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30 Best FREE Crypto Trading Bots 🤖 for Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase in 2023

Let’s talk about what we think are the best crypto trading bots on the market right now, and why they can give you an edge compared to everyone else who is trying to make it as a cryptocurrency trader. Let’s review them.
Best Crypto Trading Bots

Cryptocurrency trading – it’s becoming more and more popular as currencies like Bitcoin become more and more popular.

If you are someone who has had a bit of experience trading already, then you will be interested in knowing more about this kind of venture.

However, if you haven’t had too much experience, you could end up in deep water really quickly, and find it all a bit overwhelming.

This is where crypto trading bots come in to help.

Crypto trading bots are a great way to help you rebalance your portfolio really easily, collect data that is relevant to your investments, and predict wins and losses ahead of time so that you can lose a minimum amount.

With this in mind, let’s talk about the best crypto trading bots on the market in 2023, with both free and premium options, and why they can give you an edge compared to everyone else who is trying to make it as a cryptocurrency trader.

Let’s review them.

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First Look

1. Best of the Best: Pionex

“I love Pionex because they are completely hassle-free. They make the entire process of crypto trading really easy, and what’s great about them is that they are FREE to use. I don’t have a lot of money to spend, so it’s nice that there are options out there like Pionex.”

2. Second Best: Bitsgap

Bitsgap is not only effective and helpful for all of my crypto trading needs, but they are automated. This means that I can set them to autopilot, and I don’t have to worry about whether they are working well based on my trades or not. This is a huge time-saver.”

3. Third Best: Coinrule

“I am someone who is totally green to the crypto trading industry, which is why I was so relieved to find a company like Coinrule. These guys are definitely your best option if you are just starting out in this industry like me and still have a lot to learn.”

4. Fourth Best: Shrimpy

“Shrimpy is a crypto trading bot that is great for all of my rebalancing needs. The best part is that they can help me rebalance my portfolio to a specific point, which is great for someone like me who likes to keep everything razor sharp and on point.”

5. Best for Being Established: Quadency

Quadency is in my opinion a super smart way to trade online, and one of the main reasons for this is that they back everything up with real numbers and data. This way, I can trade my cryptocurrency based on solid predictions, and not ill-informed guesses.”

6. Best for Experience: TradeSanta

TradeSanta not only makes it super easy for beginner traders like me to find their way into the online investment game, but they are upfront and honest about everything they do for me. This way, I don’t have to worry whether they are sending me accurate information or not.”

7. Best for Reputation: Haasonline

“This trading bot comes with all of their trading tools pre-built, which is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t really want to waste any time building up their own. I want something simple and straightforward, where I don’t really have to think.”

Best Free Crypto Trading Bots 2023

1. Best of the Best: Pionex


Pionex is by far, the best FREE crypto trading bot on the market in 2023.

This is because it comes without the hassle of API keys.

Pionex is the exchange with the crypto trading bot that is built into the system.

This is the best free bot for all of your cryptocurrency exchanges that we have ever seen.

If you want to do better than you’ve ever done before in your chosen industry, then this is definitely the bot service to choose.

One of the things that we like most about these bots is that they are easy to use, and they can help you trade cryptocurrency with their free trading bots.

Arbitrage, Social Trading, Copy Trading, Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), and Scalping strategies are all supported, amongst others.

Price: FREE

Types of Bots: Grid Trading Bot, Arbitrage Bot, Martingale Bot, Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot, Rebalancing Bot, DCA, etc.

Supported Exchanges: HitBTC, Okex, KuCoin, Bitvavo, Bitpanda Pro, Huobi, Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Binance

Mobile App: iOS & Android

2. Second Best: Bitsgap


Bitsgap automates the process of crypto trading, which is nice if you’re someone who leads a busy life and doesn’t have time to check in on your trading deals every few minutes.

One of the things that we like about this crypto trading bot is that it can help all kinds of different clients with different skill sets and experiences.

