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BeeProxy Review 2023: The Best Proxy Service?

In this article, we’ll discuss BeeProxy and its features to understand why it’s the best proxy service in the market.
BeeProxy Review

Using a high-quality proxy provider helps beat the online trackings, making sure your data is safe.

This also means if you are browsing the web for purposes you don’t want your internet service provider to find out, proxies lead the way.

There are a plethora of advantages of using proxies.

For instance, you can easily collect accurate data from the web including your business competitors, pass through IP restrictions that block you from accessing certain websites and control your online presence by hiding your IP address.

While most people understand the importance of proxies, many make the mistake of choosing poor quality proxies.

That’s a bummer because only a few proxy services provide high-quality proxies that take care of all your browsing requirements seamlessly.

But if you select a free service or a poor-quality one, it wouldn’t help you get the most out of what proxies do.

Hence, it’s critical to select a high-quality proxy service that provides genuine proxies and keeps your online presence secure.

BeeProxy Review 2023

Now, there are a good number of services in the market. But the best among them is BeeProxy. 

It’s a genuine delight to use the proxies provided by this service because all their products work perfectly and come with a plethora of features.

In this article, we’ll review BeeProxy and its features to understand why it’s the best proxy service in the market.

What is BeeProxy?


BeeProxy is an internet proxy provider that offers a good deal of products through its online platform.

The company understands the criticality of a secure internet presence and has put in plenty of hours to design effective products.

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The team has committed itself to provide a high-quality service with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the proxies contain perform poorly.

How to Get Started with BeeProxy?

BeeProxy Logo

Getting started with BeeProxy is simple. All you have to do is sign up on their official website and add IPs from various locations to the cart. 

Then, purchase the IPs by completing the payment through their secure payment gateway. 

After the successful transaction, they add all the purchased IPs to your account. 

Now, you can use the IPs immediately.

Features of BeeProxy

Now, let’s discuss the products and features that BeeProxy provides to its users.

With a subscription plan on their website you can get access to dedicated or shared proxies, residential proxies, and unlimited storage paired with many features.

All-In-One Dashboard

BeeProxy Dashboard

While purchasing and using proxies to control online presence is important, so is managing the proxies.

Say, you have purchased a good deal of proxies for your online business. This means you must manage them to organize your workflow, which might become tough if you don’t. 

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Now, managing many proxies isn’t simple. This is where BeeProxy provides you an all-in-one dashboard where you can purchase, change proxies and manage all the aspects of your proxies. 

The dashboard also lets you see all the proxy activities and allows you to change settings.

Custom Locations

The location of your proxy servers plays a significant role in providing a great service. Hence, it’s great to have a good number of locations to choose from.

Unlike alternatives in the market that stick to a particular number of locations, BeeProxy allows you to pick/suggest custom locations.

High-Speed Servers

Say you are using proxies to conduct research on your competitor. But if the internet speed is slow, you would have to change the proxies regularly. 

This is a bummer because it would not only waste your time but also push your deadlines. Hence, you need superfast proxies. 

Fortunately, BeeProxy’s proxy servers are super-fast, with a speed of 1Gb/s.

Excellent Anonymity

BeeProxy Anonymity

Maintaining anonymity is an important aspect of proxies.

This means the proxies you are using, must offer complete anonymity to your assets. 

BeeProxy does an excellent job of maintaining anonymity for you.

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They change the IP address when required, making sure the traffic appears to come from them rather than you.

Top-Class Customer Support

One of the most rewarding aspects of using BeeProxy is customer support. 

The team works 24×7 to attend to the needs of customers. 

All you need to do is send a message to them on their official website, and they’ll reach out immediately to help you.

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Safe Restrictions


BeeProxy understands some people might use proxies to conduct unlawful activities on the web.

Hence, they ask customers to warrant not to use the service for any purpose that is unlawful by their terms, conditions, and notices.


BeeProxy respects the money customers invest in their services.

This means, every so often, encountering unsatisfied customers. But they have got you covered.

The company offers a 30-day money-back-guarantee if their proxies perform poorly to help your requirements.

This is a great addition because you can use the proxies to check whether they are a good fit for your work.

Pricing of BeeProxy Services

BeeProxy Pricing

BeeProxy is a subscription-based online proxy provider.

This means you need to subscribe to their monthly/annual plans to purchase shared and dedicated proxies.

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Shared Proxies & SOCKS

1. Single proxy HTTPS OR SOCKS: $2.00/month.

2. Residential proxy HTTP OR SOCKS: $4.00/month.

3. Residential & Network HTTP OR SOCKS: $16.00/month.

Dedicated Proxies & SOCKS

1. Single proxy HTTP OR SOCKS: $3.00/month.

2. Residential proxy HTTP OR SOCKS: $6.00/month.

3. Residential & Network HTTP OR SOCKS: $24.00/month.

Review Conclusion

BeeProxy is a great online proxy provider. It beats all the competition by providing high- quality dedicated and shared proxies to clients all over the world.

The company is transparent in sharing all the information to establish trust among new customers and prides itself in providing advanced features to make the internet surfing journey super secure.

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The team also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if they don’t meet the expectations. I hope this article helps.