Flash Particle Studio
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Flash Particle Studio is a tool with which to easily and quickly create stunning flash particle effects. Start by selecting a particle effect from a library. Load a bitmap containing a shape to be used as a particle effect source. Customize the particle effect by adjusting parameters such as speed, density, color, transparency, etc. Publish as an AVI video with/without transparency, SWF/FLV file, series of PNG images.

• Select from tons of particle effects such as fire, electric, water drip, corona, aurora, light, plasma, fairy dust, matrix, smoke, etc.
More details

• Create a particle effect from any shape easily by using any shape within a bitmap file. More details

• Customize your particle effect by adjusting parameters such as density, speed, life-span, size, color, transparency, etc. Potentially you can create thousands of different varieties of particle effects. More details

• Create a looping particle effect animation which will play seamlessly in a loop. More details

• Publish as an AVI video (with/without transparency). More details

• Publish as an SWF/FLV file. More details

• Publish as a series of images (PNG/JPEG/BMP) with/without transparency. 

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