TikTok bots have seen a surge in demand. Why is that?

If you haven’t been paying much attention to one of the world’s newest app breakthroughs, then you could eventually end up missing out.

When TIkTok first went live in 2017, it got 20 million people using it. That number is now at 75 million. While this is clearly a goldmine when it comes to another social media app, you’d be surprised how many people aren’t giving it enough thought.

If you’re wondering what on earth we are talking about, TikTok is a lip-syncing app that could easily be mistaken for an app where you can sing karaoke in peace. However, it’s actually closer to an old app that got shut down – Vine.

Vine was Twitter’s answer to people’s need to make short videos for entertainment purposes, and since it stopped existing, people have been wondering where they’re going to spend their creative energy.

Well, Tik Tok, formerly known as Musica.ly, is your answer. People like Tony Hawk and Jimmy Fallon have ridden the wave already, which has garnered it a lot of attention in Western markets, particularly in the U.S.

The biggest difference between this relatively new app and others like Instagram and Facebook is that it hasn’t been completely taken over yet by would-be celebrities.

Best TikTok Bots: First Look

1. Best of the Best: TokUpgrade

Best TikTok Growt Service - TokUpgrade

“I love that Tokupgrade can help me connect with the right target audience. There aren’t that many companies out there that put this much effort into making sure my niche and industry are taken care of. If you want to get super specific with your engagement, I will go with Tokupgrade.”

2. Second Best: Toksocial

Toksocial Review

“Toksocial is probably the best company in the TikTok growth industry for helping you gain thousands of real, effective new followers every month. I love that my account has grown so quickly in such a short space of time – it doesn’t even feel like the same TikTok profile.”

3. Best Newcomer: Media Mister

Media Mister

“Media Mister not only takes care of all of my TikTok engagement needs, but they know that I want to be safe about my online activity. This is why they keep their services within TikTok’s terms and conditions, and they have secure payment methods too.”

4. Fourth Best: SocialViral


“It was hard to find a company that not only offered TikTok engagement but TikTok engagement that was the kind that you couldn’t get anywhere else. I didn’t just want any old features – I wanted high quality with a great reputation. I have been able to achieve this through SocialViral.”

5. Best for Security: FollowersUp


FollowersUp knows that I’ve got my brand across many different platforms. They know that I need effective engagement not just for TikTok but for Twitter and Instagram too. If you’re someone who likes the idea of consolidating all of your engagement in one place, I suggest you try FollowersUp.”

6. Best for Quick Growth: FeedPixel

Feed Pixel - TikTok

“You can just think of FeedPixel as your very own TikTok assistant. They might be able to help you with other platforms, but I think that their TikTok features are some of the best I’ve found. I definitely won’t be going to anyone else for help with my TikTok growth.”

7. Best for Budget: Instamber


“Instamber is definitely one of the best TikTok growth options out there if you don’t have a lot in the budget for your likes & engagement, like me. You can get started with them for just $30, and for just a few dollars extra, you can upgrade your account. This is both flexible and accommodating for all different budget types.”

8. Best Runner Up: AutoTokker


“I love that AutoTokker isn’t just effective, but it’s affordable too. I only have so much to spend on growing my TikTok account, but with AutoTokker, I can realize my dreams without having to break my budget. They are one of the most economical options out there, and the best part is they do all the work so that you don’t have to.” 

9. Best for Reputation: Social Boss

“It’s tempting to think that Social Boss is out of your league because of its features and price points. However, I have since decided that you definitely get what you pay for with them – there’s no other brand out there like it.”

10. Best for Security: Vire


“When I started looking for TikTok bots & growth services, the biggest thing I wanted to tick off my list was security. I needed to find something that was going to protect me from being suspended or banned. Vire does this better than any other business I’ve used.”

The Best TikTok Bots & Growth Services

1. Best of The Best: TokUpgrade

TokUpgrade can cover everything you’ll need to create a successful TikTok profile. They know that you want to get ahead of the crowd, especially because there’s still a chance right now.

They want their new clients to know that they never use fake engagement for any type of growth, and they also want them to know that they prioritize the security of the accounts they work with, too.

This means that Tokupgrade makes sure to keep its services within TikTok’s strict third party guidelines. They have two different price points, starting at just $15 and going up to $25. Either way, we think that this is an affordable, adaptable growth service for all of your TikTok engagement needs.

2. Second Best: Toksocial

Toksocial makes it really easy to connect your TikTok account to their services, you can get started with this popular growth service. 

You can think of Toksocial as your very own personal TikTok growth assistant. They’re the type of company that is personable, and wants to be able to be there for their customers whatever the issue is, and whenever they need it. It’s a crowded space out there, but there’s room for companies like Toksocial that still care about each individual customer.

3. Best Newcomer: Media Mister

Media Mister is an accommodating TikTok growth company that can also help you grow your other social media websites too. This is perhaps why they make sure to have a secure payment system, so you don’t have to be worried about sharing your credit card information.

Once you’ve chosen which social media platform you need help with, you then get access to all the relevant features. If you have any issues, you can get help through their chat box that you’ll find on the website. They even have a money-back guarantee.

They promise high-quality TikTok engagement and followers, and we can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to team up with this reputable company that’s wasted no time growing a loyal following.

4. Fourth Best: SocialViral

Remember when our reviewer talked up there about SocialViral being exclusive? Well, the best part is that you can now be a part of their exclusive growth club. They promise only engagement that is unique and original and helps your page grow even more than before.

They can help you with likes, views and followers, and they promise quick results, so you’re never waiting around too long for that growth. They also promise that they’re genuine, so you can take care of your profile and not put your reputation at risk.

