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IncrediShow is a the most complete flash photo slideshow tools. Building a slideshow is as simple as selecting a bunch of images, selecting transition effects, adding sound, and hitting the publish button. There is no need to write any script.

Publish as a Flash file, DVD movie, executable file, interactive CD and many more.

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Key features
200+ Highly customizable slide transition effect
Choose from 200+ slide transition effects such as cross fade, swipe, wheel, brush-swipe, and many more. Each effect is highly customizable. An intuitive slide transition selector with a real time preview is provided to easily select the right effect for your need. You can also adjust the animation ease in. See example
Slide Transition Selector
Pan and Zoom Motion (Ken & Burn) effect

Add a stylish Pan and Zoom effect to enhance the appearance of your slideshow.

You can manually adjust the pan and zoom amount for each slide by simply dragging zoom, rotation slider and entering the horizontal and vertical Pan while watching the real time preview of before and after motion effect takes place.

You can also apply a random motion effect to all photos within a slideshow with a click of a button.

See example

Motion Effect Panel
Choose a stylish background suitable for your photos from library

Stylish background is a professionaly designed background you can simply select from library. Some are animated and some are not.

Stylish background served as a background to your slideshow page. Each page can use a different stylish background.

ClipArt Library
Insert Text, Callouts and Cliparts

Enhance your slideshow with decorative object such as text, callouts and cliparts.

You can apply an animation effect to each object.

Various shapes of callouts and cliparts are bundled with IncrediShow ranging from several categories such as Sports, Love & Romance, People, Arrow, Sticker, Symbol and many more.

ClipArt Library
Multiple font per text object and foreign character support

You can apply a different font settings to part of text objects without breaking them up into several text objects. Foreign characters such as Japanese, Chinese, Greek, European, etc are also supported.

ClipArt Library
Timeline Window

Adjust the timing of each object’s animation and sound’s playback precisely and easily using a timeline window. Simply drag and resize object timeline bar to make the animation appear longer or shorter. Timeline window also shows sound waveform so that you can easily synchronize animation with some section of music/sound acurately.

Project Timeline

Add Interactivities and Actions

Add interactivities and actions to a mouse click on a particular object such as: to show/hide another object, to play/stop a music playback, to play/stop a video, to open another website, etc.

Adding an action is as simple as selecting from a pull down menu and connecting it to specific object on your slideshow.

There is no need to write a single script.

See example

Action Panel
Import Multimedia Files
Add multimedia files such as video, sound, Flash movie clips (.swf file) , GIF animation and voice recordings. IncrediShow has a powerfull Flash 8 video encoder which will compress your video file into a small file size suitable for online delivery however still maintain the visual and audio quality. See example
Add Playback Control
Add a slideshow playback control which enable viewer to navigate through photos easier by clicking next, previous button, pausing/resuming the slideshow playback and even opening a thumbnail panel to jump to a particular photo. There are several types of playback controls you can select. Each is color customizable to suit your slideshow theme. See example
Playback Controls
Publish your slideshow into IPhone, IPod and PSP
  You can publish your slideshow into various portable device such as IPhone, IPod, ITouch, PSP and mobile phones.
Publish multiple slideshow with interactive menu
  You can publish multiple slideshow into one executable file, autorun CD/DVD and DVD movie with/without interactive menu. Interactive menu allows viewer to navigate between slideshow with ease. IncrediShow allows you to customize the interactive menu by selecting background image, photo thumbnail frame, navigation style and background music. See example
Make a menu
Add usage limit and registration to your executable/CD/Screen saver section
Usage limit and registration allows you to sell your slideshow. You can make your slideshow to expire after several days or at certain dates to give your customer a few days to try your slideshow. You can then generate a serial number and give it to your customer to remove the expiration once they make a purchase. You can even make your slideshow to request a serial number on the first run.
Add Usage Limit and Registration
Print Photos
Flash EXE Builder provides a lot of Windows API which can be called by your Flash application via FSCommand. These windows API extends the limited capability of Flash. An example of FSCommand API is like writing/reading data to a local file, manipulating Windows registry, opening a pop up dialog, etc. You can extend the list of FSCommand by creating your own FSCommand instruction via plug-in.
Customize executable and autorun CD with skin section
One unique feature of IncrediShow is to choose window shape or skin, which will enhance the look and feel of your application (executable file or autorun CD/DVD) beyond the standard boring look of Windows application frame/border. If you are thinking of selling your slideshow, IncrediShow skin will surely enhance the profesionalisme of your slideshow. See example
Application Skin

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