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The thing about Instagram these days is that you don’t just need help with your engagement rate; you need help with every aspect of it. You might not realize that this means you need to incorporate not only your likes, but your followers, comments, and hashtags as well. Hashtags are the lifeblood of Instagram, but they didn’t start here.

Back in the day, hashtags became a thing on Twitter, and as more people grew to like the popular social media networking website, the more hashtags became relevant to everyone in the social media marketing strategy.

At this point, it’s going to be pretty difficult for you to get ahead and do really well with your Instagram profile if you haven’t sorted out your hashtags.

You do have the option of going it alone and coming up with new hashtags for every post, but we’re willing to bet that you don’t have this kind of time on your hands. This is why we suggest that you outsource your hashtags to some of the best hashtag generator tools in the industry.

Let’s do a deep dive into what we think those are, and why you need to stick to a list like this, so that you can give your Instagram profile the best chance of success.

First Look

Best Available: Task Ant

Task Ant is one of the best hashtag generator tools that I have found in the industry because they actually sort my hashtags into sets, which puts them above the rest. They go the extra mile for me, which advances my Instagram profile better than other generators out there.”

Best Runner-Up: literally solved all of my hashtag issues. It was touch and go there in the beginning when I was struggling to decide how to go about finding the best hashtags for my niche, but as soon as I found this hashtag generator tool, everything was fine.”

Third Best: Ingramer

“I’m someone who likes to know that everything is sorted in terms of my Instagram growth. This comes in the form of finding a hashtag generator tool that can incorporate every aspect of my content strategy. Ingramer goes beyond hashtags, to make a real difference across the board.”

Fourth Best: Kicksta

Kicksta makes it super easy to find the best hashtags for my niche, and the best part is that they do everything in a way that is simple and straightforward. I didn’t have to know anything about the technical side of my Instagram growth prior to using them.”

Best for Variety: Later

“Later is another one of those hashtag generator tools that genuinely makes it easy to do really well. I thought that I was still going to have to do most of the work myself, but I soon realised that Later could get it done. This way, I can focus on my content more.”

Best for Diversity: Tailwind

“Tailwind is one of those hashtag tools that can help me not only with my Instagram, but with my Pinterest as well. I like getting it all sorted, so that I can achieve success with every platform, not just one.”

Best for Budget: BigBangram

“If you want to try one of the best hashtag generators in the business, then you need to try Bigbangram. These guys know that I need something that can pretty much do everything, and I think that they’ve been able to ace this so far.”

Best for Reliability: Instavast

“Instavast says that they are the complete suite of Instagram marketing tools, and at first I didn’t believe them. Then, they proved to me just how effective their features were, and I was all in.”

Best for Being New: All Hashtag

“All Hashtag has helped me not only with my hashtags on Instagram, but over on Twitter and Pinterest as well. They can help me with it all, which means that I have been able to take all of my social platforms to the next level.”

Best for Customer Support: Ritetag

“Ritetag is the best, because they were able to help me with my hashtags at a time when I didn’t even know where to start with them. They helped me see what my content needed, and as a result I ended up doing really well.”

Best Hashtag Generator Tools

Best Available: Task Ant

Task Ant Review & Top Alternatives

Task Ant is without a doubt one of the best hashtag generator tools out there.

They say that they can help you find the best hashtags for Instagram so that you’re just going to ultimately get more of the right audience looking at your content.

They say that they can help both aspiring influencers and businesses, and they provide each and every one of their clients with really good customer support.

If you aren’t too technically minded, then don’t worry, the setup process is super simple and easy with them. The best part is that you can cancel anytime, so there’s no love lost if you find that their services don’t work for you.

The first thing that you will notice on their website is their hashtag generator tool where you can search for any hashtag and find relevant examples to include with it on your next post. This hashtag generator tool provides its clients with hashtag analytics, as well as more than 100 suggestions on each query, and the ability to copy sets quickly to Instagram.

They help their clients organize their hashtags into different sets, so that you can make the most of having a variety of hashtag ideas to put on each piece of content. They allow their clients to make the most of unlimited hashtag sets, as well as unlimited brands and accounts. Everything is kept in one place here, which is all you really need to grow your Instagram.

Best Runner-Up: is a hashtag generator tool that can help its clients manage, find, and analyze Instagram hashtags.

They say that they can help you grow your audience around your content and help you whether you are a brand or an influencer.

You can sort things out with them through their free trial, which runs for seven days, and the best part is that you can cancel their services at any time, and it’s easy to get set up. They say that their hashtag tool is all-in-one, so it incorporates every aspect of your hashtag growth.

They say that they are currently trusted by more than 10,000 brands, marketers, and creators, and they can help you find quality hashtags within just a matter of minutes. This way, you can drive more profile views and impressions, and expand your audience in general. They can help you with 40 suggestions per search, and they will also filter using specific hashtag metrics.

