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Flash Video Studio

Flash Video Studio is a very easy to use and powerful tool to convert most video files into Adobe Flash SWF and FLV. It produces high quality output and offers a lot of unique and useful features.

Click here to see what’s new in Flash Video Studio 4.0.

video formatSupport All Flash Video Format
All Flash Video Compression formats are supported to encode your video files:

New AVC/H264/MPEG4 video format.
Flash 8 Videos (On2 True Motion codec)
Flash 8 + Alpha
Sorenson (Flash MX)
Zip / Screen (loseless)
H264 Video encoding format gives you the best quality and very small filesize. Click here to see encoding quality comparison between H264 video vs Flash 8 video format

Flash Video Studio can convert almost every video file format.
Microsoft Windows Video Files (AVI, WMV, ASF)
MPEG Video Files (MPEG1/2/4, MPG, MPV)
Quicktime Video Files (QT, MOV)
Wireless Video Files (3GP, 3G2, IPhone MPEG4)
MPEG4 (through Quicktime)
DIVX (through AVI format)

watermark Flash 8 + Alpha with Chroma Keying Tools
The video encoded by this video format will have the alpha channel, and when this video is overlayed on top of another SWF, any objects or animations will show through in the background.

watermark Insert Events/Cue Points and Click Action
Set events/cue points within the video timeline to easily synchronize your video and flash animation using Adobe Flash authoring tools. You can also add a click action to open a website address.

watermark Add navigation chapters
You can add a list of chapter to your video which serves as shortcut to particular time in your video. Viewer can click on any of the chapter within the chapter list to jump to the relevant video time.

Subtitles/Close Captions.
It is possible to add subtitle into your video. Multi language channels are supported.

Video Control support multiple videos with Playlist
You can now publish a list of video (through batch publish) together with a playlist XML and a new navigation control which can play multiple videos through the playlist.

watermarkAdd animated logos, images, and text watermarks
You can decide when the watermark will appear, determine the position and apply a fade in/out effect.

It also supports transparent images such as PNG and GIF. You can use GIF animation to make an animated logo watermark.

controlAdd customizable movie navigation control
Choose to publish a movie with or without a navigation control. The Flash Video Studio offers a list of cool controls for both SWF and FLV video. You can customize the navigation control by turning on/off the specific button to suit your style.

video effectAdd video effects with real time preview
You can apply video effects such as: emboss, motion blur, brightness/contrast, etc. to your video and preview it instantly without rendering process.

bandwidthReal-time bandwidth and file size estimation
Flash Video Studio shows the estimated bandwidth and file size, which enables you to adjust the quality settings that suit your target bandwidth and file size in an easy and efficient way.

On-Demand Preloading
You can now make your video to load/buffer only after user click on it, just like YouTube. This way you can put as many video as you want in one page without worrying that all of them are loaded at the same time as soon as the webpage is loaded. Only the one user click will be loaded. All unloaded videos will automatically show JPEG thumbnails (customizable).

Command line interface
automate the video export process via a command line interface. Flash Video Studio allows you to pass a script file containing instruction on what video to publish and what publish settings to use.

Video range selection and quality adjustment
Flash Video Studio allows you to select a range within a video timeline to publish, so you don’t need other software to cut and trim your video files.

You can set the video quality manually or simply choose from the list of common settings such as: Dial up 56.6k, ISDN, ADSL, etc.

Batch publish and upload
Publish multiple video files at once.

Crop and Rotate
Crop and rotate the imported videos without using any other software.

Thumbnail JPEG Snapshot
You can now make a snapshot from any frame within your video as a JPEG file.

bandwidthFullscreen Video Playback
You can now add a fullscreen button to your navigation control which will play your video in a fullscreen mode

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