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Thesis and Dissertation Writing in the USA: The 6 Best Services, Companies and Websites

Do you know why people hesitate to do MPhil & Ph.D.? You guessed it, this is because not everyone can go through the challenging process of writing a thesis and dissertation. 

Also, most supervisors don’t provide clear instructions, so you have to do everything on your own.  Sometimes, you don’t have enough motivation and time to complete your dissertation and need help from an expert. 

That’s where the thesis and dissertation writing come for your assistance. However, nowadays, since the popularity of these services has been increased, it is greatly difficult to find the best among them. 

But stay calm as I have done this job for you. I have evaluated these services based on the quality of their work, customer support, pricing, and student reviews. So, let’s get into the details of the top 6 best thesis and dissertation writing services in the USA


Writing a research paper is not easy, and it becomes even more difficult if you are not good at writing. Here services like Studdit come to rescue the student and provide a well-written thesis within a tight deadline.

Studded has a panel of qualified writers who works day & night to provide the best services. That’s why you can trust them for dissertation writing and get relief from the pressure of the deadlines.

studdit dissertation.png

Other than that, this platform won’t leave you in any trouble and has good customer support for your assistance. You can directly discuss the details of your project with the writers so there will be no ambiguity. 

Also, managers remain online, so you don’t have to wait for their response and ask them for help whenever needed. 

Student Review about Studdit 

Studdit is student favorite because: 

  • It can write a full thesis and dissertation from scratch while keeping all of your information secrets at the same time.
  • The managers of Studdit remain online 24/7 so students can discuss their queries and issues with them without any hindrance. 


Prices are different according to the degree level; for example, per page price of a high school assignment is $10, and a college assignment is $12. While it is $18 for the bachelor’s/master’s program and $20 for a Ph.D.  

  • Incredible customer support
  • Provide unique content
  • Affordable pricing
  • Not much popular

Final Verdict 

Concludingly, Studdit is an all-in-one package with excellent customer support, qualified writers, and reasonable prices.

99Papers is famous throughout the world and considered one of the best services for thesis and dissertation writing. Some of its high-end features, advantages, and disadvantages are given below!

Adding to this, the company is equipped with an army of expert editors and professional freelance writers. Most of the writers here are experts in their field and know how to deliver premium content that distinguishes them from the ordinary.

On the bright side, writers are recruited from top U.S. & U.K. universities, so they have a perfect command of the English language. The feature that distinguishes it from other platforms is that you can get some features for free, which are paid for on the others. For instance, you can get a free bibliography page and unlimited revisions within ten days. 

99papers thesis.png

Student Review about 99Papers 

The students greatly appreciate the following plus points of 99Papers:

  • Some of the premium features are free on this platform, for instance, the bibliography page. 
  • It provides excellent quality content not available on common internet websites, thus great service for thesis writing. 


The prices vary according to the nature of the work, and you have to pay extra for urgent work. However, the price of one page of a Ph.D. paper is $26. 

  • Competent feedback structure
  • Fast response rate
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Charge an extra $9 for a plagiarism-free report

Final Verdict 

The 99Papers is a trustworthy and reliable platform for dissertation & thesis writing, so, must check it out.

Another popular dissertation service on the list is known as EssayPro and is equipped with top-notch features. Let’s check out its other features in detail to know about the merits and demerits of this service.

What makes this service great is the team of its business and professional writers. They remain available for students all the time and can deal with a wide range of research projects. Besides, if your research paper is already written and you just want to proofread it, you can contact the writers of EssayPro.

It offers proofreading, editing, and rewriting services in a wide range of study fields. Writers’ selection is quite easy, and you can get better information about them, including their rating, a short bio, and the area of expertise.

essapro dissertation service.png

Student Review about EssayPro

Students are happy with the performance of EssayPro and admire it because:

  • It can provide a dissertation for different fields and subjects, including philosophy, economics, law, ethics, sciences, political theory, etc.
  • Also, the writers have friendly nature and can deliver thesis and dissertation in a short time. 


Here the price of one page of dissertation starts from $12, and they offer a 5% discount for every extra page. 

  • Flexible discount system
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Provides an unlimited number of revisions & plagiarism-free report
  • Unsmooth payment interface

Final Verdict 

It has good customer support, deliver work on time provide plagiarism free report, but it is not the most affordable platform mentioned on this list. 

If you are looking for a service where you can easily place your order and get it done quickly, then Essaybox is perfect for you. It is such a great service for a student, and you will surely be a fan of it even after the first usage.

essaybox thesis service.png

It consists of a team of certified writers who are experts in their subject, so finding the best writer on Essaybox is just a piece of cake. Not to mention that the most integral part of a thesis is its formatting.

