Bing Users VS Google Users

Bing Users VS Google Users in 2024: Key Statistics

Bing Users VS Google Users in 2024: Key Statistics

Searching is made easy by software programs known as search engines. They provide numerous answers from different websites to people’s questions.

Younger generations mostly rely on search engines instead of looking at other sources of information because answers are instant and they are convenient to use.

The two most popular and most-used search engines today are Google and Bing.

However, it is undeniable that Google dominates, in terms of users and usage.

However, Bing has seen an uptick in users since the introduction of it’s ChatGPT-based AI chatbot.

Do you want to know more about these leading search engines?

This article will give you some updated statistics and facts about Bing users vs Google users. Just keep reading.

Key Statistics

  • Bing has 100 million daily active users compared to Google’s 1+ billion.
  • Google gets 9 billion searches per day, whereas Bing gets 900 million.
  • In March 2023, Google had 88.6 billion visits compared to Bing’s 1.4 billion.
  • About nine in ten internet users use Google Search.
  • Bing’s largest market is China, whereas Google’s is the United States.

Bing Users VS Google Users in 2024

Search engines are helpful to humans, from searching news, information, flights, maps, images, and videos.

No wonder why people today who want to know something will just go to their smartphones or PCs and look for instant answers on either Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines.

Google and Bing are leading the search engine market this year and in previous years.

About 9 billion searches on Google are made per day and over 900 million on Bing.

Bing Users VS Google Users: Detailed Statistics

What about comparing Bing users vs Google users?

According to the latest news, Bing’s active users per day reached 100 million just a few weeks after their new AI chatbot based on ChatGPT was launched.

Among these users, about one-third are first-timers and new to using Bing.

In comparison, Google has more than a billion active users.

About nine in ten internet users are using Google Search.

By integrating Bing’s AI chatbot into its search engine, Microsoft got a weapon to compete with Google.

However, the company was aware that they are still a small, low, and single-digit market share player compared to the dominating share of Google.

Total Visits of Bing’s Websites After Bing AI Chatbot was Launched


After Microsoft launched its AI-powered search engine in February 2023, the company recorded around 100 million people using the new Bing every day.

Aside from the growth in users, engagement in Bing is also growing.

More users are now visiting and conducting more searches daily. More than 45 million chats were done since the preview began.

Bing’s website recorded 1.4 billion total visits in March 2023, up from 1.1 billion the previous month.

This growth is equivalent to 25.29%. While the average visit duration reached 7 minutes and 17 seconds.

Total Visits of Google Website After Google Bard was Launched


Google remains to be the most popular and widely used search engine even before it launched its AI chatbot feature called Bard.

With more than a billion active users processing 9 billion searches daily, or over 2.5 trillion searches annually, it is not surprising if Google leads the market without an AI feature.

But the company considered integrating AI chatbot into its search engine. 

After Google Bard was launched in March 2023, it is still in the process of expanding its availability in more countries.

Currently, it is available in the US and UK.

Similar to other companies experiencing challenges, Google also experienced challenges after it launched its AI feature. Google Bard had an inaccurate response in its first demo.

Google’s website recorded a total of 88.6 billion total visits in March 2023, with an average visit duration of 10 minutes and 54 seconds.

It is up from 80.2 billion visits the prior month, equivalent to a 10.50% growth.

Bing and Google Market Shares

As of March 2023, Google’s market share remains to flourish. It accounts for 93.17% market share in the search engine market worldwide. 

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While Bing’s market share gradually increases to 2.88% from 2.81% the previous month.

Age Distribution of Bing Users and Google Users

Younger ages between 18 to 34 years old play a significant role in search engines since they are most likely to use these tools.

This age range visits Bing’s and Google’s websites the most using their desktops in March 2023.

However, statistics show that Bing has more old-aged visitors compared to Google.

About 52.96% of’s visitors are aged below 34 years old, while 30.57% are aged 35 to 54, and 16.48% are 55 years and older.

Compared to’s visitors, 54.63% are aged below 34 years old, 31.19% are 35 to 54, and 14.18% are 55 years and older.

Which Country Uses and the Most?

According to SimilarWeb’s data, China sends the most traffic to, accounting for 41.29% in March 2023.

The United States follows, accounting for 23.76%, and Germany with 2.91%. 

While the core audience of is from the United States, accounting for 26.95%.

India comes next with 4.50%, and Brazil with 4.44%.

AI Chatbots in Search Engines


Search engines started to integrate AI chatbots into their features since more people love human-like conversations.

Users can ask questions, request to write essays, and simply interact with chatbots.

It is more convenient to ask for information through a chatbot since it can give you detailed and exact answers.

Google launched Bard, its AI-powered chatbot integrated into Google Search to keep up with different AIs, including Microsoft’s Bing AI.

Bing AI

Bing’s new AI chatbot is creating more users since it offers “Search+Answers+Chat+Creation” in one experience.

It has six times more active users daily compared to its old version before the AI chatbot was launched.

Bing AI is like having a friend, an assistant, a creative planner, and a personal planner. Users can ask questions and can get detailed answers.

It can also write fun and factual stories, poems, essays, trivia, codes, travel itineraries, and even a 3-course menu.

Users can also request a brand-new image by writing their preferred details. This is why more and more users love this feature.

Google AI

Google aims to organize information worldwide and make them useful and accessible to every internet user.

It integrates AI to make the search experience easier.

This feature enables users to accomplish more since it can give you answers in just a snap.

Google strives to make accurate information and high-quality answers readily available to all users.

It can summarize articles, generate creative content, and translate languages.

It can also assist people with debugging, and code generation.


Through the use of the internet, people can get information and news easily instead of spending time in libraries, finding related books, and attending events in person.

Since these tools are easy to access, more and more people are engaged in using them.

Thinking of Bing users vs Google users? Bing generated 100 million daily active users after launching their new AI chatbot.

It has six times more active users daily compared to its old version and still strives to grow more. In comparison, Google has more than a billion active users.

It remains to lead the search engine market.


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