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IncrediFlash Intro and Banner Studio is a very easy and powerful tool to create a Flash animated intro and banner without any Flash knowledge using a wizard-driven user interface with no need to write any script.

Key Features

Support 100+ text effects
Screen Shots
Select various background style
Support foreign character (Chinese, Japanese, Greek, etc)
Customize your animation
Direct text manipulation
WYSIWYG preview window
Add a background music
Built-in image and music compression tools
Click action command
Add a layer effect

Text Effects
IncrediFlash Intro and Banner Studio supports various text effects grouped into two categories. The first category are text effects which animate the text as a whole, such as Slide In, Fade, Zoom, Spin, Expand, Dissolve and Mask effects. The second category animates individual text characters such as Typewriter, Gunshot, Twister, Squeesh, Race, Haze, and many more. The effect settings window allows you to customize the effect behavior to create varieties of new effects which look completely different. See


Background Styles
Select from four different background styles: single color, transparent, gradient and image. You can add up to 8 gradient colors and choose the gradient type, such as Linear, Radial and Diagonal.

Gradient Linear
Gradient Diagonal
Gradient Radial

Image background style allows you to choose an image file as a background with various positioning modes such as Stretched, Fit, Clip and Tiled. See examples.

Customize Animation
IncrediFlash Intro and Banner Studio allows you to customize your animation by enabling/disabling border, preloader, mute button and intro button. You can also choose what action to be performed at the end of your animation playback, such as rewind, show replay button or goto a specific website address. See examples.
Direct Text Manipulation
Unlike its competitors, IncrediFlash Intro and Banner Studio lets you move, resize or rotate any text directly on a preview window. No need to play guessing games by typing the coordinates from the keyboard.

Direct Text Manipulation
Preview Window
A WYSIWYG preview window, which instantly shows whatever changes you have made, is what every designer needs to work more creatively and productively. IncrediFlash Intro and Banner Studio preview window is designed with that concept in mind, allowing any changes you have made whether small or large, to update the preview window automatically.
Background Music
You can add background music from any MP3/WAV file.
Compression Tool
You don't want to publish a mega-bytes-size banner for your website. Thanks to the IncrediFlash Intro and Banner Studio image and music compression tools, you can choose the image compression method, between lossy (JPEG) or lossless (GIF), with an adjustable quality level. The music compression tool allows you to set the export frequency and channel to adjust your music size versus quality.
Image Compression

Stunning Background
IncrediFlash Intro and Banner Studio allows you to select a static/animated background with customizable colors from the built-in background library. See
example. (New category 'Tiled' has been added in 2.0 to suit the scrolling background)

Background Library

Click Action Command
Add a click action to any text object or background. There are two click actions to choose from: Open a website and Send email to.

Layer Effects
Layer effect allows you to add a transparent animation on top of your animation.
Layer effects include: lighting, rain, clouds, etc. See
examples. (More are added in 2.0)


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