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Sound Synchronization Video Example
Synchronize music and animation
Powerful Timeline allows you to synchronize music and visual animation easily and acurately.
Add videos to your slideshow
Mix videos, photos and text animations to produce an eye catching commercial slideshow.
Textfield and multifont demo Rollover
Textfield and multifont demonstration
Using a scrollable textfield to put description into slideshow. A multifont text allow you to use different font settings in one text object.
Text rollover demonstration
Rollover is being used to put names on people's faces
Stylish background Motion Effect
Stylish background to spice up your slideshow
Add stylish background as your slideshow background. There are varieties of background to choose from.
Motion (Ken & Burn) Effect
Add motion effect to tell a more immersed story with your slideshow.
photo album Navigation Control
Choose from 200+ slide transition
Add cool slide transition to make your slideshow more attractive.
Playback Control
Publish with or without playback control. Playback control allows user to navigate through slideshow with ease.
Blackboard Navigation Control
Add Interactivity
The interactivity feature allows you to make an interactive presentation such as Photo Gallery.

Publish as EXE with cool window skin
Publish your slideshow into an executable file/autorun-CD with a cool window skin.

Download sample published executable file.

Showcase Application with Installer  

Publish multiple shows into an EXE with application installer
Make a slideshow showcase by publishing multiple shows into an executable. Add an installer so that you can distribute it as a real professional application.

Download sample published executable file.


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