Disney Plus VS Netflix: Which App To Choose For The Best Streaming Experience On A Smartphone

Disney Plus VS Netflix: Which App To Choose For The Best Streaming Experience On A Smartphone

Looking to get the best streaming experience on a smartphone? We’ve got you covered. Out of the many streaming services out there, the two most obvious choices are Netflix and Disney Plus. The question is, which one?

Whether you are looking to weigh your options or plan to make a jump to Disney Plus and cancel Netflix subscription, this guide will help you make the right choice.

At a time, Disney and Netflix were working together, but in 2019, Disney separated itself as a family-friendly streaming service. That’s why many Disney features jumped from Netflix. 

The end decision of Disney Plus vs. Netflix is completely based on your view. What we can do is show you the differences and similarities of the two that can influence your pick. Let’s dive into the features of the app to choose for the best streaming experience on a smartphone. 


When we say ‘accessibility’, we talk about the devices that support the service and countries that have access to it. Here, we have Netflix as a clear winner. Netflix is supported in more than 190 countries amongst all devices like gaming consoles, smartphones, web browsers, etc.

Disney Plus has a lesser reach and it is supported amongst all devices like gaming consoles, smart TVs, smartphones (Android and iOS), web browsers, etc.

Some new TV remotes have a built-in Netflix button for quick access. It is also possible for you to be living in a country that does not support Disney Plus. Hence, we crown the winner Netflix in accessibility and availability. 

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Content Library

The choice from this category is based on your choice of genre. If we look at Netflix, it has more than 6000 movies and TV shows. All the popular choices of shows can be found on Netflix like The Office, Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things, Squid Game, The Queen’s Gambit, Brooklynn Nine-Nine, etc.

Another impressive feature is the access to unlimited content as you can change your location for accessing foreign Netflix libraries.

Disney Plus offers five times less in quantity but has great quality movies and TV Shows. These include productions of Disney, and its subsidiaries like Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, etc. Many family-friendly and fantasy shows are found on Disney Plus like Star Wars, The Simpsons, Avatar, etc. 

We count this as a draw because of personal preference of genre.  


All great streaming services come at a price. Here are the pricing structures and options offered under each category:

  • Netflix offers 3 plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium.
    • The Basic Plan gives one screen with a standard definition, for just £5.99 / $8.99 / AU$10.99 a month. 
    • The Standard Plan gives up to two screens with HD viewing, for just £9.99 / $13.99 / AU$15.99 per month.
    • The Premium Plan gives up to four screens with 4K viewing, for just £13.99 / $17.99 / AU$19.99 a month.
  • Disney Plus only offers one plan, which gives up to four screens with HD, 4K, and HDR content to stream. It is priced at £7.99 / $7.99 / AU$11.99 a month. It also has a special bundle offer in which you can get Hulu, ESPN, and Disney Plus (all 3 services owned by Disney) priced at $13.99 per month.

The two comparable plans are Disney Plus and Netflix Premium Plan. Even so, Disney Plus is the cheaper option of the two. Hence, we crown the winner Disney Plus in price. 

Similar Features

All differences aside, there are some notable features that both services offer:

  • They both have an easy-to-use interface.
  • They both have offline watching features, meaning you can download the shows to watch later. This is most handy for on-the-go smartphone users. However, the one difference here is Netflix offers up to 100 downloads and Disney Plus offers unlimited amounts of downloads. 
  • They both are equipped with parental locks and security features. Disney Plus even has a customized Kid Mode. 
  • They both have no ads or commercials.


Now that we have weighed out the pros and cons, it is now up to you to choose what’s best. We listed some points that can have a higher preference in your list. For example, if you have kids looking to stream Disney shows during lunch, Disney Plus is a great option. Same option in terms of price.

However, if you want to stream the mainstream choices and be part of the largest streaming service, then Netflix is the way to go. Netflix continuously drops new movies and TV shows and has great variety. 

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Make the pick and happy streaming! 

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