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5. Best for Security: FollowersUp

Security is a high priority for a lot of people out there – for a good reason, too. It’s essential to protect your online reputation, and if you can do this from the beginning when you’re first starting your TikTok profile, then you’ve got the makings of a strong online brand.

FollowersUp, like Media Mister, let’s you choose which platform you need help with, and once you’ve done this, you can get all the appropriate features.

One of the best things about Followersup is that they promise to deliver all of their orders on time, and they even have a customer support service that you can connect with if something isn’t right. These guys have everything you need to successfully and safely grow your TikTok account.

6. Best for Quick Growth: FeedPixel

FeedPixel is the only other service that we think is good enough to be featured on this list that can help you with more than just your TikTok growth. We like that they can help you with it all, yet they guarantee that your experience with them is going to be the best you can get.

They also have a customer support message board that you can use to get in touch with them on their website, and they have separated their features into various categories, depending on what you need help with the most. We also think that their prices are pretty good, too.

7. Best for Budget: Instamber

Instamber is not only one of the newest bots on our list, but they’re also one of the best for budget, too. As our reviewer mentioned above, their prices start at just $30 and only go up by a few dollars every time so that you can get access to all of their premium features for a little bit extra.

Once you’ve added your username to their system, you can get access to their advanced dashboard, where you will be able to check out their features and even change them to suit your personal preferences.

If you want an effective, efficient TikTok bot that’s going to take your engagement and run with it, we highly suggest you check out Instamber.

8. Best Runner Up: AutoTokker

AutoTokker is definitely one of the best TikTok bots you’ll find out there right now. This is because we think that they’ve got the perfect balance of quality and affordability. They’re not cheap, which usually means they’re low quality – they’re just enough to fit into most people’s budgets.

When we reviewed them, we found that they have put all of their focus into one primary engagement strategy, which simplifies the process and makes your growth faster.
AutoTokker uses the follow/unfollow method to engage with your target audience, which captures their attention and makes it a lot more likely that they’ll check out your content in return.

AutoTokker wants to make sure that all of your TikTok engagement is organic and authentic, which is why they make sure that the people they engage for you are highly targeted, based on your industry and niche. They only want to bring people to your profile that are genuinely going to be interested in what you have to offer, which is why their entire service is so effective.

Along with 24/7 customer support, they guarantee that their service is 100% safe, which means that you won’t get in trouble with the TikTok app when you use them. This is something you always need to make sure you have when you use a bot for TikTok – otherwise, it could end up hurting your account more than helping it. For $29.99, we think that AutoTokker is one of the best options out there, no matter what niche your content falls into.

9. Best for Reputation: Social Boss

Want the best social media marketing place for your TikTok growth? Then you need to try Social Boss. These guys know pretty much everything there is to know about growing a TikTok profile, and they claim to be completely risk-free, so you can do so without worrying about your reputation.

Speaking of reputation, we think that these guys have the best reputation out there, making them a great botting service that you can rely on no matter what. They have separated their features into different categories, making it easy for you to pick.

10. Best for Security: Vire

How long has it been since you got real, effective TikTok growth for your page? If it’s been awhile and you’re also worried about the security of your account, then you need to jump on board with Vire. Vire are an advanced, sophisticated growth service for TikTok who also offer some pretty sweet prices, too.

You can get started with them from just $29 a week, and they also offer three days completely free. We think that this is a pretty sweet deal – something that you’re not going to be able to pass up. Additionally, they offer a TikTok social media manager to keep on top of your growth.

Thoughts on TikTok Bots & Services

best tik tok bots - tik tok monthly installs
Now, one of the first questions you may have had was, ‘where are all the TikTok bots, then?’.

75 million is a considerable number, and while it’s not nearly as many people as Instagram has, it’s growing every day, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t get close. This inevitably means that there’s going to be room for some serious competition, which is going to price most out of the market.

Not if you can use a TikTok bot, though. Right now, all we can say about Tik Tok bots is watch this space – it’s only a matter of time before the world of Tik Tok bots explodes.

As more and more people try to garner a following on the newest entertainment app, there will be an increased demand for third party assistance.

If you’ve just signed up for TikTok and you’re looking to beat the crowd, stay tuned for some more of the best TikTok bots and growth services in the industry.


What is a TikTok Bot?

A TikTok bot runs similarly to other social media bots out there. It comes with automated software that can be set to autopilot so that it can run 24/7 for your growth.

It can implement and execute features like commenting, liking, and leaving hearts on people’s TikTok content so that you can grow your TikTok profile without having to spend too much time on it yourself.

Why Use a TikTok Bot?

One of the main reasons why people choose to use a TikTok bot is to save time. With social media channels these days, it simply just takes too much time engaging with your target audience – and nobody has the hours every day required to do this.

A TikTok bot can help you simplify your engagement strategy, and execute it without requiring you to spend extra time on it.

What Are Some Common TikTok Bot Features?

The most common TikTok bot features are hearting other people’s content, commenting on content, and following other people. Some bots on this list also have a following/unfollowing feature, which is when you follow a potential follower, wait for them to follow you back, then unfollow them.

While these generic features are available across the board, you will be able to find some additional options depending on which bot you end up with.

IncrediTools Review Process

When we research which companies to feature on our list of the best TikTok bots and growth services, we make sure to do a bit of homework. This is why we looked at 38 TikTok bots and read through at least 900 customer testimonials about these companies. We also tried and tested all the ones on this list.

This way, we can come to an unbiased, well-informed conclusion about which ones are worth your time and which ones aren’t. Be sure to check out their free trials, to find the perfect one for your TikTok engagement.

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