The common styles of formatting include Harvard, MLA, APA, and Chicago. The writers of Essaybox have better knowledge of all these styles, so you won’t be having any trouble getting your thesis done.

Their customer service is also satisfactory, and they remain ready to assist you, so what else could you ask for? 

Student Review about Essaybox 

Students trust Essaybox and are satisfied with its performance because:

  • It has friendly customer support.
  • The writers here have mastered the common formatting styles so best for thesis and dissertation writing. 


It offers discounts to save money, but the starting price of EssayBox is quite high. The starting price of one page on the essay box is $11.40; however, the price will be high for plagiarism-free and unique content. 

  • High-quality writing
  • Lifetime loyalty program
  • Contains free features and deals
  • High starting price

Final Verdict 

The Essaybox provides thesis and dissertation writing services of various subjects. Although their pricing is high, it is justified with their awesome quality work and friendly customer support. 

1Essay is working for the past eight years and has expert writers, so a reliable place for thesis and dissertation writing.

Starting with its description, it has qualified writers capable of doing their job seriously. There is a strict criterion for selecting writers on 1Essay, so only the best writers can work here.

Writers are well aware of the formatting requirements and find the best references according to the nature of their tasks. That’s why you can handover them your thesis and dissertation without any worries.

 1essay dissertation.png

Besides, you have to fill for placing the order that will be available on the home page. You can choose an expert writer for your project by clicking on the “top writer” option. Once you confirm the order, the 1Essay will keep on updating you about the progress of your project. 

Student Review about 1Essay  

Let’s see what key traits of 1Essay which make it popular among students are: 

  • Placing an order here is quite easy, and it doesn’t take much time.
  • It is completely safe, and keep all of your information fully confidential so you can trust 1Essay.


The price of per page Ph.D. and MPhil level projects ranges from $15-20; however, it is less for college-level assignments. 

  • On-time delivery
  • Provide high-quality content
  • Good customer support
  • Its prices are comparatively high

Final Verdict 

Overall, it is a good platform and keeps your information confidential so, best for thesis and dissertation writing services. 

If you want to get your thesis done uniquely and appropriately, PaperHelp is the best platform, also and from the top writing services on Reddit. It is popular among the students, and almost all the thesis and dissertation writing guides feature it.

On the bright side, it consists of a vast team of certified and professional writers. They put a lot of effort into completing their projects, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your content. Since all the writers know scientific writing and know how to do deep research, your content will be plagiarism-free. 

 Even better, you can get your thesis on an urgent basis as writers of PaperHelp can work on tight deadlines. You can choose the writers by yourself by keeping in view their skill set and reputation.

paperhelp thesis writing.png

To avoid any ambiguity and issues, make sure to communicate with your writer regularly and keep yourself updated about the progress of your thesis. The issue with most cheaply designed websites is that they don’t rescue their customers when they are in hot waters.

However, this one is not among them since it has an incredible customer support team. 

Student Review about PaperHelp  

This platform  is popular among the students for dissertation writing because of the following characteristics: 

  • Writers deliver work even on tight deadlines without compromising the quality of the content.
  • Customer service is amazing, which immediately resolves the queries of the students. 


Prices vary according to the level of degree and delivery time. However, a single page of a Ph.D. research paper is $24, while $14 for a college-level paper. 

  • Good customer support
  • Has a convenient app
  • Proficient writers are available for the job
  • Take additional charges for revisions

Final Verdict 

PaperHelp provides high-quality and unique dissertation & thesis as per student requirements so recommended. 

Difference between Thesis and Dissertation 

Thesis and dissertation are often intermixed, but these are not the same. So, before moving towards further details, let’s check out the basic difference between them! 

A thesis is generally short than a dissertation and is done to complete a master’s degree. On the other hand, the dissertation is an original research project written to earn a doctorate. Both of these require time and effort, but you have to do more intense research in a dissertation. 

The Legitimacy of Thesis and Dissertation Writing 

The thesis and dissertation are unique and often based on research. You have to document your whole research experience, methodology, discussions, and result while writing these.  The legitimacy of dissertation and thesis writing is that: 

  • Your research should be unique and original
  • It should be according to the specific format that your university follow
  • The content should be Grammarly correct and plagiarism free
  • It shouldn’t contain any copied data from other research papers 

List of Top-Ranked Research Universities in the U.S. 

Sr. No.University Graduation Rate 
1Princeton University 98%
2Harvard University 97%
3Stanford University 94%
4Yale University94%
5Massachusetts Institute of Technology 93%
6California Institute of Technology 93%

What to Look for To Get Best Thesis & Dissertation Writing Services

It will never be wise to choose a dissertation writing service randomly. Needless to say that an improperly written thesis can delay your degree, and then you have to put extra effort into its completion. 