If you want to maximize returns by automating your trading, then you definitely should check out this trading bot.

They have a simple yet effective algorithm that makes the entire process streamlined, and they are a cloud-based option so that you don’t have to download anything.

Price: $24-$149/mo

Free Trial: 7 days

Types of Bots: Grid Bot, Unlimited Smart orders, Futures bots, Trailing Up & Down for bots, Take Profit for bots

Supported Exchanges: Binance, OKEX, Bitfinex, HitBTC, Bittrex, Huobi, Exmo, Kucoin, CEX.IO, Kraken, Poloniex, Livecoin, Coinbene, Coinex,, Bitstamp, Liquid, Gemini, Bit-Z, Yobit, DDEX, Bithump, Bibox, BigOne

Mobile App: Not available

3. Third Best: Coinrule


Coinrule is an excellent bot for those of you who have next to no experience in the cryptocurrency trading industry and hope to learn through using a company like this.

Coinrule says that they can help their traders get started via a trading strategy in the beginning, and along the way, you get to learn the landscape a bit.

They also have a really easy-to-use dashboard, and they will take you through the entire process step by step, so you don’t have to feel like you’ve been thrown in the deep end. What’s more, is you can get started for free.

Free Trial: Unlimited for basic accounts.

Price: Free-$449.99/mo

Types of Bots: Order Types, Conditions and Triggers, Trend Following Technique, and Accumulation Bot. Total 150+ Rules

Supported Exchanges: Binance, HitBTC, Coinbase Pro, Okex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, BitMEX, Bitfinex, Bitpanda pro, Liquid, Binance US

Mobile App: Not available

4. Fourth Best: Shrimpy


Shrimpy is a great cryptocurrency trading bot for rebalancing books.

They have this kind of feature because they know that it’s unique and original, and it’s going to go a long way in helping its clients dominate the market. They say that they can help you automate your portfolio and rebalance it to a particular ratio.

It has been designed with portfolio management in mind, as well as other things including strategic backtesting, rebalancing, indexing, and general management. It supports more than 10 crypto exchanges.

Price: $15 per month.

Types of Bots: Index, Rebalance, Copy Bots

Exchanges: KuCoin, Binance, Binance US, Bittrex, Bittrex Global, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Poloniex, Gemini, Bitbox, BitMart, Huobi Global, HitBTC, OKEx, Bitstamp, Bitfinex

5. Best for Being Established: Quadency


Quadency is definitely one of the smarter ways to manage and trade your cryptocurrency.

They say that they have a robust backtesting feature so that you can trade based on things like numbers and data, as opposed to just going for it and hoping for the best.

We like that it sets a precedent based on performance history data so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

This is definitely one of the smarter ways to trade your cryptocurrency right now, so check out what they’re all about and see why they’re so popular.

Price: Free

Types of Bots: Accumulator, Bollinger Bands, MACD, Mean Reversion, Multi-level RSI.

Supported Exchanges: AAX, Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, KuCoin, Liquid, OKEx, Binance US, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, HitBTC, Poloniex

Mobile App: iOS and Android

6. Best for Experience: TradeSanta


TradeSanta makes it easier than it’s ever been before to maintain your exchanges, whether this is Bittrex, Bitcoin, or Bitfinex.

They even help you trade them all at the same time if this is what you are hoping to achieve.

Of course, they are a paid option just like the rest of the crypto trading bots on this list, and it’s going to cost you anywhere between $14 and $70 a month.

One of the things that are popular among existing clients is their Grid Bot. However, they have so many more features than this, so check them out today.

Free Trial: 5 days

Types of Bots: MACD, RSI, and Bollinger signal.

Price: Free

Mobile Apps: iOS & Android

Exchanges: HitBTC, Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Huobi, BitMEX, OKEx, UPbit

7. Best for Reputation: Haasonline


Haasonline happens to be one of the most advanced crypto bots on the internet, so you will need a bit of experience to fully understand how to use these guys.

