These days, it’s a lot harder to use a regular sneaker bot if you’re trying to cop your sneakers online. Back in the day, it wasn’t so hard, because big sneaker sites like Nike and Adidas didn’t have security measures in place yet that prevented bots from jumping the queue.

However, they’re becoming wise to the idea of people using bots to gain exclusive access to limited-edition sneakers, and as a result it’s getting more and more difficult to use them to purchase your kicks. This is why if you are looking for the latest pair of Yeezy’s, we definitely think that you should invest in an Adidas bot.

Let’s review what we think are the best options out there right now in the market, so you can be working with the best of the best.

First Look at Adidas Bots

Best of the Best: AIO Bot

“I love that with AIO Bot I can feel confident that I will be able to jump the queue for all of my sneaker buys, and not worry about being detected. They can help me not only obtain Adidas, but other sneaker brands out there as well.”

Second Best: Backdoor Adidas Bot

“I love that Backdoor Adidas Bot is a cloud-based bot, which means that I don’t have to download them onto my desktop to make the most of their features. I prefer to keep software like this in the Cloud, to keep my computer safe from viruses.”

Third Best: YCopp

“YCopp is the only Adidas bot that I have used, and it is the only one that I will use. It comes with some great features, but the biggest thing for me is that it’s reliable. It has helped me cop many sneakers so far.”

Fourth Best: Cybersole

“Cybersole is honestly one of the most versatile Adidas bots that I’ve come across, and I’ve worked with a lot of them so far. I love that I can use them not only for all of my Adidas sneakers, but for Yeezy’s and the rest.”

Best for Affordability: EasyCop Bot

“One of the things that I look for in an Adidas bot is the ability to update its features automatically. It just means that there’s one less thing for me to think about on my end. I love that EasyCop Bot takes their updates seriously, and is always one step ahead of the competition.”

Best for Hassle Free: Ghost AIO

“There are a lot of Adidas bots out there that I have tried so far for my sneaker copping online, but I have only had success so far with Ghost AIO. This is because they are completely hassle-free, and haven’t caused me to miss out once.”

Best for Unlimited Accounts: BNB AIO

“I think the thing that I like most about BNB AIO is that they come with a bulk edit task feature, which helps me to stay on top of multiple sneakers at once. This means that I can buy more than one pair at the same time without missing out.”

Best for Apparel Too: Heated Sneakers AIO

“Not only am I online to cop limited edition sneakers, but I also want to get my hands on a bit of apparel as well. This is why I chose Heated Sneakers AIO – they were able to help me with exclusive clothing as well as my favorite sneakers.”

Best for Adidas and Supreme: Sole AIO

“I’m someone who cops a lot of sneakers online, which means that I don’t really have the time to sit around and wait for an Adidas bot to do its job. Thank goodness for Sole AIO, then. They helped me super-fast.”

Best for Being Fast: Most Advanced Bot

“I need an Adidas bot that is going to take speed to a whole new level when thinking about checking out and adding sneakers to my cart. The only Adidas bot I found that could come close to helping me with this was Most Advanced Bot.”

Best Adidas Bots for Yeezy’s

Best of the Best: AIO Bot


AIO Bot is otherwise known as an all-in-one bot, and its features reflect this. As well as being able to help you with Adidas sites, it can also help you with 70 other websites out there, that sell sneakers from different brands. It is easily one of the greatest Adidas sneaker bots out there. It can do everything that you can do as a person online, except that it can do it faster, and it can handle up to 100 accounts at the same time.

It offers its clients free updates every six months, as well as automatic checkout, making it a popular choice. The only downside to this Adidas bot is that it only supports windows, while on the flipside does support proxies, and is pretty affordable.

Second Best: Backdoor Adidas Bot

Backdoor Adidas Bot

Backdoor Adidas Bot is a cloud-based bot for Adidas that can help you cop limited edition sneakers from Adidas. Because it works through the Cloud, you don’t have to worry about setting up any servers. However, if you don’t want to use them through the Cloud, they do have the option for you to apply for a Chrome extension, or software that is compatible with Mac or Windows.

This Adidas bot is optimized for high speed, and if anything happens along the line, they’ve got a team of experts that can fix the problem straight away. Not only is this Adidas bot one of the cheapest, it is one of the best. It supports proxies, and has a price tag of $200, which we think is totally reasonable.

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Third Best: YCopp


The next Adidas bot on our list has been optimized for reliability and speed. It comes with multithreaded support, and also a checkout feature, as well as a companion app. It supports upwards of 30 Adidas sites, including ones in locations around the world like Australia, America, and Asia.

