Are VPNs Good to Have

Are VPNs Good for Privacy?

Are VPNs Good for Privacy?

Nowadays, the increase in cybercrimes has convinced many users to acquire a VPN as it works to provide online safety and security.

When you go online, internet service providers (ISP) keep track of your personal information, and your information gets compromised.

In this case, a VPN is a great way to protect the IP address and encrypt the web traffic.

It allows users to surf in a safe and private environment without compromising private information.

Sometimes, ISP looks trustworthy, but they hand over your browsing history to third parties.

You must understand that ISP is open to breaches where private data can easily get hacked.

Everyone needs the assurance to surf safely on the internet, and a trustworthy VPN is a great way to access online content safely.

It acts as a protective shield for online activities, restricting third parties from invading your personal information.

A VPN is a virtual private network that protects the internet from cyberattacks and encrypts web traffic.

It acts as a safe shield between the computer hard drive and the VPN server, where a good VPN offers digital privacy and limits the interference of ISP in tracking your private information.

If you want to know all the things related to VPNs and have questions like Are VPNs good for privacy, safety and security? You have landed on the right article.

This guide will help you make the best choice!

How Do VPNs Work? 


A VPN hides the IP address by passing the information from the encrypted tunnel.

The browsing activities with VPN remain safe as VPN follow several protocols that keep private information safe and secure.

It restricts third parties from interfering with your personal information, and none of your information gets saved on the VPN server.

VPNs are secure and never compromise your personal information, but a VPN should be efficient and protect against compromises.

What Qualities Should a Good VPN Have?

A good VPN needs to keep your IP address hidden from third parties and ISP.

It allows users to send and receive information in a safe environment without compromising important information.

In addition, it should encrypt the log and save all the internet history, search history, and cookies.

You need to understand that cookie encryption is crucial because it never lets third parties invade your private and financial information.

On the other hand, a kill switch and multifactor authentication work as a lifesaver, as the kill switch doesn’t let you use an internet connection in case of dropped VPN.

However, multifactor authentication verifies you through a series of authentications.

It sends the code to the mobile device, making it challenging for third parties to access your personal information.

Is Private Browsing Safer than Getting a VPN? 


The direct answer is no because private browsing only prevents your browser from saving the browsing history on the local device.

It is not compulsory that it may stop data sharing between computers and ISP.

When using private browsing, you are always at risk because third parties can detect your personal browsing history and use it negatively.

Additionally, many people consider private browsing a safe way to eliminate viruses, malware, and hacking attempts.

Although local data never get saved, your financial details and passwords are at high risk of exposure.

The important point is that private browsing sites depend on IP addresses, and ISP can easily track your browsing sessions.

In this case, getting a VPN for your private activities is always better because it encrypts your internet browsing and history. 

Why Use VPNs? 

VPNs are the best way to acquire online privacy and safety while connecting to the internet.

It helps allocate an IP address that hides your location, and you surf anonymously.

It reroutes your data from different servers, sends information to the first server, and then reaches its final destination.

This process keeps your information encrypted from the prying eyes of third parties.

On the other hand, it makes your traveling experience worth it, and you can easily select the server of your home country to browse without any problem.

How Do VPNs Help in a Business Setting? 

The business authorities and employees acquire the VPN for security and privacy.

The business holds confidential data, and it may leak credit card or financial information.

It can harm a wide range of people as thousands work in a business setting.

Compared to households, businesses need safeguards to protect the information.

In this aspect, acquiring a VPN server helps the business to restrict hackers and nonemployees from accessing sensitive information.

It effectively provides access to workers while reducing the risks of data breaches.

Are VPNs Good for Privacy, Safety, and Security?


Although VPNs have advanced safety protocols, they may risk your private information.

VPNs have some limitations, and it is important to know about these limitations.

Virus Protection 

Some VPNs have built-in features for protecting your data against viruses, malware, and other thefts.

Still, VPNs are not anti-virus software, and viruses can steal your information or damage your system.

Viruses remain in your system, and getting anti-virus software along with VPN is better for removing or blocking dangerous viruses from your system.



VPNs promise to guard your personal information but can never make you completely anonymous.

Some VPN providers have access to your data and keep your activity logs.

However, there is nothing to be worried about because it stores the date of login and your device name.

It can harm you in the worst cases because VPNs don’t restrict the website from remembering you.

Maintaining expectations regarding your online activities is crucial, even after getting the best VPN provider.

Always check for a company log encryption policy for better anonymity and encryption.

Unreliable VPN Service Providers

Some VPNs offer free VPN services and make money by selling your private information.

It is better to avoid free VPN services because it provides more harm than good.

Before signing up for services, ensure to check the company and its reviews.

You need to know that cheap VPNs are not worth it as it doesn’t offer strong encryption and protection.

The Pros and Cons of Getting a VPN


VPNs are the ideal choice for remote workers as it helps in providing a secure connection to different workplaces, PCs, computer applications, and files.

VPNs ensure that the customer and company data remain safe and secure regardless of location.

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Although VPN offers several perks, it has some disadvantages. Some of the pros and cons of using VPNs are explained below,

Pros of Getting a VPN

Bypass Geo-Restrictions 

Geo-restrictions are a major issue for several people as it restricts them from accessing content outside their home country.

Many popular entertainment websites are located in different specified regions, but geo-restriction don’t allow users to enjoy their free time.

This way, VPN strengthens your connection and lifts the geo-restrictions, enabling users to access the content worldwide.