If you want to collect the right hashtags for your content, they have a dedicated mobile app for this, and you can also experiment and build different lists. This hashtag generator tool allows its clients to build a hashtag strategy on autopilot, so it pretty much doesn’t get easier than this.

Third Best: Ingramer

Ingramer Review & 5 Better Alternatives

Ingramer is one of those older hashtag generator tools that has been around for a long time. This means that they can help you not only with your hashtags, but with other features that you will need to grow your content strategy around Instagram.

In fact, they describe themselves as a marketing tool kit for Instagram and say that their ultimate goal is to help you adapt your Instagram account for business with their Smart Tools. This way, you can engage with clients, build your target audience, and plan content ahead of time.

They get new clients to choose between content, clients, and audience to grow the right aspects of their Instagram, and we’re pleased to see that they have really good ratings over on Trustpilot, a third-party review website.

They have even put time and effort into including information on their website that can help you work out how to better your Instagram in general, which comes in the form of analytics, tutorials, and blog posts.

Fourth Best: Kicksta


Kicksta can help its clients as a hashtag generator to get more Instagram followers using growth features, and optimize the right hashtags. They promise that they don’t use fake followers, bots, or spam; just organic growth that is really going to put your content in from the right people, and optimize things like your hashtags.

One of the things that this hashtag generator tool does above all else is help you save time. There are a lot of people out there these days that are putting hours of their day into coming up with the best hashtags for their Instagram profiles; time that they could be spending creating more content.

With Kicksta, you can save massively on this time, and devote it to other aspects of your branding online.

Best for Variety: Later


Later is an Instagram hashtag generator tool that claims to be the world’s favorite Instagram marketing platform. They say that they can help you visually plan your social posts, tailor your insights to work out what’s working and what’s not and publish automatically.

They say that they are more than just scheduling and claim that their simple software is easy to use and comes with tools that can really help you. They can even help you plan a month’s worth of social media posts in advance, and it’s only going to take you a few minutes to do so.

This hashtag generator tool can also help you measure what matters, which is in the form of your content. There’s no point creating more content that people aren’t really going to like, so it’s much better to optimize the stuff that people are really engaging with.

One of the best things about this hashtag generator tool is that it is completely free for you to use; literally all you have to do is enter your email address.

Best for Diversity: Tailwind


Tailwind is the number one hashtag generator for Pinterest and Instagram, which means that you can grow both social networks at the same time. This hashtag generator tool says that you can get started for free, and they don’t require credit card details to do so.

Not only are they going to recommend the right hashtags to drive engagement, but they are going to help you find the best times to post, and their features include one-click hashtag suggestions. This means that you can quickly multiply your reach and customize your hashtag suggestions for every post.

Tailwind also wants to make sure that you aren’t posting your content at the wrong times, through their smart scheduling feature. In fact, you can schedule content more than a week in advance, which is ultimately going to save you a lot of time.

Best for Budget: BigBangram


Bigbangram is a hashtag generator tool that is not only useful for their clients, but is quick as well. This hashtag generator tool wants to help you find the ultimate hashtags, so that you can be on track with your Instagram activity.

From improving your content, to promoting it, and then staying on top of your popularity in general, they are there for you. They say that they can help their clients with Instagram, as well as Twitter and Facebook, and come with a hashtag and font generator.

They also talk about their post scheduler and direct messenger, so that you can keep on top of your target audience as much as your content. They have one of the best hashtag generators in the industry that can help you generate many keywords based on one that you searched within just a matter of seconds, which is going to make your post popular and unique.

If you scroll a bit further down their home page, you will see the sheer number of features that they have available to their clients, which can make all the difference when it comes to being popular on Instagram.

Best for Reliability: Instavast


Instavast says that they come with the complete suite of Instagram marketing tools for their clients. They can not only help you come up with the right hashtags for your content, but they can help you automate your comment, follow, like, direct message, and posting activities on Instagram.

They start with a free trial for three days, and they say that you can set your growth to autopilot, so that you can put a lot more time and attention into your content. They also say that they can help you improve results with analytics, so that you can make the most of their smart targeting and full automation.

This is one of those hashtag tools that can take care of the security side of things as well, so that you don’t have to be concerned about your privacy or safety when using them. They provide their clients with consistent analytics and statistics around their content and can help you manage unlimited accounts.

The best part? You don’t have to download anything, so that you can use everything online, and not worry about getting a virus on your computer.

Best for Being New: All Hashtag

All Hashtag

All Hashtag is another hashtag generator tool that can help you generate fast and easy hashtags for your content, not only on Instagram, but on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus as well.

They know without a shadow of a doubt that it’s all about hashtags these days, no matter what platform you are trying to grow. You can generate thousands of hashtag ideas through their generator and simply copy and paste them into your captions.

They can help you not only generate the right hashtags that are in line with your niche and industry, but they can also help you work out which hashtags are doing well and which ones aren’t through their analytics.