They are a paid option of course, and they offer their clients typical pre-built trading bots that you can use for actions like market-making and Bitcoin arbitrage.

One of their advantages is the ability to create highly advanced trading bots using their simple editor. You can also backtest your strategies before you release them.

8. Best for Diversity: Napbots


Napbots can help you through their advanced algorithm that’s going to work out exactly what you need to do really well with your online cryptocurrency trades.

The good news about this bot is that you don’t have to have any previous experience trading to benefit from it.

You can choose between a number of crypto trading strategies that they have already developed in-house, depending on the demand.

This means that you need to decide whether you trade every day, every week or every hour, and they will send you the relevant features.

9. Best for Reliability: Trality


Trality is still a relatively young trading bot, but what they lack in experience they make up for in expertise and professionalism.

They have a solid focus on the bot creation process, and as far as we can tell have mastered the art.

In fact, they don’t provide their clients with bots that are ready to go, but they do give you everything that you will need to develop your own that’s going to sustain your crypto trades for a long time.

They have a code editor that makes it super easy for you to write even the most complicated strategies for your online trading.

Free Trial: 7 Days

Price: Free

Types of Bots: Create your own using the Rule Builder

Mobile Apps: Coming soon

Exchanges: Binance, Kraken, Bitpanda, Coinbase Pro

10. Best for Simplicity: Cryptohopper


Cryptohopper is a classy, world-renowned bot that you will have to pay for, but we think that they’re great value for money.

They also offer new clients a free trial for seven days, so that you can see how they work before deciding whether to commit or not. We love that they are a market-driven bot.

This means that they are focused more on profit from what they see on the order book.

They know that it takes more than a few well-placed bets to do well with cryptocurrency, and they want to help their clients do well for a long time to come.

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Free Trial: 30 days

Types of Bots: Mirror Trading, Market-Maker, Arbitrage, AI,

Price: $0 Trading Free. Fixed Monthly Pricing

Mobile Apps: iOS & Android

Exchanges: HitBTC, Okex, KuCoin, Bitvavo, Bitpanda Pro, Huobi, Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Binance

11. 3commas


3commas is an auto trading bot, and it also happens to be one of the most famous crypto trading bots out there as well, which is really interesting.

However, one thing to keep in mind about this trading bot is that it’s more on the professional side of things, which is why they’re a good option if you’ve already had a bit of experience in this industry.

If you’ve had at least a couple of years of trading online already, then we highly recommend this option.

Free Trial: 3 Days Access

Price: $14.50

Types of Bots: DCA Bots, Smart Trade, Grid Bot, Trading View, Options Bots, and Crypto-Signals.

Mobile Apps: iOS & Android

Exchanges: Binance DEX, Binance,, Bilance Futures, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Bittrex, Bybit, Bitstamp, Coinbase Pro,,, Exam, Huobi Global, KuCoin, HitBTC, Kraken, Poloniex, OKEx, YoBit

12. CryptoHero


CryptoHero makes it super easy for its clients to automate their trades from their mobile so that you can take their features wherever you go.

They can help you trade the most popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin of course, and the best part is that you can access their dashboard whenever you need it.

They also help you with multiple exchanges and they let you track all of your trading performance through the app, so it’s super easy to keep track of what’s happening with your currencies.

You can also backtest your bots using historical data.

13. Mudrex


Mudrex can help you with smart crypto investments, and the best part is that they can help you do them on autopilot.

This way, you can invest in mutual funds and you don’t have to spend all day doing it.

We love that they are upfront and honest about what their offer their clients from the beginning, and they have a number of different bot options for you to choose from.

This way, you can go between a number of different options, and not get stuck with just one. They also have a really good pricing model, so you’re not going to break the bank using them.

14. Botsfolio


Botsfolio is a crypto trading bot that can help you automate your trading systems, and they take a risk assessment survey in the beginning.

