When thinking about using a proxy to pair with your Instagram bot, you need to make sure that it’s going to include what you need when it comes to features.

Using a proxy with an Instagram bot is going to keep your account safe from the prying eyes of Instagram, so you can enjoy engagement growth without having to worry about being shut down.

The last thing you want to have to think about is this risk, which is why we recommend pairing the Instagram bot you use with a proxy. Let’s take a look at our recommendations for the best proxies on the market.

Reviews of Instagram Proxies: First Look

1. Best Overall: SmartProxy

“This high quality, effective proxy has a well-established reputation behind it that makes it a great option if you’re looking to protect your Instagram account. As one of their existing customers, I can say that I haven’t run into any issues as of yet.”

2. Second Best: Proxy Seller

“I knew when I first started using an Instagram bot that I needed to find a proxy to pair with it. This was easier said than done, though. Proxy Seller, however, changed this completely. Now, I don’t have to worry about the privacy of my Instagram account. Proxy Seller has me covered from A-Z.”

3. Third Best: High Proxies

“I find High Proxies to be an excellent option for my personal Instagram account. All I need is a bit of protection while I’m running my Instagram bot, and High Proxies can offer this along with some other features as well that make it a great choice.”

4. Best Budget: SSL Private Proxy

“If you’re looking for an anonymous proxy and you don’t have a big budget to work with, you’ll want to try out SSL Private Proxy. There have some of the best shared and private proxies out there for incredibly competitive prices. I don’t see myself switching to another proxy anytime soon for my Instagram engagement.”

5. Safest: Blazing SEO Proxy

“I initially thought that Blazing SEO Proxy was a little bit too pricey for my liking – but they make up for this by being one of the safest proxies out there. When it comes to the security of my Instagram account, I’m prepared to pay for what I think is value for money.”

6. Most Reliable: Luminati

“Luminati made me feel like it prioritized the safety of my engagement growth on Instagram. It goes to great lengths to make sure that its server is safe for its customers to use, implying that it cares about the customer.”

Reviews of The Best Instagram Proxies

1. Best Overall: SmartProxy

When it comes to reputation, SmartProxy is up there. With our review of SmartProxy, we think that they’re one of the only proxies out there that are both high quality and effective. All of their existing customers haven’t got any complaints about any issues, and they even offer a variety of features which include sticky and rotating proxies so you’ve got a few options you can choose from.

2. Second Best: Proxy Seller

When you’re using a bot for your Instagram growth and engagement, you need to pair it with a high-quality proxy provider. There’s no point putting the time and effort into finding a bot, only to affiliate with a low-quality proxy company. Proxy Seller is anything but low quality. Their proxies not only offer support with servers like SOCKS5 and HTTPS, but they also make sure that their clients aren’t paying too much.

We like that they have a chatbox on their site where you can get in touch with them about anything – and it’s available around the clock. Proxy Seller also offers a flexible payment system, giving out discounts if you sign up for a longer period of time. With this level of security and affordability, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

3. Third Best: High Proxies

High Proxies is at the top of our reviewed list because we consider them to be one of the best proxies out there to pair with your Instagram bot. If you’re an influencer on the gram and need a bit of extra protection, High Proxies can help you out. They even have a premium service on offer, which you won’t find with too many other proxy companies out there, even the ones on this list.

If you want to save on your budget and buy your proxies in bulk, this is a great company to choose. They even come with a virtual private network function as well, and we think that they are good at keeping promises they make with their clients.

4. Best Budget: SSL Private Proxy

If you need an anonymous proxy, SSL Private Proxy is the company for you. As you saw in the review up there, they have some of the best shared and private proxies currently on the market, and they also come with a virtual private network that’s similar to High Proxies.

Our review discovered that have features on their fast proxy servers that are going to protect you from things like phishing, hacking, and spam. They have customizable packages and boast up to 100,000 different IP addresses. If you’re based in America, this is going to be the proxy company you want to go with.

5. Safest: Blazing SEO Proxy

Again, as we mentioned before, Blazing SEO Proxy is a little on the more expensive side of things, but for a lot of people, it’s worth it to be guaranteed a safe proxy. We think that they’re worth every penny, and the more you invest in a company like this, the better their services will work in your favor.

Our review revealed that they’re always working on updates for their services as well, and have just added locations in Canada.

6. Most Reliable: Luminati

We think that Luminati is one of the most top rated proxies out there on the market, when it comes to reliability and quality.

They have a vast array of features on offer as well, which includes things like their data center in addition to mobile phone options. We need to stipulate at this point, however, that they’re also one of the most expensive proxies on our list as well – Luminati will cost you a minimum of $500 every month, which could be considered a lot for some.

The bright side is that they have several million proxies saved, making them easily one of the world’s largest providers. It’s difficult to even compare them to the other companies on this list, which if course is means a lot.

What is An Instagram Proxy?

When you use a proxy for Instagram, you use an IP address that can be used for the social media channel and everything that you want to do on it.

This means that the IP address can be associated with any location in the world while keeping you completely anonymous. Once you connect the proxy to your Instagram account, the Instagram app will recognize it as the IP address that you use, and you’ll be able to implement all activity through it.

How We Do Our Research

When we reviewed our list of the best proxies to use alongside your Instagram bot, we did our homework and made sure to go through a lot of different companies, so that you only hear about the very best. In fact, we reviewed upwards of 175 companies and read over 200 customer testimonials that could be considered both negative and positive, so that you’re getting the real deal.

With our list of the best Instagram bot proxies, we hope that you can find the perfect match to keep you nice and safe out there as you build your presence on the gram.

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