They highlight the optimal hashtags in each category and even assist you in coming up with great hashtag ideas. It’s pretty evident at this point that if you want a company to literally cover every aspect of your hashtag strategy for Instagram, go for a company like All Hashtag.

Best for Customer Support: Ritetag


Ritetag is a hashtag generator tool that helps its clients get instant hashtag suggestions for texts and images both on mobile and desktop. They say that their tools are based on real-time hashtag engagement.

One of the first options that you will see on their homepage is the ability to start a free trial, making it easy to get to know the company and how it works. Additionally, if you want to sign up for their features after this, you can install their Chrome extension, or get their app from the App Store.

They help their clients with hashtag suggestions for texts, hashtag suggestions for images, integrations, and tag sets. Like many other hashtag generators out there, Ritetag can help you with other aspects of your content strategy, so you can have it all covered under one roof. This is a great way to grow your Instagram profile the right way.


Hashtagify is a hashtag generator tool that can help you find and analyze top Twitter and Instagram hashtags. They can help you search hashtags relations and influencers, so you can maximize your social media strategy with their features. As we’ve already mentioned, they can help you with your Instagram and Twitter, and they can most likely help you with other social networks as well.

Ultimately, these guys can help you boost your success through hashtag marketing. They can help you monitor your performance, exploit the best hashtag suggestions out there, and identify Instagram influencers, all under one roof. As you might be able to guess, they have divided their features between Twitter and Instagram, and the first thing they can help you with is find the right hashtags.

Once they’ve done this, they can help you get insights to plan ahead, drive up engagement, and market your results, so that you can turn your Instagram profile into a leading brand page that can do really well with its target audience.

Display Purposes

Display Purposes is another one of those hashtag generator tools that simplifies the process of generating more hashtag ideas for your content. In fact, when you first visit their website, you might consider them a bit oversimplified. However, we think that they are anything but, and we think that they put a lot of time and effort into their features.

All you need to do is enter a relevant hashtag, and hashtags related to this one will appear in the search results. The best part is that they filter out banned or spammy tags, so that you don’t risk using them on your content. They also include blog posts on their website, where you can learn more about using hashtags to your Instagram’s advantage.

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta says that they have the type of hashtag generator tool that can boost your engagement with free Instagram followers. Of course, they want to help you with your hashtags, but they also want to help you with other aspects of your content strategy. They say that this is why they offer new clients high-quality, targeted, free Instagram followers.

They also offer you unlimited actions that are available to continue receiving daily growth. They have some excellent reviews over on Trustpilot, and they layout the simple steps that you need to take to make the most of their free features.

All it involves is following profiles of interest, and within two minutes, you’ve got free engagement on your Instagram profile. The best part is that it is all targeted, so that you will get the kind of engagement that is going to add to your content’s credibility.


Fanbump offers its clients a customized, organic strategy, and the best part is that no account has ever been banned by using their services. They promise that not only will they be able to help you with your hashtags, but they will help you gain more than 1000 followers every month.

Once you have signed up with their services, you will start working with your account manager, and through them you will be able to describe your desired audience, so that they can optimize their growth to work for you.

This will include not only targeting the right audience, but optimizing your hashtags, so that they are relevant to your content and are going to add to your profile’s success.


Instazood is a hashtag generator tool that you can try for free at first, with a five-day trial. They also have a section on their website where you can learn how to use their features, so you don’t have to go in blind.

Not only can they help you with Instagram automation, but they can help you with TikTok as well, and they can even help you schedule posts for later.

This is an ideal hashtag generator tool if you are someone who likes being in control of everything still, and cares about the existing reputation of your profile. Another thing that we really like about them is that they are mobile-friendly, have great customer support, and allow you to automate everything.


Upleap keeps things pretty simple, but don’t be fooled by this, and don’t be fooled by the fact that their website looks like just another generic Instagram hashtag generator tool. In fact, they are anything but, and they’ve spent the past few years tweaking their features to be the best in the business.

Naturally, they can help you with your hashtags, but they can also help you with other aspects of your Instagram engagement, and they even set each client up with a dedicated account manager.

Each account manager will ensure that they optimize the growth they do on your behalf for your content, so that you are finding the perfect target audience to interact with it.


Socinator say that in terms of being a hashtag generator tool, they are the social dominator. They can help you with your content strategy and automation on most social networks out there, and they say that they make it super easy for busy marketers to grow their profiles.

They also say that they do it in a manner that is safe and organic, and consolidate your engagement, so you can achieve all of your online marketing goals under one roof.

Our Review Process

When we review companies like the hashtag generators on the list above, we make sure to do our homework. We achieve this by looking over at least 152 hashtag generator tools and reading through upwards of 3780 customer reviews, that detail both positive and negative things about them.

This is the best way for us to recommend only the best hashtag generator tools in the industry to our readers, so that you can feel confident that they will not only be effective, but aware of your needs as an individual.

Good luck, and don’t forget to make the most of any free trials that you discover!

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