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7 Best Crypto Calculators For 2022

Cryptocurrency, a decentralized form of digital money, launched as far back as 2008 – and has been a huge success ever since. In recent years, investing in cryptocurrency has grown into one of the most valuable ventures in the world.

Although the crypto market is quite infamous for its volatility, one can not deny its potential and profitability. 

Of course, the essence of every investment is profit. But the thing is, many people do not know how to calculate their earnings from investing in crypto.

Fortunately, you can use a crypto profit calculator to evaluate your earnings and even predict potential gains.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the best crypto profit calculators that the internet has to offer.

1. Coinmash Crypto Profit Calculator 

Coinmash’s crypto profit calculator is one of the best tools for determining the current yield of your crypto position. It can also serve as a calculator for predicting the potential profits or losses from buying a token at a certain date.

image 4

To use this calculator, first select the amount of crypto you purchased in your fiat currency, and then choose the coin you bought and the purchase date.

Upon filling in the required fields, click ‘Calculate ROI’ to check the profit or loss of your crypto investment. You can use this to calculate profits for tokens like Luna Classic, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and ApeCoin

2. Criptomo Bitcoin And Crypto Profit Calculator

Criptomo’s crypto profit calculator can be used to deduce the potential amount of money that you could have gained or lost by investing in cryptocurrencies over a certain time period.

image 5

It is predominantly for calculating Bitcoin profits, but you can also use it for other crypto tokens. 

To calculate your potential earnings on Criptomo, enter the initial amount you wish to invest in USD or EUR, and then choose your preferred cryptocurrency and purchase date.

Click on ‘Calculate’ to view the coin price, the investment value, and the profit percentage.

It is important to mention that other cryptocurrencies may not be included in the dropdown menu. However, you can still find these tokens by typing the appropriate ticker after choosing ‘other asset.’

For example, if you are looking to calculate your profit if you had invested in Cosmos token, instead of ‘Cosmos’, type ATOM.

3. Crypto Profit/Loss Calculator By MortageCalculator

This is a crypto profit calculator with a simple user interface and mechanism. The first thing to do when calculating your profit or loss on the MortgageCalculator is to input the amount you invested in the ‘Investment Amount’ column.

image 6

Then, enter the coin price from the first purchase in the ‘Initial Coin Price’ field. Make sure to have picked your preferred crypto coin from the drop-down menu at the top of your screen in order to obtain the current crypto price.

Insert the price at which you sold your coin in the ‘Selling Coin Price’ column before inputting the investment fee in the last field. The profit and loss card will pop up – with a green number indicating profit, while a red figure means loss.

Aside from checking your earnings on the crypto market, you can also use the Mortgage calculator to evaluate your gains on the stock market.

4. EasyBitcoinCalculator

Easy bitcoin trading calculator is one of the most popular crypto profit calculators. As the name clearly suggests, it is primarily for checking your gains on bitcoin investment. But the good part is, it is fast and reliable – especially given the unique features it possesses. 

image 7

On the Easy bitcoin trading calculator, you can check both your profit threshold and your profit or loss. The profit threshold feature helps you to calculate the point at which your trade will start to yield profit while considering the trading fees.

Meanwhile, the profit/loss feature enables you to evaluate how much you will gain or lose on a pair of trades.

To calculate your profit or loss on this calculator, enter the amount of Bitcoin you purchased, its buying and selling prices, and the trading fee. Remember to toggle on the ‘Profits/Losses’ feature before proceeding.

That said, it is worth noting that the Easy bitcoin calculator is available as an Android application, and it also boasts all the features on the site.

5. CryptoProfitCalculator

The crypto profit calculator is an easy-to-use tool that supports thousands of coins and tokens. This calculator assists you in determining your potential earnings or losses from investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and so on. 

image 8

To calculate your profit or loss, start by selecting the fiat currency that you used in trading or purchasing your cryptocurrency.

Then, you can choose the token you bought by clicking the cryptocurrency drop-down menu or typing the token name in the search field.

Enter your investment amount in fiat currency in the ‘Investment’ column. Alternatively, you can use the ‘By Unit’ switch to insert the crypto unit instead of the fiat amount.

The next step is inputting the crypto price at the time of purchase in the ‘Initial Crypto Price’ field, while also entering the crypto price when you sold the token in the ‘Selling Crypto Price’ field. Finally, insert the investment fee and the exit fee – in percentages, which denote the charges by your exchange for buying and selling crypto, respectively.

6. Coin Profit And Loss Calculator

The coin profit and loss calculator is a helpful tool for calculating your earnings and losses from various cryptocurrency investments.

image 9

Although you will find six default tokens upon opening the website, there is a drop-down menu listing other coins. 

To use this calculator, fill in the amount you want to invest, the initial coin price, the coin price, the investment fee, and exit fee. Upon choosing the crypto coin you bought, the profit or loss of your coin will be displayed on your screen.

7. Crypto Profit/Loss Calculator by Dexfolio

The Dexfolio profit calculator is also excellent for calculating your earnings or costs from cryptocurrency investments.

image 10

To use this calculator, you will first need to pick a fiat currency and the token you purchased in the ‘Currencies’ and ‘Coins’ sections, respectively.

Then, type your investment amount in fiat currency before entering the price at which you bought the cryptocurrency in the ‘Initial Coin Price’ field. 

In the ‘Selling Coin Price’ column, insert the rate at which you sold your crypto. Finally, enter the entry and exit fees in percentage, indicating the fee amount deducted during the purchase and sale of the coin.

After filling in the required fields, you will find the earnings or losses from your cryptocurrency investment in the Profit/Loss segment.

Wrap Up

Ordinarily, calculating your earnings from crypto investments would only require a few calculations by hand. However, you may sometimes need crypto profit calculators to ease the process of evaluating multiple transactions with several variables.

Fortunately, this article should help you find the best tool for calculating your crypto profits.