7 Essential Instagram Metrics To Measure Performance

7 Essential Instagram Metrics To Measure Performance

To stay on top of your Instagram game, you must monitor your Instagram metrics. Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites. But you may wonder, how many of your client’s Instagram followers interact with their posts? Or perhaps it’s the specific number of responses to a post? You can track your client’s social media successes and change your social media strategy based on your observations. 

To stand out among the other brands competing in the digital market, brands must have an appealing Instagram appearance. Also, to get a clearer picture of your Instagram account’s performance, you need to check and understand how to monitor its progress, from tracking Instagram metrics to calculating Instagram KPIs. 

What is Instagram Metric?

Instagram metrics give you a better idea of what to search for and where to find it. It may seem overwhelming if you are not familiar with it. However, understanding these indicators can be transformative for your brand’s success. These metrics are vital, and you may track this metric over time to get a sense of overall performance trends. Alternatively, you can calculate it for specific pieces to see what content draws the most interest from your readers.

Top 7 Instagram Metrics to Track for Success

You are growing like a social media giant if you use these seven Instagram metrics to track your progress. The most popular Instagram measure typically focuses on various engagements, but we’ll cover a range here. 

1. Follower Growth Rate

You may be excited about the number of your followers. However, this does not mean that the company is on the right track.

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Instead of focusing on its number of followers, a firm should look at how quickly they are growing. The follower growth rate is crucial, and it is evident that you are gaining and retaining followers if that growth rate is high.

2. Engagement Per Follower

When you track your engagement per follower, you can see how interested your Instagram followers are. It’s essential to compare the number of likes and comments to the audience’s size and demographics. Engagement per follower will help you decide whether your business needs an influencer. It is best to figure out your engagement metrics monthly or weekly.

3. Website Traffic

On Instagram, one good way is to add a link to your website on your IG Stories. With Instagram Insights, you can track how many times people click on your website link from your Instagram bio and stories.

It is a great way to find out how many people visit your site because of your content and what leads to sales. In the same way, you should keep track of what gets people to click on your link on the bio landing page. Then, you can see exactly how much traffic each post brings to your brand.

4. Link Clicks Per Post

After identifying the traffic and content that brings significant engagement to your Instagram, it is time for you to check and understand which specific links made people click your stories or content. The link clicks per post metrics are essential for guiding your Instagram performance and advancement in the direction you want.

It is also ideal for including profile links in the business account and must monitor. Thus, it will help you track all the people who visited your business account on Instagram and became loyal clients. However, you’ll need to optimize your business account to get the most out of this Instagram measure.

5. Comments Per Post

Unlike the “like” button, writing a comment takes time and consideration. When a reader writes a comment, it indicates that you’ve hit a chord with them. Indeed, likes on Instagram are nice, but they’re not as important as comments on boosting your following.

The quantity of comments you receive is crucial, monitor your average and see if it moves up or lower. You can note which of your posts welcome the most feedback to look for trends over time. Lastly, determine why your audience is less interested in your content if your comment count has decreased.

6. Instagram Stories Engagement

The popular Instagram stories are everybody’s favorites. How widespread and engaging your Instagram stories is one of the most important parts of Instagram marketing strategies right now. But for your Instagram stats for Stories to be compelling, you must first grow your following.

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Each Instagram story slide will have its own metrics, such as comments, views, and navigations. However, the two significant metrics to pay attention to are our views and exits. Views let you know how many different people read your story. Your story views should rise the longer you use Instagram and gain more followers.

At the same time, Exits provide a valuable indicator of what engages and disengage your audience. Try to determine why so many viewers lost interest at that particular point if you notice many exits on one slide.

7. Reach

Reach is one of the most important metrics to look at when you want to track how well your brand does on Instagram. It shows how many different unique accounts have seen your post and, by extension, how much attention and value you’re getting. So, to make more people aware of your brand and reach as many people as possible, you should focus on growing your reach on Instagram.

Written by Alan Taylor
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