If you’re on Twitter and trying to promote your brand, you need to work out how to use it to your advantage. For a lot of people, this involves using a third party company that has experience in Twitter marketing and engagement growth. Let’s take a look at the best Twitter bots and automation tools for this year.

Best Twitter Bots and Automation Tools: First Look

Best Overall: Twesocial

“Twesocial is not only a powerful Twitter growth tool that I’ve used with my Twitter for a while now, but they also seem to be one of the most consistent. I know that they’re going to do their job and do it well on any given day of the week – there’s no guessing with these guys.”

Best Budget: Jarvee

“Budget was a big thing for me when I set out to look for the right Twitter growth too. Jarvee solved my problem and made me feel like I was getting a lot of bang for my buck.”

Safest: Hypegrowth

“Hypegrowth not only grows my Twitter account at a competitive rate, but they also make sure that they’re doing it safely so that my Twitter doesn’t get shut down for looking spammy.”

Best Reputation: Somiibo

“I always worry about automation my Twitter engagement for fear that I’ll get in trouble with Twitter. Somiibo solves this problem straight away – they make sure that their Twitter automation cannot be detected.”

Best Newcomer: TweetFull

“Tweet Full may be the new kid on the block, but they’ve brought with them some outstanding, game-changing features that quickly make them a go-to for many Twitter users.”

Best Basic: Tweet Attacks Pro

“Tweet Attacks Pro may look like your average Twitter bot, but they are anything but. Their features might seem a bit basic, but they make up for this with their dedication to your account and customer support.”

Most Reliable: Manage Flitter

“Manage Flitter has helped me not only with my Twitter automation but also with managing other aspects of my account. I can rely on them to deliver a safe, reliable service that I can always count on to help with my Twitter success.”

Best Variety: Agora Pulse

“Agora Pulse isn’t just another Twitter automation tool, because they bring a vast number of features to the table that is going to help you become successful.”

Best Free: Social Oomph

“While ‘free’ usually implies that the quality is pretty low, Social Oomph couldn’t be further away from this. Their free service is going to give you everything you need for great Twitter growth.”

Best Twitter Bots and Automation Tools

1. Best Overall: Twesocial

Twesocial is a pretty powerful Twitter growth service that’s also consistent, so you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. While their services are high quality, their prices have stayed low so that anyone can make the most of the services they offer.

Twesocial has worked hard to be put in first place, and we think that their SoundCloud based system is worthy of being at number one for the features, customer support, reliability, and affordability.

2. Best Budget: Jarvee

If you’re in the market for a service that’s been around since the beginning and knows what it takes to do well on social media, then you’re going to want to give Jarvee a go – especially because they offer a free trial.

Perhaps one of their best features is that they can help you across multiple different social media accounts, not just Twitter. If you’re serious about your social media account in general and have your brand spread across multiple websites, Jarvee has the kind of features that you’re looking for. The best part? Their prices are so affordable you’re going to be able to cover all your brands’ needs, whether it’s on Twitter or Instagram. When we reviewed Jarvee, we noticed that they even have some helpful video tutorials on their website that can help you get used to their dashboard.

3. Safest: Hypegrowth

The real results that clients get from Hypegrowth are just one reason why we think they’re one of the safest Twitter bots out there. In our review of them, we found that they engage with the right Twitter users for you so that you’re only inviting the right kind of people to take a look at your account.

Hypegrowth comes with all your basic Twitter bot features, and at just $3.00 a day are much more affordable than paying for Twitter ads that aren’t even going to find you the right followers.

4. Best Reputation: Somiibo

Somiibo was one of our easiest reviews because their reputation seems to precede them online and convinces us that they have spent a lot of their spare time building up a solid reputation among their clients. When you use Somiibo with your Twitter account, you’re going to find that you stay away from Twitter’s radar – you won’t get any of those annoying notifications implying that your account is looking spammy.

What we love a lot about these guys is that they can multi-task, which means they can manage your Twitter growth as well as your Instagram growth at the same time. They even have a login feature that allows you to log in to all of your social media accounts at the same time.

5. Best Newcomer: TweetFull

TweetFull may be new to the Twitter marketing scene, but they make up for this with their awesome features. Our review of Tweet Full came up with things like hashtag targeting and direct engaging, so you don’t have to worry about your Twitter automation being seen by the wrong people.

When users that TweetFull target is interacted with, they will receive notifications from Twitter of the interaction. This, in turn, is going to make them a lot more likely to visit your Twitter account.

6. Best Basic: Tweet Attacks Pro

While Tweet Attacks Pro may just look like another Twitter bot at first glance, it’s not difficult to see just how effective they can be at helping you grow your brand. Not only do they offer all the basic features of a bot, but they make sure to mimic human activity while implementing their features. This means that you’re going to be able to stay away from the ever-watchful eye of Twitter and grow your engagement successfully.

One way that they mimic human behavior is by following some users and unfollowing others. They want you to stay safe on your social media accounts, and they want to make sure that their services can be used for years to come. They’re simple, yet incredibly effective.

7. Most Reliable: Manage Flitter

Manage Flitter has a variety of different Twitter growth features that make them pretty reliable. If you’re not too sold on the automation side of things, you can always give their management services a try. Our review came up with both automation services and Twitter management services, which means that a lot of the work is left up to you.

This is great if you’re someone who would prefer to still do a lot of the tasks – you just need someone with knowledge and experience to guide you in the right direction. This makes Manage Flitter a pretty reliable Twitter growth company.

8. Best Variety: Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is the kind of company to think outside the box a little bit and bring a different list of features to other marketing companies out there, which makes them a great option if you’re on the lookout for something new and exciting.

When we reviewed these guys, we found that they can implement their unique features across many different social media websites, not just Twitter. They’re ideal if you’re a part of a marketing agency and need a bit of a boost to help with your job.

9. Best Free: Social Oomph

When reviewing Social Oomph, we were pretty impressed to find that their free service includes all of the basic bot features that you could hope for – and pay for with a lot of other companies. Not only is their free service more than enough if you’re looking for the basic features of a bot, but they’re also considered one of the better established Twitter bot companies out there.

Social Oomph is also big believers in quality over quantity, which is why they deliberately limit their automated features. This way, you can stay safe while using their services.

Our Review Process

When we do our homework and review companies like the ones we’ve listed above, we make sure we’re thorough and are only bringing you the best. This is why when we do our research, we make sure to check out at least 125 Twitter marketing companies and up to 292 customer testimonials, both negative and positive. This way, we can be confident in our choices and share with you what we think are great Twitter companies.

With our list of the best Twitter bots and automation tools, you’ll be able to successfully grow your Twitter engagement safely and within your budget, while focusing on other parts of your brand as well.

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