fort completely when it comes to all kinds of different social media platforms. If you need a company that can help you with every aspect of social media marketing, check this out.”

Our Reviews

Best of the Best: Growthoid

How nice would it be if we could all find a company like Growthoid to help with our social media growth? Well, now you can. Growthoid is the kind of service that doesn’t scrimp on any aspect of its features.

In fact, they say that they can help you twice as effectively as other services out there, and judging by what their customers are saying about them, we’re inclined to believe them. Growthoid also offers more features than you’re probably used to as well, including direct messaging, a content scheduler, and a hashtag search generator.

Second Best: Stellation Media

We all love the idea of a company coming back time and again to deliver, despite setbacks and one of the most difficult industries online these days. Stellation Media has been through it all, and now they look pretty different from what they were when they first started all those years ago.

However, there’s a reason for this, and it’s so that they can keep up with the play, and make sure that their clients are getting the very best – and latest – out of their team. They can help you with mass story engaging, increasing your chances of doing well.

Third Best: Upleap

One of the first things that we noticed about Upleap is that they offer a free trial. While this might not seem like a big deal, you’d be amazed how few companies like this offer potential clients the chance to check out their features for free – with no strings attached.

They also promise that you won’t have to share your credit card details to benefit from the trial, which means that they can’t charge you when the trial is finished. Overall, we think that this is a great company with awesome features, reasonable pricing, and the opportunity for every client to do really well.

Best for Innovation: Task Ant

Do you think that you’ve got your hashtag game in order? Hashtags are hard than you think. Now that everyone has realized just how important they are, it’s become essential that they get their hashtag strategy in order.

However, very little people actually know how to do this, and the result is a loss of exposure, and the potential for your brand to go under on the gram. This is why we love companies like Task Ant so much.

They were actually one of the first companies out there to offer their clients a hashtag generator, which can change the way that you create your strategy.

Best for Originality: Follow Adder

How hard is it to find an Instagram growth service these days that’s not just another carbon copy of all the other ones in the industry? It just feels like they all copy one another, and they’re all offering the same thing.

Not Follow Adder, though. Follow Adder is the kind of Instagram growth service that’s been around since year one.

This means that they have built up a repertoire of features that have evolved over time to help with the ever-changing landscape of Instagram. They have great prices, and the best part is that you get to decide what their features do.

Best for High Quality: Trusy

Trusy might come across as one of those companies that charge too much and think of themselves as better than everyone else, but actually we think that they are the opposite. While they might have some expensive price points, we believe that you get what you pay for with them.

These guys offer a high-quality Instagram growth service that can help you not only get ahead with your engagement but can also help you do other things like getting your hashtag strategy sorted, too. The bottom line is that they’re a high caliber company that stands out from the crowd, and can help you stand out from the crowd as well. 

Best for Variety: Media Mister

While you might find a lot of companies claiming to help their clients grow multiple social media platforms at once, there aren’t actually too many that we know of who can pull this off to a high standard. Enter Media Mister, one of the original companies like this who know everything about approaching your social media all at once.

Media Mister loves to help its clients with all different aspects of their growth online and comes with varying features depending on which platforms you’re most focused on right now. We also think that their customer support is pretty reasonable, too.

Did You Know?

Did you know that most Instagrammers get online at least once a day? In fact, up to 63% of people who have an Instagram profile check in to see what’s happening with it every day. This is a lot of people online at once, and a great opportunity for you and your brand to expand its reach.

There aren’t too many other social media platforms out there that gets this kind of attention, so we recommend making the most of this and using Instagram to your advantage.

Our Review Process

When we take the time to determine which companies should end up on our list, we make a point of doing as much research as possible. What does this look like, the? This looks like looking through at least 322 Instagram growth companies and reading about 211 customer testimonials that highlight both great and not so great things in relation to them.

This is the only way that we can safely and confidently recommend companies like this, knowing full well that our decisions are based on information and facts in the industry. Make the most of this list today, and check out any free trials on offer.