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7 Top Apps To Must Have On Your Smart TV

The creation of Smart TV was a lifesaver for all of us because it introduced us to so much new content. We get to watch what we want without having to wait for something to come on TV.

However, does it ever feel as if Smart TV has gone too far with its app business? If it does, remember you are not the only one who feels that way. 

The myriad of apps only makes it hard to choose one. Worry not, because we have handpicked the seven must-have Smart TV apps for every user. Get these seven apps, and your Smart TV will have all the essential things. 

1. Plex

Let us get to the most crucial app first – Plex. Because most people use services like Smart TV for entertainment, Plex is a significant app for everyone.

Plex organizes all the movies and shows you own and casts them on your Smart TV. All you have to do is connect your media storage location to your TV and sit with a bowl of popcorn. 

With Plex, you can easily manage your library, download artwork and metadata, and resume shows and movies where you left off.

The premium version of Plex allows you to do computer-to-TV streaming. It can also sync your content with your mobile or tablet simultaneously with the TV. 

2. BBC iplayer

BBC shows and documentaries are famous for their cinematography and narration. However, good things are never free, so the BBC iplayer app comes at hefty prices. Besides, the BBC broadcasts different content in different countries. 

To access all the BBC shows around the world, choose the best vpn for bbc iplayer. Once you have worldwide access to BBC content, you can enjoy it on your television by connecting the app with the TV. The BBC iplayer app is a must for every Smart TV owner who likes documentaries. 

3. AccuWeather

Every device must have a weather forecasting channel, and there is nothing better than the AccuWeather app for that purpose. A weather application does not necessarily need a big screen, but AccuWeather has some features that need one. 

A tablet or a phone display can not do justice to the highly detailed radar maps and forecast charts. The video forecasts and weather reports of this app look good on a big screen

4. News360

If you are tired of cable TV news and need something better, choose News360. News360 brings you the latest updates in video clips taken from The Guardian, The Washington Post, Reuters, and other media channels. 

The app is better because it can personalize your news depending upon your preferences. Over time, the app understands what type of news matters to you. 

On a big screen, you can browse and queue up videos and search by category. News360 also includes text articles with crisp summaries to save your time. 

5. Asphalt 9: Legends

No TV is complete without at least one game on it. Asphalt 9: Legends is a racing game perfect for all ages, so if you get bored watching news and cooking channels, you will have something enjoyable. 

The combination of super-fast cars and scenic landscapes makes the experience fun for everyone.

As the game progresses, you can upgrade your car, unlock new tracks, race with other players and participate in challenges. The best part about playing this game on a big screen is the enhanced quality of the visuals. 

6. Netflix

Let us all admit that Netflix has some of the best content on the internet. Netflix also stands out for its seamless services on different devices.

Watching a Netflix original on the big screen is the best setup to enjoy any holiday. Besides, the Netflix app will remember your preference and personalize content for you. 

7. Daily Workouts

Skipping out on exercise is a no-go in the digital era. Unfortunately, most people forget to move their muscles and end up sitting in front of a screen for too long. 

Thanks to this app, you will get access to more than 100 different exercise routines. The sheer variety of workout content in this app is a giveaway that you will find an exercise to suit your schedule.


Smart TV has other exciting apps that bring different shows, games and services to your big screen. There is a difference between watching a movie on a small versus a big screen. 

A large screen allows you to sit away from the screen and enjoy your content in peace. Whereas watching something on your handheld device can get annoying due to the low picture quality.