From here, they can recommend you the best investment strategy based on the information that you’ve given them, and they will take things from there.

They are that all of their trading bots are pre-built, and they recommend their strategies based on your personal financial goals, as well as current financial condition and risk appetite.

This makes it really easy for you to trade cryptocurrency without having any former trading skills.

15. Botcrypto


Botcrypto is another great option if you plan on making your trades on autopilot, and don’t want to have to check in on them every few minutes and make sure everything is running smoothly.

They make it easy for their clients to personalize the trading process, and they have even developed a drag and drop interface that lets you combine more than 20 technical indicators, so that you can effectively build up a personalized strategy.

This way, you don’t have to do any coding, which is always nice.

16. Superalgos


Superalgos is a great crypto trading bot if you are looking for an open-source option that is also free.

We like that they have sophisticated bot options, and their platform is not only extensive and powerful, but flexible as well, as they are prepared to play the game for their clients so that they can do really well.

This means that their features are a safe bet in the long run, and they can help you solve any current infrastructure issues.

Their software can also easily handle coordinated deployments of trading tasks and data without making it complicated.

17. Zignaly


Zignaly is a crypto trading bot that can be used with any installation, which is always nice.

It can also help you divide your profit targets, and the best part is that you can check your results based on your current position.

If you need it, they can help you store your coins on the exchange, and the best part is that their features are free to use.

They can easily be used whenever you need them, which means that you can trade around the clock.

If you don’t have a big budget right now for your crypto trading and want to put into all into your exchanges, check these guys out.

18. ProfitTrailer


ProfitTrailer says that they are the kind of crypto trading bot that can help you without there being any hassle around your trades.

They say that their dashboard is completely intuitive, and its gives you a complete overview of your trades. This way, you can easily customize your buying strategies, and adjust them accordingly.

You can view all of your sales without any hassle, and you can also view trades that you might be interested in investing in.

They can also help you protect your liquidity, and one thing that we really like about this trading bot is that you can buy or sell in multiple currencies. They do cost, but we think it’s worth it.

19. Kryll

Kryll is another botting tool that can help you come up with a strategy, and the good news is that you don’t need to have any prior technical knowledge on how to do this.

They say that they help their clients connect directly with exchanges, and you don’t need an API approval to do so.

This way, you can perform technical analysis without it being too complicated, and it comes with a drag and drop editor as well.

One of the things that we really like about this trading bot is that it operates around the clock, so that you can access your dashboard whenever you need to.

20. Cryptotrader


Cryptotrader is a platform where you can trade Bitcoin without the hassle.

This is a trading website that can help you buy and sell various trading strategies really easily. The best part? They are free to use.

You can also make the most of their features without having to install any software, and they provide their clients with a range of tools so that you can perform a live test before you go out onto the market for real.

They also have a good level of customer support, which can be achieved either through email or text message.

21. Margin


Margin makes it really easy for you to get your trading done, and they can help you make those important investing decisions when you are purchasing digital currency.

It also lets you see more than one chart at the same time, so that you can get a good idea of the bigger picture.

It comes with a drag and drop feature and allows you to quickly set up their trading bots so that you won’t miss out on a deal.

You can also build up your very own custom strategy, so that you can trade the way you like to.

22. Hodlbot


In our opinion, Hodlbot is one of the best crypto trading bots for Bitcoin.

It also lets you come up with a custom portfolio really easily, and the best part is that you can do so with more than 350 coins, which is something that a lot of other crypto bots seem to limit.

This application makes it easy for you to manage your bot through their user-friendly dashboard, and you can easily rebalance your portfolio when you need to.

You can also implement market indexing without having to put too much time and effort into it as well.

23. Gunbot


Gunbot is super customizable, and it can help you with more than 100 exchanges online through its cryptocurrency trading bot.

One of the things that we really like about this trading bot is that it makes it really easy for you to customize your strategies, and you can come up with unlimited bot instances too.

