YouTube bots & automation tools on the platform are hot topics, and for good reason.

YouTube is a great place to be right now and a great place to create video content that you want to use to build a solid community.

While you might be feeling inspired by fellow YouTubers that have done really well with their channels, the reality is that it is a lot harder to grow a YouTube channel than it looks. If you have been in the game for a while now, then you will know what we mean.

While this certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve your YouTube dreams, it does mean that you have your work cut out for you. That’s why we recommend outsourcing some of your engagement to YouTube automation tools or bots that specialize in growing YouTube channels.

Let’s take a look at what we think are the best choices out there for you when it comes to YouTube bots & automation tools, so you can keep your YouTube channel safe and successful. 

First Look: Best YouTube Bots & Automation Tools

Best of the Best: UseViral

“When I first came across UseViral, I was feeling pretty washed out by the industry in general. This is why they felt like a breath of fresh air, and ever since I have been with them, my YouTube channel has done really well. I can highly recommend this YouTube bot.”

Second Best: Jarvee

“I went through a phase there for a bit where I tried newer YouTube bots and automated tools, but for the most part, I was left disappointed. this is why I went back to my roots and decided to put my faith back into the company that I have used all along.”  

Third Best: FollowingLike

“I think the draw for me when it comes to using a tool like FollowingLike is that they have some of the best features in the industry to help with my YouTube growth, yet they don’t make me go outside of my budget. It was important for me to find a YouTube bot that could work with my limited marketing budget.”

Fourth Best: Tube Buddy

“If you are like me and you are somebody who has to stick to a tight budget for their YouTube marketing, then I highly recommend that you try Tube Buddy. they have recently made some of their features free, yet they’re still high quality.”

Best for Budget: StormViews

“My biggest issue when trying to find a service that could help me with my YouTube growth was finding one that was going to offer me completely real subscribers and views to buffer my channel. As soon as I came across StormViews, I knew that they were the right choice.”

Best for Simplicity: Media Mister

“Media Mister Is one of those companies that has been around for a long time now, and The funny thing is that I have actually used them to grow my other social networks. When I saw that they had features for YouTube as well, I knew that I had to check them out. I’m glad that I did.”

Best for Being Established: YT Monster

“I’m sure you are aware that there are plenty of YouTube automation tools out there that promise free features to get you in the door. While most of the time, you can’t trust this actually to work, YT Monster is one of those YouTube bots that actually follows through on their promises. I have been impressed with them since the beginning.”

Best for Personability: Subpals

“It’s harder than ever right now to find a YouTube bot that doesn’t leave everything to automation. I love being able to automate some of my YouTube engagement, but I also like that companies like Subpals don’t forget to be personable with their clients, which for me, goes a long way.”

Best for Relatability: Sprizzy

“When Sprizzy said that they wanted to help me go viral with my YouTube videos, I didn’t believe them. It wasn’t until I had worked with them for a while did I realize that they are actually capable of being able to do this. They are relatable and super easy to use, which I love.”

Best for Customer Support: Tube Assist Pro

“If you can’t get in touch with a customer support team very easily, then I don’t believe that their features are worth using. I had high standards when it came to customer support when I first entered this industry, and I’m pleased to say that Tube Assist Pro has met my expectations and more.”

Best YouTube Bots & Automation Tools

Best of the Best: UseViral

So, just like our reviewer talked about above, we think that UseViral is one of the best YouTube bots that is currently in the market.

One of the things that we love about this bot is that they can grow your YouTube channel a lot quicker than most other companies out there. This way, you can spend more time focusing on creating more of your video content, So that you can figure out exactly what your audience loves to see and build up a loyal, solid community around your content output.

We also appreciate that they offer a number of exclusive, unique features that you’re not going to get anywhere else, and they even have a free package for those of you but don’t really have the budget for YouTube marketing right now. Check them out today and see why they have rave reviews from the clients.

Second Best: Jarvee

If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with Jarvee yet, then we highly recommend that you check it out for your YouTube automation. This unique YouTube bot and automation tool has been around for a long time now, and in fact, was one of the first companies to start offering this type of service to their clients.

One thing that we really like about Jarvee is that they can not only help you with your YouTube automation, but they can help you schedule upcoming posts so that you can get them off your desk and focus on creating even more content.

With Jarvee, you can download their YouTube bot onto Windows where you get to play around with their features and tweak them to suit your niche.

Third Best: FollowingLike

FollowingLike say that their YouTube bot is a revolutionary tool that you can use for your networking and automation.

We love that they can help you with so much more than just your YouTube channel. In fact, they can help you with most other social networks out there too. FollowingLike is unique in the way that they divide their features up into different categories based on how many accounts you’re trying to grow at the same time.

If you just think that this phase of your life is meant for focusing on your YouTube channel, you can sign up for their one account package. However, if you like the idea of being able to grow the rest of your social networks at the same time, then you can sign up for their five account package or unlimited accounts package. 

Fourth Best: Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy says that they are a premier channel growth tool. One of the things that we like the most about Tube Buddy is that their browser extension is free, and they also offer a mobile app so that you can integrate your YouTube directly through your device and get help growing your channel in the easiest way possible.

