What's new in version 2.0


Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 support

Integration with PowerPointMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 is now supported with a new Ribbon interface. The new PPT 2007 effects such as shadow, glow, bevel, 3D effect, reflection, etc are all supported

Voice Synchronization
Voice SyncrhonizationYou can now synchronize the presenter's voice with slides and animations for a rich viewing experience. Voice narration can play across multiple slides and guarantee to synchronize with the slide transition and animation.
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Flash 8 video support
Flash 8 VideoYou can now compress the imported video into a Flash 8 video format for a much smaller file size but higher quality .
Convert PPTX File (PowerPoint 2007 new file format)
You can now import and convert PPTX file the same way as PPT file. PPTX file format is the new PowerPoint file format which is introduced when PowerPoint 2007 was released.
Publish your presentation into a DVD movie
Yes you heard right. You can now play your presentation on TV by publishing it into a DVD movie. PPT Flash Studio 2.0 comes with a DVD menu editor which allows you to add and design a profesional looking DVD menu. This feature can be found in a PPT To Flash Studio Editor.

This feature is only available in PRO version

Make DVD
Publish your presentation into an AVI video
You can now publish your presentation into an AVI video. This way you can further combine your presentation into a video post production project such as Adobe Premiere.

This feature is only available in PRO version

Support Microsoft 2007 SmartArt and WordArt

SmartArtPowerPoint 2007 has a cool SmartArt and WordArt object. SmartArt allows you to create any kind of slick looking diagram easily. SmartArt and WordArt object can be converted into the final flash file without any problem.

See example
Better slide navigation option
You can now make your published presentation to allow clicking on slide to quickly jump to the next slide for a quick skim through.
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Smoother preloader
PreloaderPPT To Flash Studio 2 preloader is now able to precisely track the number of bytes of your presentation has been downloaded, resulting in a much smoother preloader percentage progress. PPT To Flash Studio 1 preloader sometimes can freeze at certain % for quite a while due to unable to accurately detect the download progress.
See comparison between PPT To Flash Studio 1 vs PPT To Flash Studio 2 preloader. Notice that PPT To Flash Studio 1 preloader freezes at 33% for quite a while before continuing.
Support TrueType (TTF) Font

PPT To Flash Studio 1 only allows you to select font from it's own library which is pretty limited. If a font used in the PowerPoint presentation does not exist in it's library, arial font will be used. PPT To Flash Studio 2.0 support TTF font which means, any font used within the PPT presentation can be used straight away.

This also means a broader range of font selection when you use PPT To Flash Studio Editor. Any TTF font installed in your computer can be used to spice up your presentation.

Better microphone driver support
PPT To Flash Studio 2 microphone driver supports broader range of microphone device such as USB microphone.
Better CD/DVD burner driver support
PPT To Flash Studio 2 cd/dvd burner driver supports broader range of CD/DVD burner. You can even burn into a Blu-Ray disc.
Better Windows Vista Compatibility
Windows VistaPPT To Flash Studio 2 has been designed and fully tested to work on Microsoft Windows Vista.

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