Best Sites To Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes

Buy Instagram Poll Votes Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2024 (Fake Story Votes)

Buy Instagram Poll Votes Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2024 (Fake Story Votes)

Answer: We tested dozens of these services, and we found the best sites to buy Instagram poll votes: UseViral!

On most social media sites your success or popularity rate can be seen by the number of likes or followers you have.

Of course, there are several ways in which you can assess how well specific items were received.

Tracking popularity and the opinion of followers is essential if you want to stay relevant and popular.

It’s also a useful way to decide on your next marketing strategy. However, it’s not just about getting feedback.

A poll can also be used to manipulate public opinion, helping to raise awareness of your product or service! 

Naturally, if you’re looking to do this you’ll need to know the best sites to buy Instagram poll votes.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. 

What Are Story Poll Votes?

Once you’ve created your latest Instagram post you can add an interactive sticker, known as an Instagram poll.

This sticker allows you to ask a question and allows your followers and other readers an opportunity to vote on the poll.

In general, these results help you to understand the opinion of your followers.

It can help to ensure future content will continue to appeal to your audience.

In short, you can use the feedback to create your next product.

But, poll votes can also be used to boost awareness of you and what you have to offer.

You will need to purchase story poll votes to make this happen. In general, people like to feel part of a movement.

That means, they are often led by the herd and will vote for what they feel is the most popular option.

You can set the direction of the herd by purchasing story poll votes and making sure your desired response is the most popular.

In many cases the vote becomes known across social media forums, boosting awareness of your business.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Poll Votes Cheap (Fake Story Votes) in 2024

There are many different sites offering story poll votes. However, it’s important to use the best and most reputable sites.

You don’t want followers to know that you are influencing the results. 

You also don’t want any negative kickback from Instagram. That’s why you need one of the following:

1. UseViral

UseViral Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes

UseViral offers 100 Instagram poll votes for as little as $4! It should be noted that this is a promotion which won’t last forever. 

However, such a low rate is a great way to test the service and see how effective the right votes can be. 

UseViral is a well-established social media management company.

It offers an array of services, including Instagram poll votes, followers, and likes. 

👉 Buy Instagram Poll Votes

All votes are posted from genuine Instagram accounts and proxies are used.

This ensures that Instagram doesn’t see anything strange occurring and your account won’t be suspended. 

This is aided by the gradual addition of votes, it appears more genuine than 100 fake votes suddenly appearing.

They do limit votes to a maximum of 10,000 per order. 

The company has a dedicated customer service team which can help you with any query.

They are available 24/7 and are highly likely to be able to help you quickly.

UseViral is dedicated to looking after you. All data on their site is encrypted and they have an array of security procedures in place.

They won’t even ask for sensitive information, such as an Instagram password. 

The company is a relative newcomer to the soon but the deals they have to offer and the genuine approach make them one of the best options available. 

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Instagram Poll Votes

SidesMedia will also sell your 100 poll votes for $4. This is also a promotional offer which can change.

Of course, there are many other subscription options. You can even automatically refill an order every 30 days.

This will keep boosting the number of votes you have. It will do it as a steady drip, reducing the likelihood of your interference being noted. 

It’s worth noting that SidesMedia also offers help with Instagram story likes and Instagram story views.

They are an excellent choice as a social media management partner.

Just like UseViral, they are committed to your security.

All data is encrypted and the use of proxies helps to ensure all votes look genuine and can’t be traced to you. 

SidesMedia has a very high level of positive feedback.

This is helped by the customer service team which is available 24/7 to help you deal with issues.

They can be contacted via email or live chat and are almost certain to be able to help you instantly.

As with UseViral, SidesMedia will gradually allocate the votes you’ve purchased, helping the story and votes to appear genuine. 

They also only use genuine accounts to post votes, giving you a high-quality and professional service. 

3. Media Mister

Media Mister Buy Instagram Poll Votes

Media Mister is regarded as one of the best suppliers of poll votes in the business. Their site is very easy to use. 

You simply create an account and choose how many Instagram poll votes you wish to purchase.

Then, add the URL to your poll and the way you wish to vote. Media Mister will take care of everything else for you. 

You can buy between 25 and 25,000 votes with one order and you’ll find the prices are very competitive.

It costs just $2 for 25 votes! It’s even possible to pay with Bitcoin. 

Every vote is posted from a genuine Instagram and the votes will be drip-fed into the story.

This ensures they appear genuine and don’t alarm Instagram or your followers. 

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Media Mister uses state-of-the-art encryption to ensure your data is safe.

They ask for very few personal details, and they will start working as soon as you’ve placed your order.

You’ll also appreciate their customer support.

