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What's New in Version 2.0

Multiple font settings per text object support
Multiple font settings allows you to use different font setting such as bold/italic/color/size/underline and font name into different part of text object just like Microsoft Word. Text animation can still be applied to a text object with multiple font settings.
Font Style
Font style allows you to name font settings (color, font name, size, etc) and apply it to a few text objects. Changes to this font style will automatically update all text objects locked into this font style which make it way easier to apply font setting changes to a lot of text objects in one click.
Fast direct update for text content editing.
Text content editing has been rewriten to support a faster preview update while you are typing a new text content in the textbox. In the earlier version, a preview update during typing causes GUI to freeze for a few moment which is very inconvenient.
A new textfield object
A textfield object is similar to a text object apart from having a scrollbar on it's right when the text content is taller than the textfield area. Textfield is suitable for adding a long description to your slideshow allowing you to put more text content without taking too much of the screen space by utilizing a scrollbar.
Textfield object
Support more than one background music
You can now have more than one background music in one slideshow. You can overlap one music on top of another. IncrediShow 2.0 also support a better seamless loop playback.
More Stylish Background (color can be customized)
More stylish background (landscape and portrait) are added to help you build a great looking animated banner/intro. A new 'Tiled' category is added which contains stylish background using a texture pattern. Most stylish background color can now be customized to suit your slideshow better.

Sylish Background
Multiple Selection Editing
  Multiple selection editing allows you to quickly apply object property changes such as text color, object transparency, etc into all selected objects.
Improved color picker and font selection control
  Color picker and font selection control has been redesigned to allow you to select list of previously used fonts/colors.
A new Text and Image Rollover object
  A rollover object is an area you can define on your slideshow which will show an image/text tooltips on mouse over.
Better preloader system
  Better preloader system. Incredishow 2.0 preloader is much smoother and more accurate as it calculates the exact bytes downloaded rather than the number of objects downloaded as in version 1.0.
More robust publishing movie into handheld device such as IPhone, IPod, PSP and mobile phone
  The video encoder to support publishing into handheld device has been upgraded into a more robust version which also slightly improve the publication time.
Publish into a handheld device

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