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Why IncrediShow?
IncrediShow is a tools to quickly and easily create a compelling photo slideshow. You do not need a multimedia skill to deliver a stunning result. Interactivity and action are supported. You can publish the result online, burn it as a DVD video playable on TV. Publish as an executable file or an autorun CD with customizable splash screen and a company logo. Print it as a hard copy. Make a screen saver. Send it to friends and families via IncrediShow FREE online service.
What features are not available in the trial version?
The trial version will add a watermark on published output and the software will expire within 15 days.
Why there is a watermark saying "Evaluation version" on my published movie?
The watermark is added during your evaluation period. After you make a purchase, the watermark will disappear. However when you play the movie internally the watermark will not be added.
Does IncrediShow save my photos, sound, video and music when I save my project?
Yes, IncrediShow will save all your photos, video, sound, music and everything used by your project so you don't need to worry about deleting/modifying file (photo, sound, video, clipart, etc) will damage your previously saved project. However for video object, only the encoded video will be saved to minimize the file size and processing overhead.
Can the movie be saved as a DVD movie?
Yes. You can save the movie as a DVD movie or an AVI file. All the animation, sound and video will be preserved when making a DVD/AVI.
Can I save more than one movie in a DVD/EXE/Autorun-CD?
Yes, you can save as many movie as you want. The only restriction is the disc capacity.
How many slide transition effect does IncrediShow have?
IncrediShow has more than 200 slide transition effects. An effect selector with a real time preview is provided so that you can easily choose the right effect for your need.
Can I add more than one background music into one slideshow?
Yes you can. You can add as many background music as you like and you can acurately set the playback time for each.
Does IncrediShow allow me to add motion (Ken & Burn) effect?
Yes it does. A motion effect panel with preview allows you to easily set the zoom, pan and rotation before and after the motion effect.
How do I synchronize object animation and sound with IncrediShow?
You can synchronize visual animation and sound using Timeline window. With Timeline window you can acurately set when and how long a particular animation or sound takes place. You can also see the sound waveform to acurately synchronize a particular animation to a section of music.
I can't seems to be able to make a DVD. The DVD burning process failed. What should I do?
There are some old DVD burner that is not compatible to IncrediShow. When this happened, uncheck "Delete temporary file" check box at the dialog box where you specify the temporary file. IncrediShow will leave a VIDEO_TS folder which you can burn easily into DVD burner software such as Nero.
What are the benefits of storing the movie as a DVD compared to storing them as an autorun CD/DVD?
As an autorun CD/DVD, the movie is saved as a Macromedia Flash file, hence if it has interactivity and navigation control will be fully functional. As a DVD movie, the movie is saved as a video file, hence though it preserves all the animations but it losses its interactivity features.
What is the requirement to run the software?
IncrediShow will run in any PC with operating system any of these: Windows 2000/XP/Vista. The minimum recommended system is Pentium IV 1GH with 1GB RAM.
Why does the FTP upload process sometimes failed?
Please make sure your antivirus/firewall does not black IncrediShow. You can temporarily disable them to test the upload process.
I have added a pause action when clicking a button. Why does the sound keep playing when the button is clicked?
Please make sure that the sound synchronization is enabled
Why do some objects keep playing when the slide is paused?
Objects which are set to be hidden at start will have its own timing. It will not be paused when the slide is paused.

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