You can contact them 24/7 by live chat or email and they will give you a genuine response. 

4. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes

Every vote is genuine as it comes from an established Instagram account.

They also use proxies to ensure that transactions appear legitimate and can’t be traced back to you. 

The main dashboard on GetAFollower is very similar to Media Mister.

Again, you simply need to create an account and give them the link to the right poll vote option. 

It’s worth noting that GetAFollower will start adding votes instantly but they will still be staggered, to help maintain the legitimacy of your account.

All data is encrypted and proxies are used to further ensure your data and your Instagram account remain safe.

GetAFollower allows you to contact the customer service team 24/7 via email. You’ll find they are knowledgeable and helpful. 

Of course, GetAFollower also offers an array of other social media services which can help improve your profile.

But, it’s worth looking at their current poll vote promotions. They are very good at ensuring your poll votes the right way.

5. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Instagram Story Poll Votes

The final entry on our list is still worth considering.

Buy Real Media has been operating for years and is a popular choice when looking to boost followers, likes, and even votes. 

All votes provided by Buy Real Media come from genuine accounts and they use Instagram proxies to ensure the activity is impossible to detect. 

Interestingly, because they use proxies, they can also offer targeted poll votes from a specific location, you simply need to state your geographical preference. 

Buy Real Media uses encryption to protect all data and it will only ask for basic information from you.

That’s enough to create an account, make a payment, and the link for your poll with voting directions. 

Votes will start being added instantly and will be spread out to decrease any suspicion relating to your account activity.

The company has a customer support team available via live chat and email 24/7.

They will help you resolve any query while they boost your poll in the right direction. They also sell Twitter poll votes, too.

Their prices are also competitive and worth looking at. 

Why Purchasing Story Poll Votes Is A Good Idea

You may be wondering if you need one of the best sites to buy Instagram poll votes for stories and contests.

The answer is yes. There are several good reasons to influence the results of any story poll.

Understand Customer Needs

The most obvious reason to influence poll votes is to see what your customers really think about a product.

This may sound strange as buying poll votes will push the opinion in one direction. 

However, as mentioned, people will often vote with the crowd. You can buy poll votes to help keep the voting balanced.

This will encourage followers to vote honestly. 

Provided you are tracking the fake votes you use, you’ll be able to see what preferences your followers really have and cater to that.

Promote Specific Product/Service

If you’ve made two products but really want to make just one of them.

Or, if you’ve only made one but you want people to think your company is more diverse, creating an Instagram poll is a great way to tell people what you have to offer.

You can then make sure the poll result is what you want and your intended product will receive a lot of extra publicity.

It’s simple but surprisingly effective.   

Boost Brand Awareness

Polls boost brand awareness because they encourage people to engage with you and your products.

Running a poll can boost awareness because people will tell friends and they will also engage with your product.

However, in many cases people won’t engage if they don’t feel the product or service is already popular! Buying poll votes makes it look like lots of people are voting.

This encourages others to take part, recommend you, and boost awareness. It’s a simple but effective trick. 

Is Buying Fake Poll Votes Legal & Safe?

It is perfectly legal to buy votes. You are simply paying for a service that is then delivered. 

However, Instagram does not like you manipulating them or their systems in any way.

That’s why they have various programs designed to stop fake votes.

It’s also the reason why you need to use one of the best sites when buying Instagram story poll votes.

It will help to protect your account from any Instagram punishment. 

Is the Free Option Worthwhile?

Fake poll votes are becoming a popular choice for anyone looking to manipulate results or simply boost brand awareness. 

You’ll find there are plenty of sites offering fake votes and some will even offer them for free.

Unfortunately, this isn’t usually a good deal. 

When a site offers votes for free there are two concerning issues you need to be aware of:

1. Data Collection

Free sites are often more interested in collecting your personal data and building a profile on you, as opposed to the quality of the service they offer.

The data collected can be sold, potentially giving you an online security issue.

2. Negative Effect On Your Account 

If you use free fake votes there is no guarantee they are coming from a genuine account.

That means your followers may notice the issue. This can cause them to go elsewhere. 

Worse, Instagram is more likely to notice and this can lead to your account being suspended or closed.

Neither is good for your popularity and business.  

Summing Up

If you’re looking to manipulate the outcome of a poll then you need one of the best sites to buy Instagram poll votes.

This will ensure your account remains on the right side of Instagram.

It is worth investing in fake votes. Generating the right result in any poll can make a big difference to your success and how your brand is perceived. 

The secret is to approach this properly.

Choose a reputable site, such as one of the 5 listed above, create an account, and let them do what they do best. 

It’s almost effortless but can make a huge difference to your business. That makes it worth trying today. 

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.