Online Protection and Anonymity 

When connected to VPN, your IP address changes, making it nearly impossible for government authorities and third parties to track you.

You can connect to any server outside your country, and VPN authorizes you an IP address accordingly.

Therefore, VPNs keep their users’ location and valuable information safe and secure from third parties.

Secure Connection


The rapid rise in cyberattacks has made businesses conscious of their online safety.

Millions of people are remote workers, and their sensitive information is at risk of theft.

Connecting public networks for remote work is extremely dangerous as private information can be exposed.

It is catastrophic for business, and VPN allows the creation of a business-based network that protects sensitive data.

Region-Based Money Saving

Some hotels and airline tracks have different customer rates based on regions.

E-commerce vendors charge differently from different people in various regions.

In this case, you can use VPN to hide your location and eliminate these shady pricing techniques.

The saved money can be used to get an advanced VPN.


Every day there is an updated security solution of the latest firewalls and software.

It can be expensive, and you can avoid licensing fees through a VPN.

Though VPN is not a substitute for antiviruses, VPN can prevent the need for these features by making your identity invisible.

Gaming Perks

If you are a game lover, VPN can increase your gaming experience. It can protect you from DDoS attacks trying to acquire your home network.

Also, you can choose the server from where you want to play a game.

It can improve your connection speed and provide you access to region-blocked games.

Cons of Getting a VPN

Slow Connection Speeds

VPN is a virtual connection, and its speed gets lower sometimes regardless of the internet speed.

The creation of a VPN network requires the bandwidth that slowdowns the connection.

However, many VPN service providers are working on this issue, and it is improving daily.

Software for VPN Blocking

The increased trends of using VPNs have raised the VPN blocking software.

Several E-commerce sites are acquiring the software as VPN blockers that blocks the VPNs.

Some companies store information like usernames and email addresses to determine the common IP addresses.

If the website notices that the IP address is coming from various locations, it can block or limit access.

Complicated VPN Setup

Compared to an internet connection, setting up a VPN is not easy.

A VPN acts as an encrypted tunnel for hiding information, but failure to set up a VPN can create various issues.

Information leaks are the major problem when VPN is not configured.

These leaks are dangerous while browsing without VPN because they can expose information.

It is essential to understand the VPN setting procedures to eliminate these issues.

Dropped Connections 

Internet Connection

Sometimes the VPN connection drops instantly, letting the VPN lose its connectivity.

This drop connection is highly risky because you keep browsing the internet without any protective shield.

It further makes your network connection available to ISP, and they easily access your activities.

If it violates the terms and conditions of some websites, then your connection shuts down instantly.

Gaming Cons

Some games require the fastest connection speed, but connecting to VPN makes the speed super slow.

It is quite frustrating for gamers as it creates several hurdles. However, VPNs are still improving and eliminating this issue.  

Features and Protocols of VPNs

Several features and protocols of VPNs make it worth trying, as explained below,

Multi-Factor Authentication 

In the authentication process, multiple ways for customer authentication are present before connecting to VPN.

Multi-factor authentication includes the credentials, pins, and verification codes that are sent to the phone number or email addresses.

It provides an additional layer of security to users and guarantees that authorized users have access to VPN, which leads to increased security.

In addition, it adds a second degree of authentication that makes it challenging for hackers to hack the password.

Hides the IP address 

A reliable VPN service keeps the IP address private in case of security issues.

The feature of doubleVPN allows the web traffic to reroute toward the two security tunnels.

For instance, web traffic passes from one tunnel and then to another tunnel before reaching its final destination.

This way, it leads to double protection.

Internet Kill Switch 

Kill Switch

Daily VPN users can encounter several problems due to online identity vulnerability.

It is uncommon practice for VPN to get disconnected while browsing the internet.

But in certain cases, the instant drop of VPN leads to several problems as the data become vulnerable to hackers.

In this case, it is essential to use a great VPN service to eliminate this problem.

The Internet kill switch is the built-in feature of some advanced VPNs that don’t allow connecting to the internet in dropped VPN connection.

It helps maintain online safety and prevents data leaks.

No logs

The feature of no-log states that VPN providers don’t store any record of information.

All your private and financial information remains safe, as the VPN stores no information.

No browsing and downloading history gets saved on your VPN, and you maintain internet anonymity and confidentially.

It prevents cyber thieves from invading your privacy because no data gets saved.

However, reading the conditions and services offered by your desired VPN providers is better.

Some VPNs retain logs, which creates other issues. So it should be properly checked.



WireGuard is the new tunnel protocol that offers the best connection speed and maintains security.

It resolves the problem that arises due to OpenVPN and IPSec implementation.

It uses the ChaCha20 for data encryption and Poly1305 for data authentication.


OpenVPN Protocol

OpenVPN is the popular and highly secure protocol of VPN that runs on two different protocols TCP and UDP.

It guarantees that data is delivered in the right order with a main focus on fast speed.

The main advantage of this protocol is that it is transparent and versatile that utilizes different encryption and traffic protocols.

In addition, it has the ability to bypass the firewalls, meaning that it can easily lift the geo-restrictions.


In the market, various types of VPNs can be found based on their security protocol.

VPNs have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to look at each point before buying a VPN.

This article has explained the necessity of VPNs for security and answered the question, ‘are VPNs good for privacy?’

However, it has also explained the limitation of VPNs.

Undoubtedly, several reasons convince users to acquire a VPN because it has more advantages than disadvantages.

Thus, VPNs are always a good choice for online security and privacy while keeping your identity anonymous.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.

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