Sometimes, when it comes to successfully growing your social media networks, you need a bit of help from the outside.

If you have been on Twitch for a little while now, and you know that you won’t be able to get anywhere without outsourcing some of your engagement, you might have just started doing a bit of research into the best companies out there.

However, if you don’t have a lot of experience in this industry, it is going to be difficult for you to figure out which companies have the best intentions and which don’t.

With this thought in mind, let’s take a look at what we reckon are the most trustworthy, most reliable Twitch viewer bots in the industry so that you can automate your interactions on your live streams and get the exposure that you need to do really well.

First Look: Best Twitch Viewer Bots

Best of the Best: UseViral

“I have been using UseViral for a while now for my Twitch growth, and they just are a great all-rounder. As far as I can tell, there is nothing that they can’t do to help me, which is great considering how busy I am with everything else.” 

Second Best: Media Mister

“The thing that I like so much about Media Mister when I use them for my Twitch growth is that they can help me not only with Twitch but with other social media networks out there as well. This is helpful and means that I can grow everything at the same time.”

Third Best: Followersup

“I picked Followersup to help me with my Twitch growth because they had already proven themselves on other social media networks out there. I also like them because they have a tiered pricing system, making it easy for me to stick to my budget.”

Fourth Best:

“The thing that I love the most about is that they keep my reputation nice and safe while I use them. This means that I don’t have to risk my account being suspended or banned for using them, which is not something most companies like this can offer.”

Best for Being Established: Viewer Labs

“It’s hard for me to trust new companies that haven’t been around for too long because it’s difficult to know what kind of reputation they have with their clients. This is why I always go back to viewer bots like Viewer Labs.”

Best for Boosting: Viewer Boss

“Viewer Boss is my favorite Twitch viewer bot because they work hard on my behalf. This works out really well because I don’t have all the time in the world to devote to my Twitch growth.”

Best for YouTube and Twitch: Nightbot

“As someone who is trying to grow both their YouTube and Twitch channels, it’s super helpful for me to find viewer bots like Nightbot that can help me with both at the same time.”

Best for Reputation: Moobot

“You might have heard of a few Twitch viewer bots out there that come with existing reputations, but for me, it’s been hard to find any. This was until I came across Moobot, and then I knew that I had found the best one for my Twitch channel.”

Best for Variety: Wizebot

“One of the things that I needed for my Twitch growth was a company that could help me with all kinds of different features – not just my viewers. I was relieved when I found Wizebot because they made it easy to get everything done at once.” 

Best for Customization: Coebot

“I love how Coebot helps me with all the basic Twitch viewer bot stuff, but they leave the more advanced actions to me because they know that I enjoy this aspect of my Twitch channel. There aren’t too many companies out there that will do this.”

Best Twitch Viewer Bots

Best of the Best: UseViral

When you are looking for the best Twitch viewer bot out there to help you with your streaming and growth, it is going to be difficult to go past UseViral.

This company is all about helping their clients in a practical, efficient way so that you can have one of the best Twitch channels out there without even having to pay too much for it.

They have a lot of experience being in this industry already, which can only set you up for success. Another thing that we really like about them is that they can help you with other social networks out there too.

Second Best: Media Mister

When it comes to one of the oldest Twitch viewer bots out there, we can’t go past recommending Media Mister to you.

They are not only one of the oldest options for your Twitch growth, but they can help you with other social media platforms at the same time. In fact, you get to choose what they help you with, from their many different categories that are divided based on which social network is most important to you right now.

They also stagger their price points, which means that you will be able to afford them no matter what your budget looks like.

Third Best: Followersup

If you think that you liked the sound of Media Mister, then we get the feeling that you are going to like Followersup as well. This capable, friendly company has actually been around for a long time now and is really well known for being able to do it all.

This means that they can help you with your YouTube growth, your Facebook growth, and your Instagram growth, along with your Twitch growth, of course. They have an excellent customer support system and a way of making sure that every client can afford them no matter what.

Fourth Best:

The next Twitch viewer bot on our list is pretty unique because they offer all kinds of different bot for your Twitch channel depending on how you want to grow up.

This means that if you want a chatbot that can automatically help to increase the number of chatters in your stream, you can make it happen with them. They also have a followers bot, as well as a views bot, so that you can automate all of your Twitch growth at the same time. We love that they promise their clients customer support around the clock, and their pricing isn’t all that bad either.

Best for Being Established: Viewer Labs

Viewer Labs might just be one of the most affordable Twitch viewer bots out there. From just $10 a week, this Twitch viewer bot claims to be able to make all the difference to your account.

They also say that they have a coupon that you can use right now to get an even bigger discount, and they offer all potential clients a free trial. Viewer Labs say that their viewer bot for your Twitch account is one of the most stable out there, and their dashboard is easy to navigate so that you can tweak their features to suit your needs.

Best for Boosting: Viewer Boss

Viewer Boss Is another Twitch viewer bot that offers many different features depending on what you need help with the most right now. They say that they can get you started streaming on your Twitch channel using their boosting service.

They also say that they provide some of the most efficient services to boost your twitch channel, and they have made it so that their bot is super realistic and suitable for your channel, no matter what industry you fall into. They claim to be one of the most stable options out there for you as well.  

Best for YouTube and Twitch: Nightbot

Nightbot is one of those Twitch viewer bots that ultimately just want to make their client’s lives really simple and straightforward. They know that you want to stream your content in a way that’s eye-catching but also simple as well so that you don’t need to worry about overthinking it or it becoming too complicated.

We love that they can help you not only with your Twitch channel but with your YouTube channel as well so that you can get it all done at once. This way, you can spend a lot more time on your end, entertaining your Twitch viewers. 

Best for Reputation: Moobot

Moobot is a unique approach to your Twitch channel because they say that everything is not only done automatically – it’s completely free to use.

You won’t be able to find too many Twitch viewer bots out there that want to share their features with their clients for free, so this is a great option if you don’t have a lot of money in the budget right now but you still need effective, efficient help. They also claim to offer a service that you don’t even need to download, keeping your desktop safe from viruses. 

Best for Variety: Wizebot

As well as offering you a Twitch viewer bot, Wizebot can offer its clients many different features for them to get ahead with their Twitch channel.

They say that they are constantly developing their features to make them better for you and the rest of their clients, and the best part is that you don’t have to download any software to use them. They can install their bot for your Twitch growth within just a few minutes, and they say that it comes with more than 100 features. This is great if you’re someone who wants to cover it all comprehensively. 

Best for Customization: Coebot

Sometimes, it’s nice to be left in charge of most aspects of your Twitch automation so that you can feel like you’re growing it yourself. They say that they can help you with moderation, as well as repeated and custom commands, which you can change up whenever you want.

They also say that they can help you with variables, as well as quotes and stream integration. You get to control as much or as little of what they do for you as you want, so at the end of the day, it’s up to you.

Did You Know?

Twitch Press Center

Did you know that there are over three million monthly creators on Twitch?

This means that there are three million Twitch influencers that are making real money on the side for running their channel. This is a pretty promising number, and it means that if they can do it, you certainly can.

There’s no reason why if you’re getting help from a third party, you can’t turn your Twitch hobby into your full-time job.

Our Review Process

So, when we decide which companies to include on the list that you have read through above, we make sure to do a bit of a background check first to make sure that they are the best options for you.

We do this by looking through 60 Twitch viewer bot companies and reading around 2000 customer reviews. This is our way of making sure that the bots we are recommending for your channel are the best of the best out there, and they’re going to serve your Twitch growth well. Good luck, and make sure to check out any free trials on offer. 

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