They have a working strategy so that you can easily get started with no prior experience, and you can even start to generate a profit by executing your trading strategies without the hassle.

24. Gekko


Gekko is an open-source crypto trading bot that you can easily download. The best part is that you can download it on most popular platforms, including of course Mac, Windows, and Linux.

You can run it on the cloud as well if you would rather not download anything. It comes with an easy-to-use web interface so that you can monitor trading strategies and data.

They also offer their clients backtest features, so that you can see what their predictions are for your trading results.

They also keep you notified of any activity that occurs through email and social media.

25. Zenbot


Zenbot is a solid, open-source bitcoin trading bot. The best part is that you can easily modify their features to suit your trading needs, and you can use it with all major systems out there.

They have a lightweight bot that isn’t going to take up too much of your time yet is going to help you achieve everything you need to.

We like this bot because it’s one of the few trading solutions that can help you support more than one asset at the same time, as well as handling all of your high-frequency trading.

And guess what? It’s free.

26. Autoview


Autoview is another bot that is ideal for those of you who are just starting out in online trading, and don’t have a big budget.

It is a low-cost solution to some of the more expensive options out there, and the best part is that it comes in the form of a Google Chrome extension.

Just keep in mind that it’s a beginner-level bot, so you will need to manually code into the script. This means that if you aren’t a good programmer already, you might get a bit confused, but in general it’s worth your time.  

27. BTC Robot

BTC Robot

BTC Robot is a great Bitcoin trading bot for being able to run on some of the most popular trading platforms out there right now.

However, their pricing does vary a little bit, so you will need to keep this in mind.

We do like that they are really easy to install, but some people say that it’s a bit too technical for them still.

BTC Robot itself also says that sometimes they get the predictions wrong that has been set by their algorithm.

One of the things that we like the most about this Bitcoin robot is that they have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

28. Exchange Valet

Exchange Valet

Exchange Valet is a desktop application that can be used with Mac, Windows and Linux.

This app is primarily focused on automatically trading for you, but the issue here is that there isn’t too much known about this company yet, so you will need to proceed with caution.

They can help you with stop loss and take profit, and they also limit panic sells, which isn’t the kind of feature that you will get with every company like this.

They also offer a speed trade feature as well. They are a bit on the expensive side, so be prepared to pay more than you’re comfortable with.

29. Autonio


Autonio can help you with your crypto trading through their advanced bot, and the thing that we like about them is that they offer their clients 30 key trading indicators.

They can also leave most of the control in your hands, which is nice if you’re someone who wants things this way.

They offer their clients backtesting, as well as social trading and investing, and they also come with some lesser-known features including algorithm marketplace and trading consultancy.

30. Stoic

Stoic is easily one of the best trading bots in the business, because they offer their clients smart cryptocurrency investing with artificial intelligence.

One of the things we love the most about them is that they are an app, which means that you can download them easily to your smartphone and start using them on the go.

You can connect their strategies to your exchange account and end up earning more than the average cryptocurrency trader.

They say that their portfolio rebalances once a day, so that they can help you perform better than the cryptocurrency market in general.

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They run you through how they work, so that you can diversify your portfolio, and capture the best moments to take low-risk investments in the cryptocurrency market in general.

They do this by selecting the top traded coins so that you can end up purchasing more of what is going to likely do well in the future.

You can also make sure that you are selling coins that aren’t going to do as well.

What is a Crypto Trading Bot?

A crypto trading bot is a piece of automated software that assists you in selling and buying cryptocurrency at the right time.

The primary goal of this type of software is to help increase your overall revenue, while at the same time reducing risk and loss.

Software like this can help you manage your cryptocurrencies all in one place, and they can help you trade more than one type of cryptocurrency at the same time.

When Should You Use Crypto Trading Bots?