As well as offering a mobile app and a free browser extension, Tube Buddy has an advanced keyword research feature, so that they can help you find searchable, high performing video topics that can give you inspiration for your next piece of content.

Their main goal as a YouTube bot & automation tool is to help you save on time. This way, you can put more of it into your video content.

Best for Budget: StormViews

StormViews claim to be a high-quality YouTube bot that can guarantee you 100% real subscribers, views and likes for your YouTube channel, that can help boost your general presence on the popular video-sharing platform in no time at all.

They say that you will be hard-pressed to do better than them, and they also promise that they provide instant delivery on all of their features, which is always nice. On top of this, they provide their clients with excellent customer support and can be there for you both night and day.

Their pricing begins at just $5.99 for 1000 YouTube views, and this is just a one-time payment so that you don’t have to go outside of your budget or pay more for the same service. You can expect to get your YouTube views within 48 hours. We think that this YouTube automation tool is accommodating and understanding of its client’s needs.

Best for Simplicity: Media Mister

If you are somebody who loved the idea of Jarvee when we were talking about them earlier, then we think that you’re going to like the sound of Media Mister as well. Media Mister says that they can help to grow your social network, and the best part is that they can help with all of your other social media platforms as well.

They have divided their features into different categories based on the various social platforms available, and they have a tiered pricing system so that you get to choose exactly how much you pay and how much engagement you need to grow your YouTube channel. This means that you can purchase as much or as little as you need right now based on your budget. This is as simple as it gets.

Best for Being Established: YT Monster

Are you hoping to find a YouTube bot that can help you increase your YouTube views, your YouTube subscribers, and your YouTube likes? Then welcome to YT Monster. YT Monster explains That they are the leading YouTube exchange platform to help you grow your YouTube channel.

One of the best things about this company is that you can either make the most of their free package, or you can pay for premium features. They give their clients an opportunity to earn credits by liking, commenting, viewing, and subscribing to other content within their network.

They say that once you have earned enough credits, you can start to work on your own campaign, which they will help you with. While this does take a little bit of work on your end, we think from what we can see that it’s all worth it.

Best for Personability: Subpals

SubPals Say that they can help grow your YouTube quicker and more effectively than ever before. They explained that they are a free YouTube marketing platform that is designed to help take your YouTube channel to the next level.

They have thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot, which is a leading source for authenticating companies like this. They say that their innovative network helps you receive 10 free YouTube subscribers every 12 hours. If you’ve got it in your budget to pay for a package, then you can get even more every day.

We love that they help their clients tap into A YouTube community who all worked together to help each other do better overall. The icing on the cake with this YouTube bot is that they are completely safe to use, so you don’t need to worry about there being any risk to your channel.

Best for Relatability: Sprizzy

Sprizzy is another YouTube automation tool that says they are easy to use and simple. This means that you can get your video content in front of the right audience without having to spend too much time on it. They say that their features allow you to get big results even if you have a small budget.

To get started, you tell them all about who you think should see your video content, and from here, they work hard to get their attention, so that you’ve got the right kind of people visiting your channel. They can help you get subscribers, views, and real engagement.

Best for Customer Support: Tube Assist Pro

Tube Assist Pro Is great for finding those subscribers and viewers who are going to be really into your content. We love that they do things based on how many channels you have, so if you work for an agency and manage more than one YouTube channel at the same time, they can help you keep up with it all without getting stressed and overwhelmed.

Check them out today for some solid YouTube automation, and see why they are a preferred company amongst their clients.


What’s the Difference Between Cheap and Affordable?

One thing that you might have noticed in this industry is that price points between companies can vary greatly. This is because there are some companies out there that have high-quality features, and then there are those that don’t really care about the quality of what they’re offering their clients.

When you come across companies like this, their pricing will usually be too good to be true. In an industry like this, we think that you need to be prepared to spend a little bit more on your YouTube automation so that you can be sure it is authentic and genuine, and that it’s not going to hinder the growth of your account.

What About A Free Trial?

Below we talk a little bit about free trials, and we recommend that if you want to learn more about a tool you’re considering, you make the most of them.

However, what you don’t want to do is sign up for a free trial that requires you to share your credit card information. If you do, there is a very real chance that the company will charge your credit card after the free trial is up.

Companies that have a good reputation and care about their clients will not ask them for their credit card information to use their free trial.

What About a Team?

Another way to tell if a company is legit or not when reviewing them is to see whether they have any information about their team on the website or not.

If they do, this means that they are prepared to be open and honest with their clients. If they don’t, there will be a reason for their mysteriousness, and we don’t recommend signing up with them.

Our Review Process

When we review YouTube bots and automation tools like the ones on the list above, we make sure to do our due diligence.

We achieve this by reviewing as many as 180 YouTube bots & automation tools and looking at more than 3650 customer testimonials that discuss both advantages and disadvantages of each one.

This way, we are able to only share with you the very best, so that you can preserve your YouTube channels existing reputation and find the audience that your content deserves. Good luck, and make sure that you check out any free trials available.

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