However, if you choose a service wisely, it will be quite easy for you to stand out of the crowd and complete your degree on time. Consider the following points while choosing these services: 

Quality of Work

The thesis and dissertation are very much different than college-level assignments. Also, they are highly important for your degree, so you can’t handover them to any immature writer. Before choosing the author of your dissertation, make sure to check their work quality. 

Some websites rank the writers according to their skillset and provide you complete information about the writer’s qualifications. You can also check out the reviews about the writers previous.

Additionally, hiring an expert person will bring you an extra advantage as specialized writers are capable of producing excellent quality content.

Regular Communication

Your thesis is a reflection of what you have learned throughout the degree. Also, you must have to follow some specific formatting style according to the instruction of your institute. So, you should have proper communication with your writer and tell the writer about your expectations and requirements.

You can also discuss the various ideas with your author to get a customized thesis at the end. 

Content Should be Original. 

Besides, transparency is highly important for writing a thesis or dissertation. Even slight plagiarism can ruin your whole work, so make sure that the service you consider provides you unique content.

It’s always a good idea to ask for a plagiarism report so that you can be sure about the uniqueness of your thesis. 

Security & Privacy 

Don’t forget to check out the privacy policy of the company. Your content and personal information should be kept fully confidential to avoid any issues afterward. 

Benefits of Thesis & Dissertation Writing Services

There are multiple advantages of taking assistance from a research and dissertation writing service. I have listed some of these benefits here, so track me below: 

Successful Graduation 

Dissertation writing is the end of your studies, and if it is improperly written, you won’t be able to get your degree. But what if it is written accurately and well-composed? Then, of course, you will be able to get your degree on time successfully. 

Plagiarism Free Paper 

These writing companies guarantee that your paper will be plagiarism-free. They have various editors who cross-check the work to avoid mistakes and ensure that you get unique content. 

Better Grades

Custom dissertations are written by expert writers who know better about their subjects. Also, they know “how to write” and are good at uniquely compiling information, producing excellent content.

When you submit such killer content, you will surely be able to get better grades at your university. 

Stress-Free Life

Writing a dissertation is not a straightforward task as you have to go through intense research and need to compile the information uniquely. This is also stressful, especially when you don’t know much about your field or have a tight deadline. 

In that case, if you will hire an expert, then you can freely enjoy your life and don’t have to face the stress.  

Drawbacks of Thesis & Dissertation Writing Services 

There are some disadvantages of dissertation writing as well. Let’s have a deeper look at them:

  1. First of all its not sure that the writer whom you have hired is qualified or not? Dissertation writing is critical, and not all writers are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you get good grades. 
  2. Hiring a professional writer demands a lot of money. However, if you do it by yourself, then you can save this money. 


Are the Professional Writers Qualified? 

Yes, all the companies which I mentioned in this write-up hire only skilled writers for academic writings. They not only have advanced degrees but also have better writing skills which make them better than others. Additionally, they can produce high-quality content within a short period so that you can trust them. You can also find an expert specializing in your subject, and it will be an excellent choice. 

Are Dissertation Writing Services Legal? 

Of course, dissertation writing services are legal, so that you can avail of them without any hesitation. Being a college student, you will have many things to do like doing a part-time job, making assignments, presentations, etc. So, you might not get time to complete your dissertation, and it is completely fine to hire an expert writer to save your time and efforts. 

Will the Writer’s Research by Themselves?

Yes, when you hire a thesis writer,  the research by themselves. But if you have your research material, related notes, or any other material that can help your writer, do share those. Otherwise, don’t worry much about the research part, as experts know how to research an appropriate way to create high-quality content. 

Can I Make Changes to The Dissertation? 

If you don’t like your thesis, you can freely ask the writer to make amendments to it, and the writer will do that. Some companies offer these revisions for free to satisfy their customers, while in others, you might have to pay extra charges for revisions. However, if you hire an expert writer and have continuous communication with the writer, there will be no need for revisions. 

How Much Will I Have to Pay for Thesis Writing Services?

This will vary according to the complexity of your project, your degree level, and the time duration in which you want your content. That’s why there is no fixed price, and the price of your project will be calculated based on these details, which you will provide to the company. Also, if you are hiring an expert, their rates will be high compared to the other writers. 


These were the six best thesis and dissertation writing services in USA, all of which have qualified writers. So you can freely handover them your thesis and dissertation, and you won’t be disappointed by their performance.

Besides, I have stated some important points that you must consider while looking for a dissertation writing service. Hope so you will get some useful insights from this write-up.


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