There are many things that a high-quality crypto trading bot can do on your behalf, including smart order routing, data collection, managing your portfolio, and rebalancing your portfolio.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should use a crypto trading bot.

  • Repetitive Actions: the thing that trading online with cryptocurrencies is that it can take up a lot of your time and require you to repeat a certain action over and over again. With a crypto trading bot, you can easily automate this process, and it allows you to simple copy and paste a specific action so that you can execute your trades without having to put in too much extra effort on your end. One of the repetitive tasks in cryptocurrency trading that a bot can help with is periodic rebalancing of your portfolio.
  • Timing: of course, one of the most important aspects of any type of trade is timing. If you don’t get the timing right, this could be the difference between making money, and losing it. If you want to sell your cryptocurrency, then you will need to be able to see the price easily. With a crypto trading bot, you can closely monitor the market and trade your money at the perfect time.
  • You can Simplify Complicated Processes: the thing about crypto trading is that every time you conduct an exchange, it should be determined based on a few things, like its trading price and asset quantity. The entire process needs to be completed within a specified timeframe. When you choose a good quality crypto trading bot, you can automate these fickle and complex tasks easily.

How Do You Pick the Best Crypto Bot?

You might be wondering at this point how to choose the best crypto trading bot. Let’s take a look at what factors you need to consider in the process:

  • Free Trial: there are a lot of crypto trading bots out there that will let potential clients try a trade for free. We highly recommend that you try a crypto bot before you commit to them, as this will determine whether they are able to achieve your goals or not.
  • Social Trading: of course, you will want to be able to develop your own trading strategies, but a lot of the time you will also want to learn off what other traders are doing. You will need to find a bot that can help you build your own trading tool to apply to your investments, that is not only easy to build, but isn’t going to be too expensive.
  • Backtesting: you need to make sure that the crypto bot you are using for your trades has backtesting. This allows you to quickly test your trading strategies against existing data, so that you can work out whether your strategy is going to be compatible with the current market or not.
  • Indices: there are a lot of trading bots out there that will offer you portfolio automation as well, and it is important to determine whether they have created indices. A good trading bot will have information on how the market cap is weighted against the current index.
  • Server or Cloud Based: of course, many trading bots are based in the cloud, so that you don’t have to download anything. This is also better because it means that you don’t have to keep your computer constantly running to use the software.
  • Trading communities: this is a good approach for people who are hoping to get as much as they can out of the trading bot that they are using. You will need to compare the company’s trading communities against platforms like Reddit.
  • Tutorials and Support: with any ongoing service online, it’s important that the brand has the appropriate level of support, in case you come across any technical difficulties, or have an preliminary questions about the software itself. The more accountable the company is, the easier it will be to keep in touch with them.

Do Crypto Trading Bots Really Work?

There are a number of factors to consider when thinking about whether a trading bot works or not.

There are a lot of trading bots out there that of course claim to have a high rate of success, and as a result, they will work really well.

However, sometimes if the market isn’t favorable, they aren’t going to work very well for you.

This is why it’s important to find a bot that can customize its strategies and algorithms based on your own style of trading. These are the most convenient types of trading bots.

How to Program a Trading Bot With Binance

If you want to be able to successfully program a Binance trading bot, then you need to connect your Binance account with the trading bot that you are going to use.

Also, you can do so using the API keys of your Binance account.

You can find the API management in the user section, and then you can develop a new API which you can then paste into your trading bot provider so that you can set up your automatic trades.

How to Get Started in Detail

Developing your API key is going to ask for two-factor authentication. Once you have entered a code, Binance is going to send you an email that is going to confirm that you want to develop a new bot.

Once you have selected the link in the email, this is when you will be taken to the API management page. From here, you can find your secret key and your API key.

There are also a few checkboxes, so make sure that the default selections are in place. Also, make sure that you are able to store your secret key away in a place that is safe.

We don’t recommend that you give the bot withdrawal rights so that you can ensure that your funds are safely stored on the exchange.