They make sure to update their bot regularly, and you can purchase proxies from there as well as these two pieces of software go hand-in-hand. The only downside to this Adidas bot is that it’s only compatible with Windows, but we think that when compared with other pricing in the industry, they’ve got some pretty good rates.

Fourth Best: Cybersole


Cybersole is an Adidas bot that works not only with Adidas sites, but with other brands as well, which means that it is compatible with up to 170 websites. It comes with some pretty powerful features, which include a mobile app that you can use to control the bot, as well as multithreaded support, and restock waiting for support.

It is definitely one of the greatest Adidas bots out there and comes with a clean and modern user interface. This type of Adidas bot is going to make sure that you never miss out on your favorite sneakers ever again, and while they only work with Windows, we think that it is worth the limitations.

Best for Affordability: EasyCop Bot

EasyCop Bot

We think that one of the best bots out there to use to cop Adidas sneakers online is EasyCop Bot. With this kind of Adidas bot, you don’t have to worry about any updates, as they are done for you automatically because the software is web-based. It constantly monitors Adidas for you so that it knows when they update the features on their website as well.

As a result, they have a high success rate, and despite the fact that they are lightning fast, they offer their clients super affordable rates. You can only use this Adidas bot through the web, but they update their features regularly, and it’s only going to cost you $199 for six months.

Best for Hassle Free: Ghost AIO

Ghost AIO

Ghost AIO say that they can help their clients secure limited-edition Adidas sneakers without the hassle. The great news is that they are not only made for Adidas websites, but other servers out there as well. There are a lot of existing clients that claim that this is one of the greatest Adidas bots in the market, because they are scalable, reliable, and have a super friendly user interface.

They provide real-time analytics and notifications, and support for up to 1000 concurrent tasks. They offer support for both Mac and Windows, proxies, and we think that their pricing is pretty good at $300.00 for a six-month license.

Best for Unlimited Accounts: BNB AIO


With BNB AIO, you can register unlimited accounts to use to purchase your Adidas sneakers online. They provide you with computer access, and bulk edit task features, among some other great options as well. They also provide their clients with automatic and manual captchas solver, and the best part is that they never designed their Adidas bot to just be used with the one sneaker brand.

It only supports Windows, updates its features regularly, supports proxies, and starts at just $200 for a six month license, which is you know we think is pretty good.

Best for Apparel Too: Heated Sneakers AIO

Heated Sneakers AIO

Heated Sneakers AIO can provide its clients with support for sneaker copping, but also clothing and apparel if this is what you’re looking for as well. They are considered to be one of the greatest Adidas bots out there not only for purchasing Adidas sneakers, but Adidas apparel, as well as Supreme apparel as well.

We love that they have an automated system that monitors target sites and tells them if there is any change so that they can adjust their approach. They are quick and super easy to use, and they support Chrome extension, Mac, and Windows. They also support proxies and have one of the most affordable rates that we’ve come across so far, costing just $74.

Best for Adidas and Supreme: Sole AIO

Sole AIO

Sole AIO can help you with all of your online copping sneaker needs from Adidas, Supreme, and many other sneaker sites. They are incredibly quick, and they support concurrency, which makes the chances of you doing really well increase exponentially.

This Adidas bot has a long history of doing really good among its clients, and one reason why is that they have a great updating and monitoring system in place, so that you don’t have to do any of the work yourself. The only downside to this Adidas bot is that they only have support for Windows, but they are compatible with proxies.

Best for Being Fast: Most Advanced Bot

Most Advanced Bot

Most Advanced Bot’s Adidas bot is definitely one of the top 10 sneaker bots in the market. They are really quick when it comes to automatically adding sneakers to your cart, and automatically checking them out for you as well. One of the things that we like the most about this Adidas bot is that they are by far one of the most affordable options, costing just $49.99.

They have a monitoring system that can work out when a particular product has gone up for sale, and they can be used as a Chrome extension, which means that you don’t have to download anything. They support proxies, as well as multithread.

Our Review Process

When we decide to feature the Adidas bots that you see on the list above, we make sure to do a bit of homework beforehand. We do this by looking through 147 Adidas bots, and reading up on 178 customer reviews. These customer reviews cover both great and not so great things about the Adidas bots, which gives us a really good idea of which ones to share with you.

This way, the only ones that we decide to feature on the list you see above are truly the best that you’ll find in the industry, so make sure to find the one that suits your needs the best, and you’ll be at the front of the queue and copping your sneakers.

Some of them even offer their clients a free trial, so watch out for this. Good luck!

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