Once you have done this, you can then connect your bot. You can sign in to your exchange account and copy and paste your API key as we mentioned briefly above, as well as your secret key. Once you’ve done this, you will have connected your bot.

Now, you will need to set up the rules when it comes to how you want your bot to trade.

Once you are a little bit more confident with your trading bot, you can create your own rules, but for now, you probably are going to want to use the default rules with the exchange that you’re using.

You should be able to find rules relatively easy on the exchange that you’re using, (Binance) as they will come up in the settings somewhere and provide you an extensive list of templates that have been created for you by the team already.

Each will have a header, as well as a short description of the rule.

From here, you can decide which ones you want to go for. Once you’ve done this, you can customize the template.

You will need to define your coin rules for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin, and then you will need to set the amount that you’re wanting to trade.

It is OK to let the bot trade any coin that is available on the exchange, but you will need to select it.

From the dropdown menu, you will need to select your coin, and you do have the availability to customize it a little bit more, but this isn’t necessary.

From here, you will be able to automatically trade your chosen coins with your crypto trading bot.

Once you’ve chosen the coins that you’re wanting to automatically trade, you can go live.

What are the Rules for Trading Bots on Binance?

Binance has a number of rules, as we have talked about above.

Just know that if you violate these rules, you might be restricted from adding to your positions, or even opening new asset positions in the future.

The rules are in place so that bans are put on specific orders that go above the threshold.

Binance is going to change these up from time to time, so you need to keep note of this if you plan on trading with Binance for a long time.

Binance Trading Bot Support

If you are having to deal with any issues when it comes to your trading bot, your first point of contact is going to be your bot provider, so that you can clarify everything to do with using the bot.

However, if things seem to be OK over on their side, then you can always find the Binance FAQ section so that you can work out the source of your issue.

They also have a chatbox that you can use to get in touch with them directly.


Why Use a Crypto Trading Bot?

One of the biggest reasons why people choose to use a trading bot is convenience.

The thing is, you can’t be in multiple locations at the same time, which means that you can’t possibly implement all of the trades you want to and make money.

This is where trading bots come in.

They can help you make those trades even when you are asleep, so that you can stay ahead of the curve, and make the most of the market when it is on an upward trend.

What Features are on Offer?

As you can see from the list above, there are a number of different features that cryptocurrency trading bots offer, so it basically comes down to what you’re wanting out of your trading bot.

Some services are going to offer their trading books for free, while others are going to offer a free demo, and then you’ll have to pay for the bot itself.

At the end of the day, way think that it’s completely up to you based on what your needs are, but just know that all of the trading bots that we’ve talked about today are aboveboard, and care about their clients.

Is it Illegal to Use a Crypto Trading Bot?

Don’t worry, it isn’t illegal to use a trading bot to invest your crypto currency.

The only risk that comes with using a crypto trading bot is ending up with one that is low quality and is going to compromise your personal information when it comes to security.

You also want to make sure that you align yourself with a crypto trading bot that is going to implement the right trades for you, and not muck you around.

Will my Personal Information be Kept Safe?

As long as your crypto trade bot isn’t connected to your personal account, you don’t have to worry about your personal information being compromised.

The separation needs to exist, because at the end of the day, the world of cryptocurrency trading is unpredictable, and there’s no telling what can happen.

The more encrypted you keep your personal information from everything out there, the less likely you’re going to have to deal with people infiltrating it.

Our Review Process

When we review bots like the ones above, we make sure to do our homework.

We do so by looking through at least 6400 customer reviews and looking into at least 145 premium and free crypto trading bots.

With the reviews, we make sure to have a look at both good and bad ones, so that we can come to an informed conclusion about which services we should include on the list.

We want you to have a positive experience online when entering the crypto trading landscape, and we want you to preserve your existing assets so that you don’t suffer a huge loss in the future.

Make sure to check out any free trials available, and good luck with your trades!